I’m Stoked About Mad Hippie Skincare

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Mad Hippie

Here’s the Skinny

Living with my grown daughters during the pandemic has many positives. One is their knowledge about skincare products that are clean and natural. They are also extremely aware of brands that Do Good. They recommended Mad Hippie Skincare products for me.

Here’s the skinny. Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, I spend a lot of time at the beach. It is where my friends and I head to every chance we got. In my early teen years, we’d lather on baby oil and become human sundials. Inasmuch as my mom would warn us about our continuous sunburns, as a teenager and well into my 30’s, I still worshipped the sun.  I just love how I feel after a day in the sun. And yes, I know Florida sun, being closer to the equator, can cause a lot of skin damage.

Mad Hippie

Photo with permission from Mad Hippie.com

Sun Damage

But here’s the lowdown. My skin definitely has suffered the consequences of all those years of outside tanning. From sun-damaged skin to having had Moh’s surgery twice, I truly wish I could turn back the clock.

I have been fairly diligent about using moisturizers since my early 40’s. That is a late start and I am thrilled that today’s young adults are learning from our mistakes. But the little wrinkles and lines have set in and my skin is now much dryer than years ago.

I started with Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C serum which I combined with other brands I have been using for years. After 3 months of using the serum, I was hooked. That is how I decided to try their other skin products.

Positive Vibes

Following a skincare routine is like any hygiene habit. Since this year is a huge birthday for me, I decided to really amp up my skincare. I added in their Triple C night cream, their daily face cream, the microdermabrasion facial, and their cream cleanser. I am already using their Vitamin C serum.

In the morning, I start with the cream cleanser, followed by the Vitamin C serum, and then their face cream. At night, I use the cream cleanser, the vitamin A serum, and the Triple C night cream. Twice a week, I do the microdermabrasion facial.  Since I am applying with my hands, I am generous in using the remaining product on my hands and on my neck. I just ordered the hydrating nutrient mist and a few of their makeup products to try.

Mad Hippie

Photo by Mad Hippie IG


I am stoked because, for the first time, I am extremely dedicated to taking care of my skin. I am hopeful that it is not a “too little, too late” situation. It took me a week to get the routine down of what products to use in the morning and which ones at night. I do the microdermabrasion facial twice a week.

The Results

Certainly, the compliments I receive these days when I am told I do not look nearly my age are nice. But the best is the way my skin is looking and feeling… super clean and more normal than dry Of course, hydrating is equally as important to combat dry skin. You can buy the product on their website, at Whole Foods, Ulta, Sprouts, and Vitamin Shoppe.

Peace Out ☮ 🌈

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