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Maybe It’s Not A Luxury, But A Necessity?

Does everyone need a maid? Ok, let me start by saying that yes, my children know how to clean their rooms and bathrooms. Do they like to? No. But, boy did my oldest learn quickly that there really is no other way to be when living in a tiny dorm room and sharing a bathroom. It was actually a great life lesson because when she moved into an apartment, she kept up her clean ways. That being said, there are actually times where hiring a cleaning service may not be such a bad idea.

First off, if your child is in an apartment and a roommate comes down with the flu or something else contagious, having a one-time cleaning to disinfect everything is not a bad idea. For some reason, germs spread like wildfire around college kids. This could help keep everything from spreading. The only other reason would be having a clean of an apartment to avoid a charge when moving out. Let’s face it, kids get lazy towards the end of a semester, and frankly, they may not have a lot of time to clean either. They will be swamped with studying for finals, writing papers, attending the end of year events, and packing.

Here are a few cleaning services to try:

  • Dorm Mom 877-478-5332, They offer both laundry services and apartment cleaning. They send out one cleaner who will clean the common areas, kitchen, and bathrooms for up to three hours. Check their site for pricing.
  • MaidPro Tampa 813-903-8000 -They have coupons on their websites that are useful.
  • Royal Maid Service 813-773-3147
  • 2 Girls N a Bucket 813-445-7139, They offer one-time cleaning, moving in/out cleaning, and apartment cleaning.

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