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Shop Now-Wrap Later!

Goal! Team! Spirit! We love sports! We love to shop! But we really love, love, love our sports fans. No matter the state of sports attendance this year, we know your dyed-in-the-wool dedicated sports fan would love some great themed sports gifts. Let’s come together and continue the theme of this year’s College Colors Day® United We Fan.

Perhaps you know of a sporty type that is out there day after day pounding the pavement or sweating in the gym (if it’s open), their dedication to keeping fit makes it easy for you to get them the right holiday gift! HaveUHeard has these great gifts for the sports fan in your life, sure 2020 changed the landscape of college and professional sports but as they say “Winter is coming!” Which means the holiday season!

Sports Shop

Holiday ornaments

Decorate your space with fun quirky ornaments. You don’t need a tree, really you can hang them anywhere. Choose any college sports teams, or even a favorite NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, or golf!


Holiday Stocking

You’ll need plenty of room to stuff other gifts you’ve bought and the perfect way is a themed stocking!

Corn Hole

Year-round fun! Keeping everyone active! Whether you play outside or in the basement or party room, this corn hole game and others will be the hit for this holiday.

Pickleball Paddle Game

What? You haven’t heard of pickleball??? No way it is the newest and most fun team sport for all ages. Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong and is also fun, social, and friendly.

Kitchen & Bar

Oh yeah, this is right up my alley! Hey, I promise it’s not filled with wine! (ok it is) Best insulated drinkware ever. I love how it doesn’t sweat and drip!

Keyboard & mouse

Want your work to also look sporty? Can you believe how fun this school-themed keyboard is? For the real die-hards out there, for them to keep on working but supporting the team!

WEAR by Erin Andrews

Looking for something that is a bit different than the usual? We loved the options Erin Andrews WEAR collection offers.


There are some new looks to the classic sweaty, so be sure to find a cool style for them…and you!


Fleece pants

Shall we pretend that we haven’t been wearing sweat pants for the last 6 months? So maybe time to update your ‘pant’ wardrobe. New sweatpants proclaiming your favorite team.

New Era adjustable hat 

Good hair day? Bad hair day? Any day… throwing on your favorite team cap will complete whatever look you’ve got going on. (Yes we know you are wearing sweats still.)


You’ll also want to keep your spirits up! So be sure to have a nice team-spirited flask to keep a swig or two handy. It may just be the best way to get through the final month of 2020.

Pajama Pants

Switching from your day sweats into your night-time PJ pants? Yep, us too.

Varsity Jackets

Classic! Varsity jackets have always been really cool, so up your cool-quotient with one of these.


They have so many cool styles, I am in love with the camo print! Sneaks are the best shoe to match with your sweat pants!

Tailgate with AE

We especially love their vintage collection, choose from soft hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, and more for NFL, College, and MLB fan gear.

Peace Love Shirts

We love the message on these shirts and they have many options whether you love the Gators, Seminoles, Bulldogs, or a professional team like the Yankees.

NFL Game-Used Uniform Friendship Bracelet

These bracelets are actually crafted from authenticated regular season, game-worn NFL jerseys.

And for the ultimate sports fan in your life, check out all the Collectibles.

Arianna Powell (UMD), Madison Stutman (FSU), Madeleine Morrison (UGA), Carley Neer (UCF), Lindsay Fine (USF)- HaveUHeard Interns

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