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University of Georgia

University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602 706-542-3000 Congratulations! If you are on this page, you have a UGA student! Read on to find out the inside scoop! Pass on these great tips, tell your friends and like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Find out more about how to use HaveUHeard as a great resource. Sign up for other great tips at haveuheard.com.

An Insider’s Guide to Living on Campus

Here’s What You Need to Know About Campus Living You can certainly read about the dorms and where to live on campus on the UGA Housing pages, but we asked our interns for the inside scoop…which is probably what you really want to know before you choose where to live when you become a Bulldog. Here’s what they had to say: There are 22 dorms and living options at UGA. Two dorms are female only, as all of the others are coed. Some have restricted visiting hours, while others have visiting hours 24/7. The dorms are arranged into 9 communities. The dorms designated for first-year students only are Boggs, Brumby, Church, Creswell, Hill, Lipscomb, Mell, Morris, and Russell Halls. Hill Community Made up of six different halls in the heart of campus and at the bottom of the hill. Five are traditional-style (Boggs, Church, Hill, Mell, & Lipscomb Halls) with shared rooms and […]

Are U Ready For Some Football?

You can almost hear the crowd roar… So now that your child is going to be a Dawg, you are probably enjoying that big sigh of relief, but hold on! Not so fast! Because, in Athens, the next big thing you must prepare for is football. It is never too early to start talking about and planning for the University of Georgia Football home games. And here, I’m going to do my best to break it all down for you. For students, football tickets are not free. Home games are not pricey but away games can be expensive. Students do get to apply for their tickets, but if they end up not using them, then they can be penalized for that. Turning tickets back in before the games will keep you in good standing. The UGA student ticket policy states all of the rules. For parents and friends, tickets can be purchased […]

Books, Books, Books, Time to Study

Let Reality Begin Now that our sons and daughters are all settled at college, the reality of necessities begins. They are students again and are starting the real reason that they have been sent off to college, to study therefore, they will undoubtedly need books. HaveUHeard that UGA participates in the Open Educational Resources initiative designed to support and incentivize faculty adoption of high-quality Open Educational Resources (OER) in place of traditional and expensive textbooks? UGA is also one of the top universities that have saved their student’s money through the adoption of OpenStax free college textbooks. Make certain your student checks the resources out first before purchasing books. No longer do students need to wait in line at the bookstore to purchase their books. Yes, they can still do that, but today books come in many different forms and can be purchased in a variety of ways – including rentals. Deciding […]

The Next Four Years

Are you Bulldog ready? So, you have a student ready to spend the next four years as a Georgia Bulldog? Well, put your seatbelt on because you are getting ready to experience all that a top 10 American university can offer. Being the birthplace of higher education, the University of Georgia has a long history of founding accomplishments. It is the state of Georgia’s flagship institution. UGA is in the top three producers of Rhodes scholars and has produced many famous athletes as well as scientists and other leaders. HaveUHeard that UGA is number one in total products reaching the market? They have scores of patents that their students and professors have created. UGA is located in the town of Athens, which is about an hour northeast of Atlanta. It is a college town, bearing all things UGA and known for its antebellum architecture. It’s Victorian-era downtown is filled with art galleries, […]

Career Showcase

A Springboard to Your Career Future The UGA Career Center is commonly seen as one of the most important resources available to UGA Students across the board. Located at 825 S Lumpkin St, Athens, GA; it is equipped with tons of employees ready to help with internships, jobs, resume building, grad school, and so much more. Their website is a great resource available to students 24/7. It has many features, including a Virtual Career Assistant named Bark Bot available for help around the clock. There are many tabs online including Job Search, Interviewing, and Resumes. All three of these options have an abundance of links and information that can answer almost any question you have. There are also sample resumes, online mock interviews, and links to information regarding things like appropriate business casual dress, sample interview questions, and interview etiquette. HaveUHeard that UGA SGA’s Professional Clothing Closet provides free, professional clothing for […]

Dance Marathon

You Can Dance If You Want To UGA Miracle Dance Marathon is one of the most popular philanthropy events on campus. Members of Miracle come together and stay on their feet for 24 hours dancing, singing, and fundraising for local kids that are currently being treated by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The motto of the Dance Marathon is: “We are students united by one mission – to help sick and injured kids in our local community get the care they need. We are united around kids and families from our local children’s hospital who need our support. These sick kids need our help.” College kids who rally around this organization spend a lot of time preparing for the Dance Marathon by building relationships with the patients of the Children’s Hospital and their families through various activities and events. The UGA Miracle Network has been in operation since 1995 and in 2017, they […]

Fix it! Fix it Good!

If it’s Broken, You Must Fix It It’s gonna happen, so why not be prepared for it? Things break and finding the right place to fix it is a hassle that no one wants. Plus, it can be hard to help your students when they are so far away. So, we have suggestions in the UGA area to help with bikes, cars, phone repairs, and other fixes they might need. Even though most students walk or use the campus bus system, some will eventually need a car repair or a new bike tire, and of course, the inevitable new phone screen. Listed below are some of the repair shops that we have found near UGA. Bicycle Repairs UGA offers four fix-it self-service bike repair stations on campus. The UGA mobile app lists their locations and then you can scan the QR code at the station and find instructions for repairs. Operation Safe […]

Georgia Bulldog Bucket List – Be Sure You Do These!

Check out these Bulldog Bucket items to do! No student at the University of Georgia has the exact same experience as another, but there are a couple of bucket list things that every student must try during their time at UGA. Below are the Bucket List items that students should aspire to cross off as a student and when they should try to do them. Orientation Swim in the Fountain on Herty Field: This is a long time tradition where students go to North Campus late at night during orientation and hop in the Herty Field fountain. Pictures will be taken, friends will be made, and after doing this, one will officially feel like they are part of the UGA family. Fall Semester Bucket List Walk on Dooley Field @ Sanford Stadium: After everyone is moved in, there will be a HUGE event at Sanford Stadium called the “Freshman Welcome”, this will […]

Getting There – Transportation

Transportation to and from Athens The first time that you drop off your student can be stressful and confusing. Planning is the key to a smooth move. Since most parents go with their students to help move them in, it is important to know the ins and outs of traveling to and from Athens. There are some options when it comes to getting to Athens. Since you probably won’t be picking them up and delivering them back to campus very often, here are some ways to get them to and from UGA. For areas within Athens-Clarke County, students can ride Athens Transit for free. This bus system has a couple of stops on and around campus. For areas outside of Athens, including Atlanta and beyond, there are a few services offered. Atlanta’s International airport is about an hour and a half drive from Athens. Groome Transportation offers 23 daily round trips from […]

Grocery Stores

Grocery – Kids Gotta Eat Whether your student is living on campus with a meal plan, or living off-campus and having to “forage for themselves”, they will eventually find the need to go to a grocery store. UGA has great options right around campus, and options for every budget. If you are familiar with the South, then you already know about the following stores: Kroger, Publix, Piggly Wiggly, and Bell’s Food Stores. They are all there! Be sure to have your student sign up for each store’s digital coupons and discount programs. They can help them save when on a budget. Adding their app makes it easy to add items they purchase for a discount. No matter where they live on or off-campus, Kroger is most likely the closest grocery store to them. If they live on the Baxter side of campus, they will probably go to the Kroger on Alps, whereas the […]

Home Sweet Dorm

Turn Their Dorm Room From Drab to Fab You may be surprised at how one can transition a mass-produced, industrial-looking dorm room into a warm and inviting room or suite.  And there is plenty of help out there to spur ideas and help you organize. Organization is the primary concern, because after all if your kids are like mine, they will feel the need to take almost all their stuff from home to settle them in as though there are no laundry facilities or stores nearby. Pinterest seems to be the holy grail for UGA dorm ideas.  There are so many there, that you will feel pressured and anxious to make your students’ room look award-winning.  But fear not! Stick to the important subject of organization first. Of course, decorating a girl’s room can be very different from a boy, but the basics remain the same.  Either way, check the bed size of […]

Hotels and Places to Stay

A Quaint Place to Stay Athens is home to a Victorian-style downtown filled with art galleries, trendy shops, world-renowned nightclubs, and amazing dining. The gardens and architecture make this college town a great place to stay and explore. There are a lot of things to do and see in Athens, but booking a hotel can be tricky during football season, basketball season, and during other large events. If you are planning on attending a game and need a room, plan far ahead as the hotel’s book, sometimes even a year in advance. There are all different things to take into consideration when booking. Some may want a suite-type room, free breakfast, a gym, or a Starbucks in the lobby. Some families look for pet-friendly hotels (because what college kid doesn’t want a visit from their pet?), and even hotels where they can earn points. Since you will be doing this for at […]

It’s Dinner Time in Athens!

Time to have Dinner! Athens and the UGA area offer lots of great places to eat. Here are some of our favorite places to go to dinner. Cali N Titos – This super casual, Latin American stop is sure to please. The outdoor location on Lumpkin takes cash only and you can BYOB, but know that they are closed on Mondays. They also have an indoor location on the East Side that is not BYOB and takes a card. Chuck’s Fish –This high-end seafood restaurant is sure to provide you the freshest fish and sushi selection Athens has to offer. They are open from 4 pm – 10 pm on Monday-Thursday and from 4 pm – 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. If you are here on a gameday or parents weekend, we recommend making reservations. DePalmas – This popular Italian restaurant has three different locations in Athens that all offer different […]

Move In

Move in…It Just Got Real Once your student has been given their move-in date and dorm or residence assignment, the process of handling what can be a stressful, labor-intensive, and often expensive process begins. The actual moving in! Traditionally, female students tend to take a full-on decorating approach complete with wall décor, signs, picture frames, string lights, desk accessories, and many other decorative items. Male students do not quite go that full in and often just want a comfortable bed, maybe a poster or two, and perhaps a rug. It is quite humorous after each drop-off, whether it is for summer or fall, to see my friend’s postings on Facebook and Instagram and see the obvious difference between a completed dorm room. This may be a sticker price shock moment. According to the National Retail Federation, back to college spending averaged $976.78 in 2019. This is big business with college checklists resembling […]

Need Advice? Get Some Advising

A Guide to Getting an Advising Appointment Making an advising appointment at UGA is so easy and simple… As a new student, whether a freshman or a transfer, you will go to orientation and be given an appointed time to meet with your advisor for the first time. This is where you set up your classes for your first semester at UGA and gain insight on credits, hours, and become familiar with the classes you need to take to achieve your goals. This will get you situated for your first semester at UGA, whether that is for the fall or spring semester. Once your schedule is set, you may find that you still need to meet with an advisor. This link will take you exactly to where you need to go to make one of those appointments. Some advisors only advise during office hours which can be found out via email or […]

Meal Plans

To Buy or Not to Buy One of the biggest worries parents have when sending their child off to college, is how will they eat? Let’s face it, we have been buying, prepping, and cooking for our “babies” since they were actually babies! Here’s where meal plans come in. Yes, some of our kids have learned to cook and prepare their own meals, but some parents know that their children would starve if they had to cook for themselves. So, these days the worry is taken away with great options for meals. When I was a student, the options were slim for on-campus eating, and I remember ordering lots of pizza and making fast food runs. But today, there are five residential dining locations offering tons of choices and over 20 other popular eateries. Surviving on pizza is no longer a worry when students can enjoy sushi, gourmet coffees, and custom salads […]

Retail Therapy

A Little Retail Shopping Helps! I know, I know, your child is in Athens to attend college, but there is always something that he or she will need particularly at the start of the semester. It’s a good idea to order some things online and then have them ready to pick up when you need them. Lots of retail stores do this now, and will even bring your items out to your car for you. Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond can be extremely time-saving with these services. I’m going to break down the “where to shop” problem by suggesting places and areas near/around the University of Georgia or the bet retail therapy. Downtown – With over 65 specialty retailers, this is where you will find fun boutiques and retailers selling all things UGA, vintage, and specialty. There are a couple of chain retailers like Urban Outfitters and American Threads, but […]

Orientation and How to Manage

A Guide to Orientation Your child has been accepted to the University of Georgia! Congrats! The first thing you need to do is to sign up for Orientation. Your student is required to attend a two-day session, and parents have the option to attend if desired. The earlier sessions, the better. These days will be filled with taking notes, filling out paperwork, and getting yourselves familiar with all things UGA. Orientation can be an overwhelming event because lots of information is being thrown at you in a short amount of time. So, remember to breathe. Don’t panic about remembering every important phone number, code, and piece of advice that the school gives you as I did. It will all be on their website if you need them. I did make notes and highlighted things that I specifically wanted to go over with my child in detail (like healthcare, tutoring, safety…) It’s also […]

Rush His Way – Everything You Need to know!

The Fraternity Rush Truth There’s certainly no shortage of stigmas related to fraternity life at big universities. The 1978 classic “Animal House” and the newer, 2014 comedy, “Neighbors” have created reputations of fraternities having nothing but partying on their minds. And yes, while all Greek organizations make sure their experiences are “epic”, there are a lot of positives to be aware of when thinking about joining a fraternity at UGA. HaveUHeard that UGA has 26 fraternities? That’s a lot, considering each also has its own house. So, here’s the real deal: there is a lot of partying, but there is also a lot of emphasis on sports, maintaining a GPA, philanthropic work, and keeping good relations with the sororities on campus. I’m going to try to ease your mind a bit about fraternity life. Rush For parents of incoming freshmen, you have probably already heard about the fraternity rush. You may also […]

Safety Matters

Their Safety is Really All That Matters Your child’s safety is of utmost importance, followed by “are they eating?” I know, as a parent, that you can make yourself crazy with worry, so I am going to try to ease your mind. I don’t think that I am a helicopter mom (at least I hope not), but as we send them off to an independent life, we want to know that our kids are safe at all times. Once the tears have stopped (ours, of course), it becomes easier each time you realize they’re growing autonomy and happiness. Knowing they are safe is a forever thing. Therefore, it may be helpful to know that UGA has a few very supportive resources available. The University of Georgia Police Department and the UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness has developed a mobile phone safety app to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. LiveSafe is a free […]

Sports Fun at UGA

UGA has Great Sports Teams UGA students get into most sporting events for free! Student IDs must be shown to get into baseball, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, track and field, soccer, and volleyball games. Click here for schedules and events related to sports. Football HaveUHeard that the University of Georgia has some of the best football games in college sports? Being a part of the SEC (Southeastern Conference), Georgia plays top schools providing a fantastic atmosphere. With over 90,000 fans in attendance for most games, Georgia football is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. Students must apply for their football tickets but beware; because of UGA’s popularity, if a student does not use their ticket, they are subject to not receiving tickets in the future. If you know that you cannot use a particular ticket, then you need to donate it back to the University. Home games are usually $10-$15 per […]

So, Your Student Wants to be a Dawg?

Of course, they do Dawg! UGA is an amazing university located in a college town with a beautiful campus. The traditions and opportunities that UGA offers, makes it a very competitive school in the South. So how does your son or daughter become a Dawg? The Truth Only about 40% of applicants are offered admission. At UGA, the only minimum score requirements in place are the ones required by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia for admission to its research universities. UGA tells you flat out that your high school grades are the most important factor in your admission status. UGA recalculates each applicant’s GPA depending on the academic core classes taken, whether or not the classes were AP or IB, but does not add weight to Honors classes. The level of rigor in high school courses is evaluated as well. For example, if your student took an […]

The Best Apps for Students 

UGA and College Studying Apps Remember when you were in college and everything you needed was easily accessible via apps on your phone? No? Well, me too. Our kids, however, do live in this world and there are apps that provide everything from food delivery to tutoring services, not to mention how to create a budget or even the perfect bibliography. Below is a list of the ones I thought most useful. Please forgive me for its length, but there is truly an app for EVERYTHING. How could I narrow it down? UGA Necessary UGA Mobile App: This app is a Must-Have for all UGA students. It is a hub for access to Athena, eLC, bus schedules, UGAMail, parking information, emergency care, and so much more. This app is pretty much the center for all things UGA and has easy navigation to make it easy for everyone to figure out. Wepa Print: […]

Rushing Her Way

Rushing Sororities Have Advantages For parents of incoming freshmen, you have probably already heard your daughter mention sorority recruitment. I know girls start looking up, researching, and asking about different sororities and the pluses and minuses of rushing, some as early as senior year in high school. And yes, rush can all be overwhelming, and expensive. So, I am going to give you the low-down of all thing’s sorority rush. If you are unfamiliar, words like pin, chapter, semi-, big, grand-big, Panhellenic, bid day, and legacies, then don’t worry. You will soon learn all about them. Joining a sorority at a large university like UGA can have many benefits. And they usually outweigh any negative misconceptions that you may have heard. UGA has come up with a Panhellenic Recruitment Contingency Plan in response to CDC guidelines to reduce social distancing and allow for smaller social gatherings. This may change and become fully […]

They’ve Been Accepted to UGA

Congratulations on Becoming a Dawg! You made it! I mean, they made it, but it sure feels like we, as parents did a lot of work to get our kids to college. Becoming a Georgia Bulldog is very exciting, and now that decisions are over, and they’ve been accepted, there is still important work to be done. First, it may sound silly, but check your admissions letter for accuracy regarding their name, entrance term, residency status, address, and major. If any changes need to be made, it needs to be done as soon as possible. Download the Welcome to UGA app and locate the MyID that was sent to your student upon acceptance. Make sure they know their password, as a UGA email was created for them too. If you need help you can click here. You will also need to complete any forms that UGA requires and pay a non-refundable $300 […]


Tutoring Can Be The Key If you are a new student at the University of Georgia, then you already know the challenges that classes and professors at a competitive school can pose. You’ve probably learned to balance your academics with your civic and social life, but actually living the college life can sometimes cause you to fall behind, or need extra help to stay on track. Tutoring is the answer. Time-management issues may arise along with the new rigors of harder classes, so if this happens, you’ll need to know where to go for help. Parents, if your student mentions that they are having difficulty, there are many resources that you can recommend. The first thing that students should do is to speak with their professor, teaching assistant, or both. Take advantage of those office hours as they can be vital to that professor/student relationship. It is always advised to meet your […]

Get Involved!

Be a Part of the Action, Join the Fun, Get Involved! If you have officially become a Dawg, then you already know the amount of work you will be putting in to have a successful UGA career. That being said, we at HaveUHeard feel that being involved in some way is equally as important. UGA is big, and finding a way to make it not feel so overwhelming is important. Some students will choose the Greek life path by rushing a sorority or fraternity, but others will find that getting involved in the many other opportunities on campus is more their style. Let’s not forget that some kids entering college are still teenagers. They will want to find their “tribe” and sometimes that can take a while. Joining a community where they feel like they belong can make the college transition easier. This is also the time to experiment with groups and […]

Best Places to Study That You Need to Know About

Shhhhh, Here Is a Great Study Spot! You are at UGA and need to study, right? The University of Georgia is such a cool campus because it is in the heart of Athens, and this awesome location provides on and off-campus places for students to study and get work done. Listed below are both indoor and outdoor study spots that UGA students rave about and swear by. On-Campus: Indoors Business Learning Center: This Learning Center is heavily popular for business students because it is located in the heart of Terry and has all the resources for any business class available to it. I would definitely recommend coming here to study for any tests that are for Terry because you will be surrounded by information that can help you and students from your classes. Main Library: The main library is awesome for research and quiet studying. It is located on North Campus and […]

First Time Student Loan Borrower?

You’ll need to do this for a first-time student loan. It’s all new to you as a first-timer, here is what you need to know about a student loan. What is an Entrance Counseling? In July of 2016, the U.S. Department of Education made it a requirement that in order to have student loans disbursed, all students must complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling. This counseling includes information needed to successfully repay the federal student loans they will be receiving to help pay for college costs. While this may be seen as a waste of time by your student, it is full of great information that they will need to know down the road. If you have not previously received a Direct Loan or Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL), the federal government requires you to complete entrance counseling to ensure that you understand the responsibilities and obligations you are assuming. You must complete […]

Advice I’d Give To My Freshman Self

Advice Every Freshman Should Know A little advice goes a long way. Being a freshman in college is a new experience unlike any other you have ever known. For starters, you have been thrown into a dorm room that is probably no bigger than 15 feet by 15 feet and sharing every little crevice with either a friend or stranger. You are also more than likely trying to figure out what to eat in the dining hall, how the UGA bus system works, and also where you are going to fit in at this huge university. As overwhelming as a campus of almost 40,000 students can be, it is easier than expected to find your place, your people, and your passion here. The advice I believe every freshman should be aware of before stepping foot on campus is as follows: Go to any and every event that interests you. Attending one event […]

Money, Money, Money

When Will Financial Aid Money Disburse? The time has come to pay for your college costs and money panic sets in. If your student is in-state, chances are you are waiting for HOPE or Zell Miller to set in and take care of your child’s tuition. To be eligible for this, your student must have achieved specific test scores and a specific GPA in high school, but they also must fill out the FAFSA Student Aid form. If this is not done, your student will not receive HOPE or Zell and also will not qualify for any Financial Aid from the State of Georgia. The University of Georgia has a payment website known as Athena that allows students to apply for Financial Aid and loans directly through the Office of Student Financial Aid. The Athena student portal will show students their awards for the different school years and allow students to accept […]

Off-Campus Living and Our Fav’s

Economical to Extravagant Living Athens is a major college town, and with that said, there are tons of living options that are close to campus. Whether you want an apartment, a house, or a townhome, Athens has it, and you can rent it. Below are just some of the options for great living spaces in Athens. Each complex is located in a different place, with different amenities and different policies. Before renting and living it up, make sure you read our Top 10 Apartment Tips. We’ve included links to many parent companies if you need to contact the corporate office. 755 Broad: These are luxury apartments but only offer 1- and 2-bedroom options with custom furnishing or unfurnished options available. It has Jacuzzis, a fitness center, 24/7 security, and many more major amenities!! 755 E Broad St, Athens, GA 30601. 909 Broad: This complex has many different rooms, from studios to 1-4-bedroom […]

How to Transition as a Transfer Student

Transferring to a new college can be both daunting and exciting Some students transfer after attending a two-year college and some transfer because they recognize that the university they are attending is not for them. I have had many friends who have transferred to UGA, and they definitely worried that they wouldn’t be able to find their place there. As a transfer student, you often end up behind other students due to credits not transferring to your new school, having new required classes to take unique to this university, or simply because you have later access to registration. Chances are, you also are behind the ball on joining clubs, organizations, and Greek Life, so it is important to immediately try to get involved upon coming to UGA. There is also the possibility that you could be a Spring admit and therefore will not be on campus until January of your Freshman year. […]

Sorting Out College Life, Laundry and Beyond

Your Laundry Guide Here is how to wash, dry and never losing your favorite pair of socks! Campus laundry is a luxury all students have when living in the dorms at UGA’s campus, it is free to use but you must provide and bring your own detergent, fabric softener, etc. Most dorms have 1-2 laundry rooms and have no limit on how many loads you can do at a time. Unfortunately, there is no app or service available to students to see when washers and dryers become available, so most of the time it is a guessing game and takes multiple attempts to get an open one. But fear not, once you have gotten settled in your dorm, it will be very easy to learn the times when they are free and when they are packed. For off-campus, most apartments, townhomes, and houses will either provide you with a washer and dryer […]

Double Dawgs Program at UGA

Double Dawg Down on Your Degree The University of Georgia offers a program known as “Double Dawgs” which is a way for students to economically maximize their ability to receive a competitive education. This is done by allowing students to earn both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree at the same time in five years or less. This is aimed at helping students save both time and money and fully use their time at UGA wisely. There are over 115 different options within the Double Dawgs Program and they are always adding new programs per student requests and interests. There is a very specific timeline necessary for the Double Dawgs Program, so it is smart to know about it prior to your freshman year so you can go into UGA with it already planned out. It is very difficult to begin Double Dawgs after your freshman year because there is strict […]

Beauty & The Beast

Look Your Beauty Best! Going to college can be stressful; you have to plan out dorm rooms, classes, life, and what most people neglect to think about is self-care. Students totally forget to ask around about nail salons, hair salons, massage places, etc. and without good guidance, that trip could easily turn into a total disaster – the Beauty and the Beast. Below is a list of good, reputable, safe, and clean salons in the Athens area to meet the self-care needs of your students as they come about. Most of these places offer student discounts upon presenting your UGA ID, so make sure you have it with you. Barbershops: Brown’s Barber Shop: Men’s haircuts Bulldog Barbers: Men’s haircuts Mr. Haircut: Men’s haircuts Tito’s Barbershop: Trimming, fading, shaving, eyebrow, and facial services catering to men, women, and kids. University Cuts: Family owned salon servicing everyone. Hair Salons/Blow Dry Bars: If your daughter […]

Planning to Sublease an Apartment at UGA?

Here’s How to Sublease – The Supply is Greater Than the Demand HaveUHeard about how to sublease? Most apartments in Athens require you to sign a 12-month lease, which typically starts in August and goes until July of the following year. Since this is a legally binding lease with a company outside of the University, students must pay for it over the summer and during both semesters, even if they will not live there. However, most apartment complexes will allow students to sublet their apartments. You will have to jump through a few hoops to make it happen, but it is such a common practice you should be just fine. To find a subletter for the fall, spring, or summer, it is smart to start looking about eight months to a year before you would need someone to take over your lease. Common reasons for needing a subletter both during the semester […]

Top Majors to Consider at UGA

So Many Majors To Choose From The Classic City is the home of the University of Georgia and is, therefore, home to the #16 Public University in the United States of America. The beauty and culture surrounding UGA is not the only thing that draws students to wear red and black; it is also an extremely prestigious and impressive education received while attending. UGA offers 132 distinct undergraduate degrees as well as many different graduate tracks to pursue. The most popular majors at University of Georgia include: Psychology Finance Biology Business Administration and Management Accounting Marketing/Marketing Management International Relations and Affairs Political Science and Government Social Work Kinesiology and Exercise Science Communication Journalism Education These, however, are just the most popular, but there is so much more to choose from; 100+ degrees to be more exact. Read more about all the choices. And if there isn’t something there that works for you, […]

Fun Electives to Take to Round Out Your Schedule

When You Need Electives Did you plan for some electives? Sometimes students’ schedules are just so jam-packed that an easy and fun elective is the perfect way to round out a schedule. Electives can serve many purposes: fulfill an individual’s major requirement, supplement more rigorous courses to complete a minor, fill a schedule, or simply to have fun. All of these electives have been recommended directly from current UGA students based on either their light workload, their ease, or their fascinating information. Whether you take these classes or completely avoid them, it is always greatly recommended for you to use RateMyProfessor or Koofers when making your schedule. Both of these websites have reviews for professors and classes from actual students in regards to the overall rating of the professor, course load, difficulty, class description, etc. So, I would recommend using those websites at all times to ensure having the professors that best […]

Working While In College 

Working or Not Working, That is the Question. Some students are working to supplement the allowance that their parents are giving them each week or month and some students are working to pay their bills or putting themselves through school. Regardless of the reason, working while going to school is an excellent way for students to learn to prioritize and organize their time. Some students will find employment on campus. There are all kinds of opportunities in every single department across campus. The first step to seeking employment in one of these positions would be to visit and browse the publicly listed posting of jobs available. A position can be found in most of the UGA’s numerous departments, from chemistry to athletics. However, this isn’t the only way to find a job on campus. Many professors, classes, and departments are actually looking for students to work for them, yet they haven’t advertised it. […]

Sending a Package to Your student?

Make Sure Your Package Gets There If you are planning on sending a package to your student, you want to make sure they get it. There are many reasons that a student receives a package. Whether it is just their usual Amazon delivery or a care package for midterms or because your student is under the weather, there are a few things that will make package delivery simpler. You know your student best, send a personalized note, a picture of your family or favorite food. You have to make sure you correctly address the package to your student, or you run the risk of them not being able to receive it. You should address all mail to residents as: University of Georgia (Campus Street Address) (NAME) (Dorm/Room #) Athens, GA 30609 Building addresses can be found on UGA’s Mail and Receiving Services page. Packages are delivered to each residence hall’s center desk for […]

Places of Worship for Students

Continuing Worship Traditions Moving to college for most people means that they are no longer able to go to the church they’ve always gone to with their parents, families, and friends. Finding a new place of worship is hard, and this list will provide new students with places to get involved with people who are like-minded and share similar beliefs. Athens has many places of worship that fit the needs of most religions and worship aspects, so finding your place is so easy among the many options. On-Campus Worship Adventist Christian Fellowship: A Seventh-Day Adventist group but open to those who do not go to UGA or follow this belief. Alpha Omega Campus Ministry: A campus ministry devoted to living for Christ. ASEZ: This organization works directly with the World Mission Society Church of God supporting community service projects (such as blood drives, food banks, and clean world movements) and community outreach […]

Registration for Classes at UGA

Registration Step-by-Step Instructions & Tips Registration in college is so different from anything that you have ever experienced and can be somewhat of an interesting process. To even begin to register, you must see your advisor to clear the registration hold, that you will have each semester prior to registration. This meeting is where your advisor will guide you through the classes you need to take for your major, minor, or certificate for that given semester. Typically, most students choose to take between 12 and 15 hours per semester, which means they will usually be in 3-5 classes. It is important to remember that not every class is 3 hours, and therefore your total hours might be configured differently than you expect. Once you are given this list of classes your advisor wants you to sign up for, most students choose to log into Courseoff and play around with the class times, […]

Lost and Found

Oh No…It Happened! It’s Lost. We have all had the misfortune of losing something really important. Look on the student UGA Facebook page and you will see posts for lost keys, wallets, cell phones, ID’s and so forth. And, while clearly my kids are not the only ones who lose valuables, or had them stolen, it does happen. HaveUHeard recommends getting your student The Tile, a small lost and found device that you attach to the things you don’t want to lose, be it a computer, bike, keys, luggage, wallets- even pets (attach to their collar). If your student has lost something, here are the lost and found locations on campus. Each building has their own separate lost and found, so if you did lose something in a building not listed above, I would go to your classroom and check for it, your professor and ask if they have seen the item(s), […]

Staying Fit While in College

Keeping Freshman 15 Off Keeping fit counts. It helps mentally as well as physically. The phrase “Freshman 15”  has its own claim to fame — actually infamy — because it does happen all too often. It may not be 15. It can just be 5 or 10 extra pounds gained that first year of college, which might or might not be added to the next year. I gained at least 15 pounds during my first semester at college. It was definitely not my finest moment. I went from living at home with set meal times and no abundance of snacks to living in Athens among all its temptations. Who could resist the lure of late-night socializing and delivery of every (mostly fast) food imaginable? On-campus fitness centers rival that of any expensive gym.  But even now, with the amazing fitness centers available to today’s students, many students do gain weight for the same […]

What Not to Bring to College

No, you don’t need to bring that! Although you might think to bring every little thing in your room now is essential for your college dorm, chances are, it’s not and you won’t really have enough room for it. It is very easy to fill up a dorm room and, living in an over-decorated, overcrowded, and overdone dorm room will quickly become a nightmare for you and your roommate(s). Whether you are best friends with your roommate(s) or not, it is essential that you talk to them before you move in about what you want in your dorm room, who is buying what, and where it will go. All UGA dorm room dimensions are available to review. Not talking to your roommate(s) before moving in will usually mean that you have multiples of each item, too many items, or not enough. Unfortunately, UGA prohibits students from bringing specific items into their dorm […]

Health Insurance for College Students

Know More About Insurance Options Students at many colleges today must have a health insurance plan that meets their university’s minimum requirement. UGA offers both a Voluntary and Mandatory plan for students to choose from if they do not have health insurance before coming to college. The Mandatory Plan is administered through United Healthcare and is required for all undergrad and grad international students, Doctor of Pharmacy students, Grad students receiving qualified graduate assistantship or fellowships, and those receiving qualified training grants. If they have other acceptable health insurance coverage, they have to request a waiver. Per the UGA Health Codes, undergraduate students are recommended to have health insurance while it is required for all international and some graduate students. This would fall under the Voluntary Plan. The plan is underwritten by United Healthcare. If a student were to purchase annual coverage, the monthly amount is approximately $223. To participate, students must […]

Mother-Daughter Time

There’s Nothing Like Mother-Daughter Time Looking forward to mother-daughter time? It is my favorite thing ever when my mom comes to Athens, we are extremely close, and phone calls just don’t seem to ever satisfy like hugs and in-person conversations. We get to talk and hang out and it just recharges my battery in the best way. My mom coming to town usually means a meal, a Target run, and some other sort of activity if we have time. She always lets me pick where we go to eat and we have made a game of not trying to go to the same place twice. Since Athens has over 150 different restaurants, this is super easy to stick to, and we rarely have a bad meal.  Check out our It’s Dinner Time in Athens blog for some great restaurant recommendations. A trip to Target or Walmart is usually on our to-do list […]

More Veggies Please – Vegetarian/Vegan Dining

You Really Do Want To Eat More Veggies! The UGA dining halls love veggies and do a fabulous job of catering to all dietary restrictions by providing a vegetarian/vegan line in every single dining hall on campus. These have rotating dishes, for each meal of the day. They have daily vegan options and daily vegetarian options. The main goal of the dining halls is to make sure each student with a meal plan has dietary options. UGA prides itself on the fact that 35% of all dining hall options are meatless. There are also options for parents to provide recipes from home to the dining halls, and those will be incorporated into the dining hall rotations on specific dates. Athens Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants: Donderos’ – This is a cafe and bakery that has both gluten-free and vegan menus upon request. The Grit – This is a meat-free diner in Athens that caters […]

Get On the UGA Bus

A Guide to UGA’s Bus System If you do not get a parking pass on UGA’s campus, do not fret, it is very easy to learn the bus system, use it to your advantage, and get where you need to go. The UGA bus is a free on-campus shuttle system available to all UGA students, faculty, and staff. All UGA busses look the exact same except for the flashing signs at the front, back, and sides of the busses that tell you the route name. The first thing you should know before stepping on a bus is the stop you need to get off of and how fast you need to get there. Those two simple facts will be huge determining factors in which bus you decide to get on. The UGA mobile app for iPhone and Android has a live map feature that allows you to see busses, their routes, the […]

Brunch is Breakfast Plus Lunch Plus Fun

“Brunch is breakfast without an alarm.” — Unknown Athens prides itself on its amazing music scene, Saturdays in Sanford Stadium, and the outstanding food options. If you want brunch, Athens can provide you with tons of options that range from Southern soul food to gluten-free to the sweetest bakery items you have ever had. Here are some of the best and most popular brunch places in Athens! Big City Bread Cafe: Their menu consists of tons of egg options, an abundant a la carte menu, and fancier plates such as quiche and salmon gravlax. They also have locally roasted coffee always on the menu as well as an amazing case of homemade pastries offered daily. Dondero’s: Their brunch menu is packed with amazing sandwiches, grit boats, breakfast plates, and a la carte items. They also have an abundance of coffees and pastries to choose from daily. Heirloom Cafe: They have tons of […]

Wakey Wakey – Eggs and Bakey Breakfast Anytime

Here are our wakey favorites! Like any college town where many residents carry a yearly fun pass, there are literally hundreds of dining options from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. The more time my daughter spends up there, the more places to eat we have discovered. You will find a restaurant for every palate and every price point. So wakey-wakey get ready for breakfast! Depending on whether you are touring with a prospective student or visiting your student in Athens, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal, the options are plentiful. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait, even with a reservation, on a game weekend or graduation, at some of the more popular ‘wakey’ selections. Athens Bagel Company – This downtown bagel place is amazing and is super convenient to campus. They […]

Is a Grade A Really An A – Pluses and Minuses Count!

Your Grade Pluses and Minuses Do Count! You have gotten into the University of Georgia because of how impressive your high school years were, how hard you worked, and how good your grades were. Believe me when I tell you that the high expectations from UGA do not stop the moment you see acceptance fireworks. They continue until graduation fireworks and beyond. With that said, I regret to inform you that a grade A sometimes does not mean grade A… chances are, you are coming from a high school where an 89.5 and up could even mean an A on your transcript; but I am here to tell you unfortunately, that will not cut it for an A in Athens. UGA is on the plus-minus grading scale and the system goes as follows: A (4.0) A- (3.7) B+ (3.3) B (3.0) B- (2.7) C+ (2.3) C (2.0) C- (1.7) D (1.0) F […]

Eating Healthy as a College Student

Healthy Eating, Not an Easy Feat! Eating healthy in college is a conscious decision you must make every meal and is totally doable if you set your mind to it. The tons of healthy options in dining halls, as well as restaurants geared at producing healthy food, make it so easy to live your best and healthiest life while in Athens. All of the restaurants below are fairly priced and the juice and smoothie options are no more expensive than a daily cup of coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin’. Believe me when I tell you, eating healthy and on a budget is possible. Chicken Salad Chick – This restaurant is only located about 10 minutes off of campus and is simply amazing. They offer tons of different chicken salad flavors that can be eaten with veggies, crackers, or on bread. It also stays fresh for about 5 days, so it is a perfect […]

Sorority Girl – The Inside Scoop

It’s More Than Parties, Sorority Life. Choosing to participate in recruitment and having the opportunity to join a sorority at the University of Georgia was one of the best decisions I have made since becoming a Dawg. My sorority gave me an instant community and 350 friends right off the bat, and that really helped UGA feel even more like home to me. Going through the recruitment process, you learn that each sorority has different values, rules, activities, events, and standards, and these differences are what make it easy for everyone to find which one truly feels the most like “home”. Recruitment registration for Fall of 2020 opens on April 1st and will last through July 20th. Get more information about recruitment and to register. All 19 sororities under UGA Panhellenic participate in Fall Recruitment at UGA, whereas only certain ones participate in Spring Recruitment. If your daughter wants to get the […]

Sorority Recruitment: What to Expect & What to Wear

Here Are Tips & Tricks On What to Wear It’s very exciting, what to wear for recruitment is at the top of your list. Welcome to the University of Georgia recruitment! This is going to be an exciting time in your life when you get to find the chapter you will be spending your undergraduate years at. When preparing for recruitment, you’ll want to get to school prior to the Fall semester as recruitment begins before the start of classes. Since Zoom recruitment begins on Sunday, August 16th, Potential New Members (PNM’s -this is you!) are able to move into the dorms earlier than the rest of the freshman class, and this year that is on the 14th and 15th. University Housing will send an official note on your specific move-in time so you are able to plan accordingly. If you are planning on going through recruitment at UGA, we’re here to […]

Drop a Class

Here’s How to Drop a Class the Right Way “I need to drop my class” is not something that any parent wants to hear and honestly not something any student wants to say. The fear of having to redo a class, ultimately being behind, or not being enrolled in enough hours can be scary for students; but if they think they need to drop a class, let them. To distinguish, students have the option during drop/add week to change their schedule by dropping or adding a class. During this period, dropping a class does not affect your student’s transcript except removing the class. The drop/add period at UGA is different every semester, and for the Fall of 2020, it is from August 20, the first day of class, to August 26. During the drop/add period, you get a feel for the class, the professor, and the grading system and then are able […]

Nature vs. Nurture for Athens Students

So much more Nature than you think! Athens has a surprising amount of outdoor hidden gems that are sure to help you get your nature fix. Since Athens is surrounded by tons of small rural towns, there are tons of lakes, paths, and parks available for anyone and everyone to explore the great outdoors. Whether you are looking to swim, walk, kayak, or just enjoy nature, Athens has something for you to enjoy. Big Dogs on the River: This is a kayaking experience down the Middle Oconee River through 3 different shoals. The river trail is 3.5 miles long and takes a typical group of people anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete. There are Class I and Class II shoals available depending on the water levels. It is $25 per person and that covers the shuttle, equipment, and parking fees. It is open for kayaking Monday-Saturday. Bishop Park: This park has a […]

What U Should Do Before Heading to UGA

Before you leave for college… Late one night, one of my sorority sisters had fallen out of her dorm bed, hit her head, and couldn’t close her jaw. Her roommate rushed her to the ER and while on the way, she called her mom. Her mom, 100 miles away, was freaking out over the phone and hopping in her car to get there as quickly as she could, but my friend got in with the doctor before she could get there. Since my friend was 18, her mom technically had no legal rights over her medical records nor did she have any rights to know what the doctor was saying to her daughter, but because they had signed a Health Care Proxy, she was able to be on the phone in the room with the doctor until she could get there. They had the documents lined up before sending her off to college. […]

Getting Your Just Desserts!

Desserts, In a Good Way … Like most college girls, my favorite meal of the day is 100% desserts, and Athens is full of amazing places to choose from. My friends and I go get dessert at least 3 times a week and we try to go to a different place each time. There is really not a bad dessert option in Athens, but each one is different and has a wide variety of dessert options. Dessert Choices Galore Alumni Cookie Dough: This place has edible cookie dough that will seriously change your life. They make all of it in house and have tons of different flavor options and usually a feature flavor of the month that changes each month. Truly desserts heaven! Baskin Robbins: While this place is a chain, they have some of the best ice cream cake and affogatos in Athens. We often come here on Bachelor/Bachelorette Monday to […]

Grad School Housing is More Grown Up 

Because Grad School Needs Are Different For students heading to Grad School, finding an apartment if they go to a different university entails completely different criteria. Many students switch schools for their graduate studies, which means new housing options. Grad School housing comes with its own unique challenges. With expensive tuition and long study sessions, the last thing they must worry about is finding an apartment at or near UGA. UGA is actually very unique since they offer on-campus housing for Grad Students specifically. Although this housing can sometimes be shared with an overflow of undergraduate students, especially when other housing buildings are under construction, UGA does give priority to Grad Students in certain buildings. Three different complexes offer up one- and two-bedroom options for graduate students to live in. These are on campus and are unfurnished. The Rogers Road Community has unfurnished one-bedroom, one-bath, two-bedroom, one-bath apartments equipped with a full-sized […]

I’m Not Your Maid

Maid Cleaning Companies – Because Sometimes This Chore Is Just Too Much. Although you probably never thought about hiring a maid cleaning crew for your college student’s apartment, maybe it has come to that due to a dirty roommate, a busy schedule, or just the desire for a clean space. When flu season and viruses’ are going around; wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know those nasty germs have been eradicated and may lessen the chances of your child catching what their roommate has? Some students simply don’t have the time and are often searching for affordable cleaning help. These companies and freelancers come and clean your home, apartment, or townhome at your convenience and at a price that is specific to you, your needs, and the size of your space. Freelance Cleaners Maid 4 U Cleaning Service Merry Maids of Athens Two Maids and a Mop While all apartments, […]

Entertainment in Athens

Try These Fun Entertainment Ideas! Athens has quite an abundance of indoor and outdoor activities to make sure you are never bored. On top of all of these fun indoor and outdoor activities, Athens has over 150 restaurants, tons of shops, and exciting nightlife; there is something for everyone here! Some of my favorite outdoor activities range from sightseeing, walking, golfing, spending time in parks. The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is a fun, free activity for any time of year!! Perfect for walking, running, swing dancing, or learning! 2450 S Milledge Ave, Athens, GA 30605 Calendar of Entertainment Events The famous “Tree that Owns Itself” is a white oak tree in the heart of Athens, Georgia. While it isn’t much more than a tree with a fence around it, it is something that everyone should see. The cool thing about this tree is that the owner of the property it sits […]

Graduation Photography for UGA Seniors

You’ll Want to Memorialize the Day with Photography College graduation is a very special day in one’s life, and the desire to celebrate and remember that accomplishment is one that is usually commemorated by senior image photography. The University of Georgia’s campus is so beautiful, so most students choose to walk around with a photographer, taking photos in red and black outfits and then their cap and gown. Students get photographed in popular places on campus, as well as places that are specifically special to them. I have a friend who found out about her law school acceptance at a picnic study session under a gorgeous tree on North Campus, and so she chose to make that tree a place for some of her Senior Pictures to be captured. Most people tend to use the same photographers that are local to Athens, and most of them happen to be UGA Alum or […]

Moving Out of the Dorms at UGA

Move it, Move it … It’s Moving Time If you are, or have, a UGA student living in the dorm, the moving out process is fairly easy, you just have to have all of your stuff out by a certain date. This date changes each year, so make sure you figure it out, mark your calendars, and make sure your parents can make arrangements to come and help you out. Your Resident Assistant (RA) will typically have a meeting with your hall and give you information about what you need to do prior to moving out and how to move out. At this meeting, you can ask questions about parking, trash, and any other information you may want to know. Make sure you attend this meeting or you will miss some extremely important information. If anything is broken or messed up in your room, make sure you file a work request prior […]

How Will Students Stay Safe, Sane, and Happy this Fall

Where is a Safe Spot at College? As colleges are doing their best to come up with ideas as to how to keep our students safe and healthy as they reopen campuses, we can only hope that our students will adhere to those rules when they leave their classrooms. Let’s face it; it is not easy to enforce social distancing among a population that has a tendency to want to gather. Plus we all know one of the best parts of college is the constant socialization and is it really fair to ask them to completely isolate? Probably not. We realize we can’t replace a good fraternity party or tailgate, but there are alternatives to fun near campus and since outdoor fun appears to be the safest alternative these days, we have come up with open-air ideas. Given that we are living under such unprecedented circumstances; we always recommend double-checking hours, availability, […]


Pets are just like a baby… UGA does everything it possibly can do to be a pet-friendly campus as well as Athens also being friendly to pets. There are so many available opportunities to bring your pet along in Athens and so many different activities to do with them. I promise, your pet will fall in love with Athens just like you have. As far as the UGA dorms go, fish are allowed in all dorms but must be in a 20-gallon or less tank.  Emotional Support Animals, Service Animals, and Service Animals in training are allowed but must be approved by the Disability Resource Center and the Housing Assignments Office prior to moving in. Otherwise, pets are not allowed in the dorms. For pet off-campus living, there are plenty of ways to check if your apartment, house, or townhome of choice is pet friendly, but if you have not signed a […]

Sick At School 

Mom… I’m sick! Getting the call from your college student that they don’t feel well and are sick isn’t something anyone wants to hear, but it is going to happen. College students never get enough sleep, rarely take care of themselves the way they should, and are often exposed to all sorts of illnesses. Before I went away to school, my mom and I put together a “first aid kit” full of things I would need if and when I got sick. This was stocked full of vitamins, medicines, thermometer, and anything else we thought I might need to cure my sickness. She also stocked it full of Emergen-C packs. She made me promise that I would drink one of these a day if I was feeling under the weather or if I had come in contact with anyone who had been sick. I drank a lot of these in my freshman […]

Lunch Bunch for UGA Students

Mid-Day Munchies – what’s for lunch? The best part of lunch is the break it gives you in the middle of the day! But it’s even better when you’re enjoying a meal as well. Like any city, there are literally hundreds of dining options in Athens from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. The more time my daughter spends there, the more places to eat we have discovered. Food is a big draw for us, can you tell? Your lunch choices will often depend upon whether you are touring with a prospective student, which will probably be in a dining hall or at a fast-food restaurant or making a visit to your established Dawg, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait at some of the more popular […]

Away for the High Holidays

Celebrate High Holidays with a New Community Generally, our kids get to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for those who celebrate the upcoming Jewish High Holidays, it may be your first one without your students at your high holiday table. While it may feel strange having that empty seat, it can feel better to know that they are celebrating the holidays with a new community of their peers. There are options for Jewish students at UGA. You may want to let them know they exist and then hope that they will choose to participate. Not all colleges give days off for every holiday and it doesn’t look like UGA is any different. Students can certainly inform their professors, in advance, of their absence for the high holiday, but chances are class will go on and they will be responsible for any work; and unfortunately, some professors will penalize them for […]

Having a Car at UGA

Is having a car at UGA a good idea? The University of Georgia has tons of students and too few parking spots. This creates a major issue for the mass of students that live off-campus, which is the majority of your sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Since UGA has a first-year live-on requirement, there is very little room for others to live on campus. It is very nice your freshman year because living on campus gets you parking priority in dorm lots. Some things to consider when deciding whether your student should or should not bring their car to campus is if they will be working at an off-campus job, their rank in the priority system and how often they will drive. It is definitely worth it to have a car if you will be working because you have the ability to drive yourself to work worry-free and in your own time and […]

Intramural and Club Sports

You Can Still Play Club Sports in College UGA is known for it’s amazing SEC sports, but what most people do not know is that the University has tons of different intramural and club sports that can keep you playing the sports you love on a more manageable schedule and less intense level. Intramurals are super fun, competitive, low-intensity sports that allow you to play with your team without the pressures that club sports sometimes create. The in-person sports offered for fall 2020 are billiards, pickleball, table tennis, badminton, cornhole, tennis singles, and golf. The electronic-based sports for fall 2020 are Madden, Mario Kart, NBA 2k20, Rocket League, Street Fighter, Sports Trivia, Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, FIFA, MLB The Show, and UFC. These can be played on Xbox One and PS4 for this year and you can sign up for in-person tournaments or online gaming. To participate in these sports, […]

Navigating Athens

Tips to Know about Athens, the Classic City Athens is a place with backroads, one-way streets, and lots of places you can and cannot park. Because of the mixture between campus and downtown, there are tons of student-only parking lots as well as decks, meter spaces, and no parking zones that you need to know about prior to making a trip to the Classic City. Because people live and work in downtown Athens there are different pay per month parking lots that are open to students, workers, or Athens frequenters. There are four lots that are known for being monthly lots, and their locations determine their price. 142 Oconee Street is $65 a month, 165 West Clayton Street is $55 a month, 295 West Clayton Street is $65 a month, and the lot at the intersection of Broad & Pulaski is $65 a month. The monthly parking on these lots are not […]

Register to Vote UGA, Your Voice Counts!

How to Have Your Vote Count While at College For students in a new city adapting to a busy college schedule, the voting process can seem daunting. As an 18-year-old freshman, I didn’t even know where to begin to register or where to go to vote! With an election coming up, taking the time to go to the polls and vote is more important than ever. So, how can you do it? Your vote counts. UGA‘s Initiative “UGAvotes” is the place to go for all things voting-related for Dawgs. They offer a variety of information from registering to vote to where to vote on election day, including information for students who are residents of Georgia, as well as those out of state. Dawgs who are residents of Georgia and are not already registered to vote should start here. For out-of-state students, they should refer to vote for tips on how to register […]

Trick or Treat The College Version

Trick or Treat That Was Then… I would race home from school so my mom could put together some sort of costume for me then rush to meet my friends to go trick-or-treating. Somehow, by the time I had my own kids, Halloween included much more; carving pumpkins, putting up decorations, more formal costumes, and, of course, trick-or-treating throughout our neighborhood, but not without a parent escort. This is Now… Halloween traditions in college are, well, a far cry from the pumpkin carving, candy apple making gatherings we had in our driveway before the kids started their trick-or-treating. Many places, including fraternities, will have parties – all week. Halloween week, I’m not going to lie, it gives a whole new meaning to the BOO in Booze. Keep in mind this is Athens and there is a lot of Halloween-themed partying going on in general. It may not be a bad idea to […]

Football Time – Where to Watch the Dawgs

College football … Dawgs, It’s Time We all really love football! And we can’t wait for the Dawgs to take the field again and our hopes for this season are soaring high. Even after graduation, alumni go to football watch parties where they can hang out with other alumni. Hanging with other Dawgs is way more fun and it could lead to a job, a rekindled friendship, or just a feeling of being back at school. We’ve got the places to head to for football game madness. Thanks to the UGA Alumni Association, you do not have to be in Athens, or even Georgia to watch the Dawgs with other Dawgs. Just make sure you dress in your school colors. Listed below are the non-Georgia watch party locations. Southeast Watch Parties: covers Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Northeast Watch Parties: covers Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, […]

Great Grad Gigs

Great Grad Gigs That May Pay for Tuition Finally, you’re a grad, but you need a little side gig to help with costs. Graduate Assistants are highly sought after and amazing positions for graduate students. There are tons of different types of GA positions at UGA that revolve around specific work and allow students to work closely with faculty, participate in research, and see the inner workings of the University.  Graduate Teaching Assistants teach a class at the University who instruct on a regular basis and give grades to students. Another type of GA is a Graduate Lab Assistant, who instruct undergraduate students in lab sections across campus. They are required to teach, observe, and facilitate experiments to enrich student’s learning and comprehension of their specific class’ materials. Another type is Graduate Research Assistants which are tasked with helping current faculty and staff with research projects such as library searches and lab experiments […]

Safest Places to Visit Your Student This Semester

We Still Love to Visit Our Dawgs Let’s face it, these are odd and crazy times! Things look very different at UGA this semester but one thing is still for sure: we all still love to visit our Dawgs and they love visits from us. n. Athens has tons of different food options that offer outside and patio seating to adhere to and cater to potential COVID-19 related concerns. The following places are great options for spaces to visit your students safely. Dining Saucehouse Barbeque Last Resort Grill Mama’s Boy Cali N Titos Clocked Trapeze Pub Big City Bread Porterhouse Hendershot’s El Barrio Pauley’s Crepe Bar Starland Pizza Outdoor Activities There are also plenty of outdoor activities to participate in all around Athens to make memories in a safe and socially distanced manner. The Athens Farmers Market is open every Saturday from August to October and has some events in November. There […]

Wake Up Dawgs, It’s Game Day

Get Ready for the big game with these attire tips! Football at the University of Georgia is a religion and the devotion that fans have towards the Bulldogs is simply unmatched. There are essentials to making a Saturday in Athens as perfect as can be, and outfits are definitely high up on that list. Thankfully, the University of Georgia’s colors, red & black, make outfit shopping way less complicated and the various shops in Athens make it very easy to have the perfect game day fit. For the Girls! Game Day is arguably the most important social event of the week, so everyone should know that it is full of posing, photo-taking, and Instagram posting. Therefore, you want to make sure you fit right in by wearing acceptable attire. Usually, September and early October games are hot and humid, so most girls choose to wear dresses, skirts, two-piece sets, and rompers. Thankfully […]

Eating on a Budget

Teach Them Eating on a Budget and the Rest is Easy Teaching your student to eat on a budget prior to moving away is a great way to give you peace of mind and to instill some adult habits early. While teaching this may be difficult, it is crucial that you, as the parent, know that they will probably eat out way more than you would expect, and so it is smart to make sure your student is at least aware of places that offer a student discount. Much to my parents’ dismay, I probably eat out 3 times a week… even though I have a meal plan. To justify all of this restaurant-food, I described to my parents how I was using my UGA ID, restaurant apps, and online coupons to get discounts and save me money, so it’s kind of like being on a budget! Places that offer student discounts/deals: […]

Budget 101 for Your College Student

The Budget-Your-Money Talk Choosing how to budget for college looks different for every single person and a personal family decision to pick the way that works best for you and your student. But, it does raise many questions from parents as it did for us when our kids first left for college. Some of the most common and often asked questions from parents are “how much money should I give my student?” “Should I give them money weekly or monthly?”, “How do I teach them to budget?”,  “Should my student get a job?” These questions are very personal to each family and their financial circumstances. We pay for our daughter’s school, meal plan, books, and fees. Additionally, we worked out a budgeting plan as well for all other expenses. Since our daughter had worked the summer leading up to her freshman year, we decided to give her $100 a month to cover […]

Are Your Students Valuables Safe?

Is Their Stuff Safe, Protected? Keeping your stuff safe and protected at school should be a priority to both you and your student. Most people do not realize this, but upon signing your dorm agreement, you are agreeing that UGA is not responsible or liable for any damage, lost, or stolen items. So it is solely up to your students to do what they can to keep their prized possessions safe. While it is easy to replace something as simple as a UGA ID, a laptop, cellphone, or nice pair of earrings are not as easy or simple to replace. It is smart to establish routines that will help prevent your students from misplacing, losing, or someone taking their stuff. One of the easiest ways to keep your stuff safe is to lock the door to the dorm room even when walking down to the bathroom, going to microwave something, or running to […]

My Student Made Honor Roll, and Now?

Dean’s List Pride Honor Roll It is that time of year when students receive notifications that they have made a collegiate scholar society. The cream-colored linen envelope arrives with its gold embossed logo of said scholar society organization makes me smile just thinking about it. As a parent, you do a mental cartwheel as you see the invitation; as you should. Then take a breath and read the fine print carefully. There are many Honor Societies and it is important to be aware of what stands behind each of the various invitations to join. Educate yourself as to what they provide in exchange for this membership. Honestly, there are many organizations on campus that your student can get involved with that will be far more beneficial to their resume and postgraduate application than membership in a society that profits from the fees they collect. Read their annual report to see how much […]

They Care at UGA 

We know you care too! Committing to the University of Georgia means that you have now become a part of the Bulldog Nation for life. UGA’s commitment to its students’ wellbeing shows that they do care and want to make sure that your experience is one that improves your mental health, keeps you safe, and allows you to feel comfortable on campus. The creation of UGA Cares within the Office of Student Affairs allows workers and mentors to address each student’s concern individually and help make customized networks of support and resources that will help students achieve their goals. UGA Cares aids students in contacting professors, advisors, and instructors when students might need extra time, help, or care due to specific circumstances and acts as a mediator and an advocate for the student’s wellbeing. They have created tons of different programs specific to the needs of students and hope to create a safe […]

Homecoming at UGA

Homecoming is All About the Game. Homecoming…no, not the kind where our kids announce they are coming home for the weekend…at UGA is exciting. From the tailgates that lead to the big football game to the big parade filled with floats and bands to the tons and tons of UGA fans that come back to relive their glory days; there is plenty to do and the excitement is contagious. UGA Homecoming began in 1922 as a meeting full of spirit and bulldog pride, that has now grown into a full week of festivities for students, faculty, and alumni to all enjoy together. In 1936, the UGA homecoming grew even bigger when the Biftad Club made a decorating competition among fraternities, sororities, and dormitories which led to further competitions being added in later years. In 1946 UGA crowned it’s first-ever homecoming King and Queen, a tradition that has never been skipped since. This […]

Study Abroad Programs for Students

  The world is your classroom, so study abroad. *UGA Study Abroad is as of right now unavailable until 2021 due to the global pandemic, but the application process for Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2021 is now open for some programs. Wow! Just the thought of my daughter being able to study abroad is so exciting to me!  Nowadays it seems like it is the thing that most college students are doing, at UGA especially, since a Study Abroad will fulfill your experiential learning requirement. There is no time table as to when you have to study abroad, and UGA has tons of different options that are different lengths of time, different times of the year, and occur in different places. The latest national report on Study Abroad showed that more than 238,332 students from colleges and universities across the United States went overseas to earn credit during their academic years. […]

Roommates and Residential Life

How to manage roommates and shared living space. For many students, moving into a dorm is their first extended stay away from home and their first time with roommates and sharing their space with someone who isn’t family. Dorm living can be the best or the worst part of someone’s college experience, it all really comes down to the roommate you choose. While the fit does not have to be perfect, you definitely want to be with someone you have similarities with. Upon getting into UGA, I started scouting Facebook and Instagram pages for roommates and thus began the “speed dating” process to find the perfect match. I would go shopping, get my nails done, or grab lunch with a girl, see how we meshed and moved onto the next until I found the perfect one. While my freshman year roommate and I had our fair share of disagreements and spats, we […]

Trouble in Paradise 

Your Student got in trouble, now what? Is your student having trouble or in trouble? Are they having problems with a roommate, an apartment lease, underage drinking, academic troubles including plagiarism, parking tickets, and so on? You send your student off to college with the best of intentions. You’ve had the discussion about budgets, walking alone at night, binge drinking, hazing, and drugs. You’ve even discussed being a good roommate and following the University’s code of conduct. But there are situations that do come up no matter how responsible and mature your student. First off, breathe. Chances are, your student is probably freaking out and is terrified to talk to you. Remain calm and get all of the facts. Remind your child to obtain and keep all paperwork and information. Go over the dates and processes that they have been given. UGA has plenty of resources available through the Student Conduct Office […]

Graduation Restaurant Reservations

Graduation Restaurants  – Great Places to Celebrate Whether you are a Fall or Spring graduate, chances are you need to hop on making reservations for your celebratory graduation meal with all of your family and friends. Typically, you graduate with your entire class as well as participate in a ceremony from your specific school to celebrate you and your major. Therefore, scheduling time around both of those ceremonies needs to be done as soon as possible. Also, if your family and friends are planning on coming into town to celebrate you, I would recommend using our Hotel blog and book rooms soon as well. Making reservations early is the way to go because places in Athens get exceedingly packed during graduation and some will only seat you if you have made a reservation. Another thing to consider is that some restaurants are so popular they require a deposit to hold the table […]

Transferring to UGA 

Better late than never. Transferring requirements. Some students leave for college unsure of what to find and realize when they get there, it is not the place for them. Perhaps too they never actually went away but had been living at home for their first few years of college and are now ready to go away.  If transferring to UGA and becoming a Dawg is something your student is considering, they can start by checking out the requirements. Since UGA has multiple campuses, the transfer requirements for each campus are a little different. Regardless, you will be denied transfer admission to UGA if you are attempting to transfer with less than 30 hours of college credit. You are eligible to transfer to the Athens campus for an undergraduate status if you have 30-59 completed transfer hours, graduated from high school at least 12 months prior to your intended enrollment date, completed at […]

College Majors to Pursue in Tough Times

Perhaps It’s Time to Consider Majors that are Sustainable Students usually choose a major over a period of time. I have always been a fan of taking a variety of classes until you find the ones that you enjoy most and choosing a major around that. Every school, including UGA, has its more popular majors as well. However; in these unprecedented times, students might want to take recent events into consideration when choosing or changing their major. As with any major event, such as a recession, war, or, in this case, a pandemic, there is a shift in what type of degree a student may want to consider pursuing. Certainly, the job market will look different in the future. Contemplating what jobs were sustainable throughout the pandemic may also help in the decision-making process. The University of Georgia has majors within the College of Public Health, Environmental Health and Health Promotion, as […]

Flu Season Ahead

The Flu ends with “U” Flu season is generally from October through May and spreads like a wildfire, especially on a college campus. Given these things, your student may want to consider getting vaccinated. HaveUHeard that UGA’s Health Center offers the flu vaccine? It is $50 for uninsured students, and typically covered by insurance or much cheaper for insured students. They also have decided to offer a mobile flu vaccine that comes to specific locations on campus on specific days during September and October so that everyone on campus has access to the flu vaccine. To get a flu vaccine, you can make an appointment online or call the Health Center to see when they are accepting walk-ins. Another option to get a flu shot is at: Walgreens: This is the closest Walgreens to campus. There is no cost for the flu shot with most insurance. Appointments are not needed, but we […]

Auxiliary Fees for Classes

HaveUHeard of These Fees? You can’t get away from the fees! There is no denying that college tuition, in and of itself, is a huge expense; however, on top of the cost, HaveUHeard that UGA has extra fees that may or may not be covered by some scholarships, HOPE/Zell Miller, or prepaid programs? The total cost of UGA is made up of required tuition and fees, room and board for students choosing to live on campus and buy a meal plan, as well as an estimated amount for books, supplies, self-transportatio88n, and miscellaneous expenses. The amount that will be required to pay by UGA students in Athena will be for tuition, fees, room, and board. The other expenses on the UGA costs webpage are expenses that have been estimated based on the average amount UGA students typically have to pay out of pocket for things like books, supplies, self-transportation, and miscellaneous expenses. […]

Tax Time

Tax Time is Always Right Around the Corner! Taxes, we have to admit, are decidedly not fun but ARE necessary. Whether you are preparing your return or having a CPA prepare your return, do not forget to take advantage of the Education Tax Credits available. These credits can help offset the cost of your student’s education. The two tax credits available are The American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit. The AOTC (American Opportunity Tax Credit) was made permanent by the Protecting Americans from the Tax Hikes Act signed in 2015. The AOTC allows credit to be claimed for four post-secondary education years instead of two. The AOTC/Lifetime Learning credits are based on the payment of “qualified tuition and related expenses.” These are the expenses for tuition and academic fees that are required for enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational institution. Qualified tuition and related expenses do not include student […]

Who Are You Going to Call?

…When You Need Answers, You can Call! However, knowing where to call for whatever the issue can be daunting. For instance, trying to decipher how rush works or how to get financial aid issues worked out can be difficult and hard to figure out who to contact. Be aware though that, unless your student has given you permission to call or is sitting with you, some departments won’t speak to you, the parent. Check out our blog What You Should Do Before Heading to UGA! to download different legal documents. These documents give parents’ permission in different medical and legal scenarios, hopefully, you will never need to use these documents, but they are good to have just in case. This is a compiled list of all key phone numbers for the University of Georgia. Each number provided is either connected to an official office or faculty member (emergency numbers not included). These numbers […]

Banks and Credit Unions UGA

Many Places to Grab Money, Banks Galore! Leaving for college comes with so many new things, but knowing your student will be handling their own money can be one of the scariest. We have all kinds of suggestions regarding Working While in College, Teaching Them to Budget; even the Best Credit Cards for College Students, but this blog is all about banking. Before your child leaves for college, a conversation that every parent needs to have is on budgeting their money.  How will they spend it, what can or should they spend it on, and how will they get their money? These days a lot of students use Venmo, Zelle, and other money transfer apps. However, if they use any of these apps, they need to have access to a bank account. There are tons of different banks to choose from and the one you choose should strictly be based on your […]

Best Coffee Shops at UGA

Coffee, Cup of Joe, a Cuppa, Java Caffeine is king for most college students and, while generally the most economically savvy way of getting it is making it at home, most students choose to obtain their “bean juice” via more expensive and more social ways. I, for one, am a huge coffee lover and typically have a cup in the morning from my trusty Keurig, as well as a coffee shop cup later in the afternoon. Since coffee shops are peaceful and quiet, they are my top choice of study spots in Athens. They are also common places for dates, meetups, and hangouts due to the ease of conversation that seems to flow while drinking a dark roast or a cappuccino. It seems there’s a shop on every corner in Athens which is great because you’re bound to find at least one that matches your vibe and your scene. Whether you have […]

Dress for Success for Your Job

Time to Step Up Your Outfit, Success Is Waiting! Long before graduation, your student should be attending both career and internship fairs to achieve success. They also need to look professional. For the young men, this may mean a suit and tie and for the young women, while they have more options, it may mean a suit, pantsuit, skirt, and blouse, or dress. That’s not to mention shoes. Students need to research the companies they will be interviewing with and eventually working for. Some companies are very conservative in their dress policies and require business attire while others are more business casual. Trends change, but the basics still require that their look should be polished. As your student gets closer to graduation, there are many changes that they will have to face.  Although it may not be the most important change, transitioning their wardrobe from yoga clothes, shorts, t-shirts, sweats, and sneakers […]

UGA Coronavirus Updates

Updates on Latest Plans Seems like finding the right updates in this unusual time is tricky. I don’t think I have ever used the word unprecedented as much as I have since this pandemic began. Actually, I don’t believe I ever used the word pandemic much either. However; it is real and regardless of what these unprecedented times have brought to you and your family, the fall semester will begin before we know it and it is important that we stay up to date on the latest plans and procedures at UGA. As of right now, UGA is planning to return to mostly in-person instruction for the Fall semester. While some classes are going online, it is up to the instructor to decide what they want to do. The university is constantly communicating with government officials about necessary safety measures and health protocols for the return to campus. Updates change, well, frankly, […]

G-Day Spring Game Go Dawgs

Who Let the Dawgs Out? Yes, it’s spring, and yes we mean football. It’s crazy I know, but the G-Day game is one of the most highly anticipated events of the Spring in Athens because it gives die-hard Dawgs a chance to enter Sanford Stadium and see the Red and Black battle against each other. This game is usually a debut of all the newbies that will be taking the field come September as well as a way to see how plays have recovered from injuries, improved their skills, etc. This game is no different than any ole gameday in Athens full of tailgating, dawg-calling, and a hopping nightlife. This game is free to anyone and everyone hoping to get a glimpse of the Dawgs at play and is equipped with a performance from the redcoats, a season hype video, and plenty of “drunk obnoxious Georgia fans”. Coming to a G-Day game […]

Being Thrifty While at College

When You Need to Stay on Budget, Be Thrifty! Before coming to college, I knew I needed an updated wardrobe because being trendy and cute was important to me, but so was being thrifty and staying on a budget, which is how I discovered thrifting. A lot of my clothing in high school was old school shirts, and now it was time to upgrade those to new UGA gear. I also knew I would need day-to-day clothing, downtown outfits, interview clothing, and game-day outfits; but getting a whole new wardrobe costs a lot of money and is not completely realistic. Shopping at places like the campus bookstore, Target, and retail stores seem to add up extremely fast; I needed to find a way to be economical and also find clothes to fit my budget. Fortunately, I have become thrifty, discovered the beauty of thrift stores, and since being in Athens, it has […]

Find an Internship

Learn About Your Options, Find an Internship I have three children, but only one is college age, and she just finished up her freshman year at UGA. When it comes to finding an internship, she saw an opportunity via a post on her sorority Facebook page and went for it. Easy as pie for her – not the norm for most. Her friends, on the other hand, have had very different experiences when looking for and landing internships. In the case of her best friend from home, a freshman and a Finance Major at UGA, the search was pretty typical, resumes emailed, phone calls, and follow up. Her roommate, also a freshman at UGA, is majoring in Genetics and has experienced a very different search from the other two. There are quite a few avenues to take when looking for an internship.  My first recommendation would be to check with the college. […]

Graduation at UGA, Here’s How To Do It!

Graduation is here already! Remember when your Dawg was an incoming freshman and now, within a few months, graduation! They will be graduating and looking towards the next step in their lives. For some it will be graduate school, for some it may be the military and for some, it may be their first job in the “real” world. Whatever it will be, graduation is a very proud and exciting time! UGA has two graduation ceremonies, one in December, and one in May. The December ceremony is held in Stegeman Coliseum while the May ceremony is held in Sanford Stadium. There are also departmental ceremonies that are for your specific major to be recognized. Here are some helpful tips and some guidance to ensure that the time for graduation is the most memorable time and not the most stressful. Where to stay You may think six to nine months before graduation is […]

Taking the Campus Tour at UGA

A Tour Can Help You Make Your College Decision Taking a campus tour is an essential step to help your students decide where they will make their home for the next four years. Some students like to tour before they apply, while others tour schools after they have been accepted. When my daughter was applying to schools, we did both; however, the tours after the acceptance letters were received were very different from the initial visits. Taking the tour after being accepted helps to pinpoint the pertinent things that will help your student make their final decision as to which school to attend. Of course, my daughter loves being a Dawg, but your student may have specific things that will help them weigh out the pros and cons of each college. Go with a list of questions, but not the kind of questions that you can just google an answer to. Don’t […]

Searching for Scholarships

Scholarships can help pay for college! Now that they have been accepted into UGA, the idea of actually paying for college looms overhead and scholarships can help. Hopefully, you have prepared in some way but if not, finding scholarships can help with the cost of college. If you live in the state of Georgia, there is a chance your student could qualify for HOPE, Zell, or FAFSA Aid. These are different types of scholarships that have certain criteria and HOPE and Zell are only eligible to students who graduated high school in the state of Georgia. Every year, I hear stories about thousands of dollars in scholarship money that are never applied for. It does take a lot of work and time to research scholarships, apply for them, and to validate the authenticity of them, but that work can pay off at a reduced cost to you. Some are quite competitive, some […]

Storage UGA, Where Does The Stuff Go?

Where Will They Put All Their Stuff? Can you put it in storage? Oh, PLEEEASE can you put it in storage?? How will you manage storage? It’s that time between semesters when they want to bring EVERYTHING home for a few weeks or even the summer. You’re wondering: (a) how will I get it all back here and (b) and where… in the heck… am I going to store it all? Not earth-shattering questions, by any means, but certainly heavy ones. And I mean literally heavy. I remember my daughter’s freshman year. I drove up to get her and, by the time we had finished packing the car, there was barely enough room to squeeze our bodies into our seats. Not to mention, I had the feeling the whole drive home that the car was skimming the pavement, in true (if unintended) lowrider fashion. I wondered if her belongings had somehow multiplied […]

Staying at UGA for Thanksgiving

Make it a Friendsgiving Managing Thanksgiving plans is always a challenge. Although UGA is officially closed and classes are canceled from November 25th-27th, 2020, not all students will be going home for the holiday. Flights can be incredibly expensive around this time. Some students may have to work and others may go home with a local friend for a little turkey dinner. But perhaps, instead, you’ve decided to switch things around a bit and this year go to Athens for Thanksgiving. Whichever way it works out; there is plenty to do if you are going to be at UGA for Thanksgiving this year. Let Someone Else Do the Cooking! Many restaurants put together a great traditional meal for Thanksgiving. Some are less traditional but sound delicious. Check out some of these: Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market: 815 N. Chase Street Athens, GA 30601 Graduate Athens: 295 E Dougherty St, Athens, GA 30601 […]

Spring Sports, Are You Ready?

So Many Spring Sports, So Little Spring! Spring is sports time too. After an always phenomenal football season for the Dawgs, fans tend to shift their focus to other sports to keep their Bulldawg Pride alive. While football may be the most well-known college sport played, there are really so many other teams that can get overlooked. Football season is in the fall, so the Spring semester is their time to shine! However, you don’t want to miss the spring football game that is slated in late April every year. G-Day is one of the biggest Spring Events of the year and is no different from a Fall Saturday in Athens. You can find more information about this free event on our blog G-Day Spring Game. Some of the popular spring sports include baseball, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, track and field, golf, tennis, swimming, diving, and soccer. UGA has a mix of both the […]

Choosing or Changing Your Major

Find Your Perfect Major Make sure that your major, minor, certificate, and/or area of emphasis suits you, your career goals, and interests, The University of Georgia has hundreds of options to choose from. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Georgia and is ranked #16 in the US News’ Top Public Schools report as well as the #12 Best Value Public University according to Kiplinger’s. Getting into UGA is a fabulous achievement since the class of 2020’s acceptance rate was at 46%. Competition is growing each year at UGA in regards to essay writing, resumes, and test scores; thus making UGA a great school full of high academically achieving students all of whom make the school more desirable, and for most, their top choice. Before I get into our Majors topic, let’s look at some of the points that make UGA the great university that it is: UGA is known […]

The Benefits of Joining the UGA Alumni Association

Alumni Networking, Perks, and More… Before you know it, you are walking across the stage at graduation and, with that last step, you are an official UGA alumnus. The question is, what does it mean to be an alumnus? Certainly, you will wear your Dawg pride for years to come, but there is more. Right from the start, you will find that alumni from all over want to help each other. Encourage your students to be a part of the UGA Alumni Association for a variety of reasons, but first to network with other members when looking for jobs. I know quite a few people that are more apt to hire a red and black graduate than “outsiders.” While some schools require an official application and dues to “join” the alumni association, UGA considers all alumni to be members and therefore requires no application and no fees for membership to be “official”. […]

Celebrate Easter or Passover

Where To Go To Celebrate Celebrate your spring holiday. One of the more difficult moments of having our college kids away at school is missing them on the holidays. With Easter and Passover falling during the same period (Passover starts on Saturday, March 27th at sundown, Good Friday is April 2nd and Easter is on Sunday, April 4th). Some students will head home for the weekend but many are not able to leave, especially with the end of the semester and finals being only a few weeks away. For a list of other places to worship at UGA or nearby or if you are looking to send your student an Easter basket, we recommend Mrs. Fields. We have put together information so your student does not miss out on celebrating the holidays including restaurants that are having Easter brunch. Passover Seders The UGA Hillel does yearly Passover services that include the traditional […]

The Stress of College

Helping Students Manage Their Stress One of my biggest worries, when my kids left for college, was would they be able to handle the stress of college life. There are a lot of things to juggle when they are away at school for the first time. Besides the adjustment of living away from home, they are now dealing with classes, homework, and exams that are all heading them down the path for their future. Being able to cope with new situations, parties, new friends, can be a lot for many new college students. I encourage you to talk to your child often, even if they don’t want to, just to make sure that they are adjusting well no matter what year they are in. Thankfully, UGA offers different ways to cope with the stress of college. UGA has a program called Be Well UGA that is strictly focused on keeping students healthy […]

21 and Oh So Fun

21 and an official adult now! Have fun! As each year ticked off, you waited for the fun of being ‘legal’! And now you made it. 21 is such a fun age, especially when you live in the Classic City. Anyone living in Athens is aware of how many bars there are. In fact, Athens is known for having more bars per capita than any other city in the country, 80 bars, in a single square mile, and counting. This insane statistic makes Athens a fabulous place to ‘bar crawl’ with friends. Some of the most popular Athens bars are the Boar’s Head Lounge, Bar South, Sandbar, and Woodford. These are just a sample size (5% to be exact) of the bars in Athens, and regardless of whether you choose to crawl to one of these or not, you are guaranteed to have an amazing 21st in ATH. A fan favorite among […]

Smaller School first, then UGA

UNG First – Then Transfer to UGA Some times it makes more sense to first go to a smaller school, for many different reasons, some students prefer to start their college career at a local community college and then transfer to UGA. Smaller environments, smaller class sizes, lower costs, and a more relaxed atmosphere can be beneficial to a student’s successful transition from high school to college. While the University of North Georgia Oconee does not have a direct feeder program into UGA, it is no secret that many students choose to get their core classes done at UNG Oconee, while living in Athens, and then transferring to UGA for their “major” classes eventually graduating from UGA. Since the requirements to transfer into UGA are easier than the initial acceptance requirements as a freshman, it is sometimes more attainable for students to split their 4 years between a community college and then […]

The Legend, Myths & Traditions

The Dawg Legend Every Dawg should know the legend. The University of Georgia, like others, has its own share of legends, myths, and traditions that are very important to each student’s journey as a Dawg. One of the most widely known ones is the prohibiting of undergraduate students from walking under the Arch until the student has a diploma in their hands. This tradition was started by a student, in 1905, who made the decision to not pass through the Arch until he was a graduate of the University. Daniel Redfearn chose to openly speak with a professor of his, Robert E. Park about this, who was so moved by Redfearn’s decision, that he chose to make it a widely known idea among his other students. While no one stands at the Arch and checks this, it is a model of respect, dedication, and love for the university that most students uphold […]

Supervise an Easy Budget for Your College Student

This is a budget lesson that will serve you in the future! Some students really do keep to a budget. Well, sort of. I admit, it was hard telling my daughter, as I watched her weekly allowance dwindle, that she better be a bit more frugal or stock up on something super cheap for her next few meals until her next allowance came. Her spending was her responsibility to keep up with, and she became aware of that when she ran out of money. It was good for that to happen to her though, because of that, she began to be intentional about budgeting and wise spending. At orientation we were inundated with information about all sorts of things; from FAFSA forms to meal plans. However, no one ever really elaborated on the best way to handle finances when it came to how much to give your student on a weekly or […]

Bulldog Red and Arch Black

Putting Together Great Red and Black Dawg Outfits I love going to Dawg football games- there is nothing like a game day. I’m all about the Red and Black on game days and I am somewhat about the fashion. But I also want to be comfortable especially on those Georgia humid days when you are packed in a stadium and it is more than 90° out and the humidity is stifling. Here are my suggestions for what to wear to the game for parents. You can wear officially licensed Dawgs gear or just dress in their colors. The University of Georgia’s colors, red & black, make outfit shopping way less complicated and the various shops make it very easy to have the perfect game day fit. HaveUHeard how Georgia got its colors? What most people do not know about the Bulldog red and black is that UGA’s colors were selected as red, […]

Get to Know The Ramsey Center

Students Favorite Place to Workout – the Ramsey Center The Ramsey Center at UGA is located at 330 River Rd, Athens, GA, 30602 and is a free recreational facility available to all students, graduate, and undergraduate, of the UGA community. They also offer memberships to specific people related to UGA such as UGA Student Spouses & Dependents, Faculty and Staff, Faculty and Staff Spouses & Dependents, Retired Faculty and Staff & their Dependents, UGA Alumni, and UGA Affiliate. This building, dedicated to working out, fitness, and wellness, has many state-of-the-art facilities that make it such a great place to train. From the three pools and 19,000 square feet of weight room space to the indoor track, sports courts (basketball, squash, and racquetball), to the three different gyms, you are for certain going to find your workout niche here. They have many different pieces of equipment available: weights, cardio machines, cross-training abilities, as […]

It’s All About the Delivery at UGA

Delivery is the way To Go! Taking time away from studying can be the difference between dinner or a bag of chips and a soda. Sometimes it pays to turn to delivery services, particularly when they have been studying for hours on end or they aren’t feeling well. It’s good to know that food can be delivered right to their dorm or apartment. Here are some of the ones we found and what they deliver and how they work.  As you will see, not every delivery service is for food. Amazon Fresh: Groceries are deliverable for free upon signing up for an Amazon Prime account. All you have to do is add items to your cart and choose a delivery time if you order early enough in the day, you can typically get same-day delivery. BullDawg Food: This is a local food delivery service that features more restaurants in Athens than any […]

Technology Needs 

Check Out The Technology You Get for Free! HaveUHeard that Microsoft Office 365 technology is free for all enrolled UGA students? And it’s free for up to five devices. That is a huge cost saving for a college student, access it, and use your UGA ID and password to log in. Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of tools from Microsoft. With it, you also have Microsoft OneDrive which provides cloud storage and sharing files. It can also be accessed from your mobile device. You lose access to your Microsoft Exchange Email and these free programs upon graduation, so this is something to keep in mind when emailing, creating contact lists, and making documents. Google Drive is also another great tool for students since they offer 15 gigabytes for free, just for signing up. UGA students use this often for sharing notes, doing group presentations, and creating class surveys. Utilizing Google Drive […]

Finding a Roommate at UGA

Adjusting to shared living with a roommate. When I went to school, there was no way to find out who my roommate was until the day I got to school.  The anticipation was high – would I like her? Would we be best friends? Would we both like to do the same things, join a sorority, stay up late? Would we be a roommate match? These days it’s soooo much different. There are websites, FB pages, group texting, and many more options for students to pick their roommates and get to know them. It is very possible that your student will choose to live in a dorm with someone from high school. Whether they are friends or mere acquaintances, living with someone familiar can be comforting when everything else is so new and different. But a lot of friends that live with each other don’t end up staying friends. While such a […]

Where Will They Live – Managing the Gap

Managing the Gap Although it seems like you just moved your student into their dorms, now comes the weird in-between gap time from May to August, where your student is in limbo. If you don’t live close by, chances are, it is silly to move truckloads of stuff home for it to sit in your basement and then hit the road back to college again in three months. Most students choose to sublease apartments in the summer gap if they want to take summer classes, work in Athens, or live with friends until they move into their residence for the school year. Subleasing is a super-easy way to stay in Athens without making longer than a three-month commitment or if your lease on your school year residence does not start until August. Just ask around and join one of the UGA Facebook groups, UGA/Athens Lease/Sublease, UGA/Athens Lease, Subleases, Roommates Off-Campus Housing & […]

FAFSA – all the details you need!

First Applicants Find Substantial Assets, FAFSA of course! First Applicants Find Substantial Assets, of course! FAFSA is the national Free Application for Federal Student Aid but, based on how aid is distributed, it may as well stand for First Applications Find Substantial Assets. Because aid is distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, every student that hopes to receive aid for college must fill out this form to even be considered. Every college has its own deadline. UGA’s school code is 001598. UGA’s priority deadlines are December 15th each year. After December 15, applications are reviewed in the order they were received.  Of course, if your student did not know if they were accepted back then, but they can speak with the Office of Financial Affairs to update their application if your circumstances have changed substantially from what was reported on the Federal Income tax return for the year submitted. If your student has […]

The ABC’s of a 529 Plan

What does 529 Pay For? If this is your first time paying for college, I bet you have 529 questions! When you decided to have kids, I would bet your first thought was not, “How am I going to pay for college?” But it might have been your second. When my kids were about five years old, I made a decision to buy a 529 Savings Plan (or what is also known as a Qualified Tuition Plan — QTP). This was a fairly new savings plan at that time, and I am so thankful I did. Since 1996, 529 plans have been a solid and straightforward way of saving for your student’s college experience. If you have one of these qualified tuition plans (or a relative has set one up for you), then you and your student are now eligible to access the funds. Lucky you! The funds from your 529 plan can […]

Parking Your Car at UGA

Get the Last Parking Spot! When getting ready to send your student off to UGA, the decision of should they bring their car to school, and then what to do with it when they do, must be decided. Parking will be an ongoing issue. Having a car on campus makes things easier for your student, but UGA has a bus system that runs through campus 7 days a week, and UGA students get to use Ath-Transit for free, which is the public transportation system in Athens. About half of my daughter’s friends brought their cars to UGA their freshman year, and the other half didn’t; both groups were fine, so it is really up to you and your student’s preferences. UGA Parking is a little bit different than most college parking systems since they assign parking based on a Priority System. The priority system shows the priority order for each lot or […]

Birthright Israel

Young Jewish Adults Israel Trip What exactly is Birthright Israel? Birthright Israel began in 1999 with a bold idea—offering a free, life-changing trip to Israel to young Jewish adults between the ages of 18 and 26 and, in doing so, transforming the Jewish future. Their mission is to give every Jewish young adult around the world, especially the less connected, the opportunity to visit Israel on an educational and inspirational religious experience. Today, Birthright Israel is the largest educational tourism organization in the world and it aims to strengthen Jewish identity, communities, and connection with Israel.  Each trip is 100% funded by 30,000+ donors each year. The experience of Birthright is one that your student will remember always and the connections made with fellow students on the trip will turn into life-long friendships. And there is no reason to be concerned about political unrest or their safety since every trip is guided […]

Food for Thought, The UGA Pantry Helps

No Student Hungry Much like the national campaign No Kid Hungry®, there are many students at colleges throughout the United States that are barely getting by, some putting their nourishment behind paying for college and all of the expenses that go along with college; tuition, books, rent, utilities, to name a few. The USDA average monthly cost of food for a college-age student for a moderate-cost food plan, following the recommended Food plans, is $223.55. According to Education Data, in 2018: Nearly 25% of high school students considered middle class indicated they were not planning to attend college because of the expense In 2018, an average of 45% of students experienced frequent food insecurity Over 50% of students from 2-year institutions and 44% of 4-year students worried about running out of food Nearly 50% of students could not afford balanced meals Many students who are struggling just to keep up with the […]

Student Accessibility Services at UGA

Accessibility Accommodations for all Students For students with a disability, the Disability Resource Center can help. Giving all students accessibility is a priority. Whether it’s ADHD or physical impairment, the University of Georgia provides great care and consideration for providing access to all. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides academic accommodations and support to ensure that students with disabilities are able to access and participate in the opportunities available at the University of Georgia. Information is available to prospective and enrolled students, their parents, or sponsors. The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is located in Clark Howell Hall, which is right next to the Tate Center at the heart of campus. DRC staff can be reached at 706-542-8719 (Voice) or drc@uga.edu (Email). Office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Individuals may email the office staff for quick responses to questions. Meeting with the DRC office can help to eliminate […]

Namast’ay Yoga In and Around UGA

Finding your inner yoga peace. Ahhhhh, one of my favorite things to do, and by far the best way to get my head cleared is to practice yoga. Very few things have been practiced for over 5000 years with continued success. The practice proves that the mind, body, and spirit are healthier. Whether you are looking to get a workout or to stretch and breathe, practicing this age-old art is an excellent way to move your body. I have been doing it forever now, but my daughter has only practiced a few times and we have found a tremendous amount of yoga and meditation classes in our hometown and at UGA respectively. HaveUHeard that UGA offers a bunch of classes at the Ramsey Student Center? They offer the curriculums YogaFit and ButiYoga with different levels and focus classes being taught at all times. To take classes at Ramsey, one must purchase a […]

Experiential Learning Credit

Students Need to Complete this Credit In 2016, the University of Georgia created a new requirement that makes all students graduate with an “Experiential Learning” credit. The whole idea behind this credit is giving students the ability to “learn by doing” and involves tons of different hands-on activities and experiences. By developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, students are much better prepared for the workforce or advanced study after graduation upon completion of this program. There are many different ways to satisfy this credit: creative production, study abroad and field schools, internships, leadership opportunities, faculty-mentored research, and service-learning. As a visual and experience-based learner, I am very thankful that the University of Georgia has made this a requirement for all students. By it being a requirement, I know I will have to make time in my schedule for the EL credit, and that is not necessarily something I would have done if […]

Volunteering Turns Your Compassion Into Action

Volunteering with passion is key. Volunteering truly changes a person. There is so much to gain from helping others and it speaks to your character as well. When you first go off to college, you will find that there is no shortage of different opportunities to get involved with social activities, sports, the arts, and recreation. It can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out where you fit as a Dawg but, have no fear; you will find your place and you will meet amazing people. That being said, please be sure to take advantage of the many volunteering possibilities that the University of Georgia offers. Giving back to the community is extremely important, and once you get up to Athens, you will realize that it is the community that makes UGA feel like home. Let’s face it, we have all had some form of help along the way in our […]

FreshCo – Summer Classes at UGA

UGA’s Freshman College Summer Experience UGA offers a “Freshman College Summer Experience”, also known as FreshCo, which is a four-week session in the summer where incoming Freshmen get to move into the dorms, take classes, and meet people. This is only available to UGA freshmen who have been accepted for the Fall semester; Spring semester admits are not permitted to participate. Students enrolled are required to take two classes, one being service-based and one being academic-based, and take these classes alongside one another, while learning to navigate UGA’s campus and life as a student. The FreshCo experience requires a $300 non-refundable commitment deposit upon acceptance into the program. Overall costs are about $4,000 for in-state students and about $8,000 for out of state students; this is extra and does not cover any costs for the Fall or Spring semester. HOPE and Zell Miller will cover tuition costs to make the in-state cost […]

Preparing for Grad School Exams

More exams, the fun keeps going! More exams? But wait there’s more… Time flies when you’re having fun! It wasn’t until college that I realized how true this statement is. While it may feel like you just finished studying for the ACT/SAT, graduation will be looming and many students will be preparing for graduate school exams of some sort. The University of Georgia offers Doctoral Degrees, Masters Degrees, Interdisciplinary Degrees, Education Specialization, Certificates, Dual Masters/Doctorate Degrees, and Online Pathways. The On-Campus Graduate School at UGA offers tons of Recruitment Events throughout the school year that allow students to come in, tour, get questions answered, and get the feel for Athens. While UGA is a fabulous option for graduate school, the programs are very rigorous and difficult, so consider visiting other colleges as well. This will give you the opportunity to meet professors and ask questions about the program. Start talking to an […]

Controversial Speakers UGA

Is Free Expression Controversial? UGA, like most colleges, wants students to seek knowledge, debate ideas, and form opinions some may be controversial. Because of the UGA “Freedom of Expression” policy, it is not uncommon to see protestors, activists, and religious groups around campus attempting to persuade and educate students on their cause. While it can be somewhat annoying, they normally refrain from any direct insults or attacks on a specific person or group of persons. The Liberal Arts component of UGA, conflicting with the location inside of the conservatively minded Bible Belt, makes for some interesting debates and conflicts amongst people on campus and typically clashing viewpoints arise. The “Freedom of Expression” Policy allows the facilitation of rights outlined by the First Amendment while also ensuring the safety of students, faculty, staff, property, and learning. It outlines when and where it is acceptable for public speech to be exercised as to not disrupt […]

Cultural Resources for Hispanic-Latino Students

Support, Empowerment, and Connection for Hispanic-Latino Students Campus diversity amongst students has grown considerably over the years and colleges vie to maintain an inclusive atmosphere; allowing all students to gain exposure, perceptions, global awareness, and a willingness to collaborate peacefully and freely. Whether serving as a forum for communication, helping students build strong social networks, or simply in pursuit of a welcoming space amongst other Hispanic or Latino students; UGA makes it a priority to have all students feeling included and welcome in all parts of the Dawg community. The Hispanic and Latino Culture at UGA is prevalent, and students are constantly creating clubs and organizations for students to get deeply involved with people of the same cultural roots, national backgrounds, and religious beliefs. Association of Latino Professionals for America Brazilian Student Association Caribbean Student Association Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education Conversation […]

Weekend with Dad

The Weekend, officially, unofficial for Father. Dad’s weekend isn’t exactly official at UGA, meaning that there isn’t one specific weekend that it is called for, but many sororities and fraternities have one. My sorority has one during the Spring semester where we invite our dads to a basketball game, a brunch, or a Downtown event like a silent disco. Since most sororities and fraternities also do a Parent’s Weekend for both parents and a Mother-Daughter/Mother-Son day as well, this Father-Son/Father-Daughter day usually excludes moms. Regardless of if you have a weekend for it or not, inviting your dad up for a day will usually leave long-lasting memories that you will be so thankful you have. For those dads looking to relive their college experience, it is totally acceptable for you to go out with your student. Most dads enjoy the college scene bars but there is outside seating at more “adult bars” […]

Care Packages for UGA Students

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a package delivered? We know you really care, you care a lot about your student and want them to be happy. Whether it is for a birthday, a little something to ease the stress of midterms or finals, a pick me up when they are feeling sick, holiday treats, or congratulations on a job well done; there are many options that will surely bring a smile to your student’s face. Sometimes it is nice to go with the local shops; most all deliver. Then again, there are some excellent national choices too. We have given you plenty to choose from– all of which our kids, interns, or we like. All you have to do now is decide what to send. There is variety there too. For instance; if you are looking for sweets (and who isn’t?) for a birthday, pick me up, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, religious holidays, or […]

Diversity and Inclusion for LGBTQ College Students

LGBTQ Campus Support and Resources College can be challenging for all students which is why finding ways to make connections with others who identify similarly can make a big difference. The American College Health Association estimates that at least 10% of college students identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, asexual, pansexual, or questioning. Although LGBTQ PRIDE is becoming more prevalent, the LGBTQ community often face additional pressures or concerns, but the University of Georgia does a great job of inclusion, advocacy, and allotting resources for the LGBTQ community. The Pride Alliance at UGA has an LGBT resource center built into it that is tasked with meeting the needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. They create a safe environment for students while also promoting public service, aiding in political opinions, and helping students build relationships with one another. The Pride Alliance is located in Memorial Hall and can be reached […]

Campus Resources for Students of Color

Campus Guide to Resources for Multicultural Students The University of Georgia is committed to the inclusion of BIPOC students (Black and Indigenous People of Color), allowing all its students to gain exposure, perceptions, global awareness, and a willingness to collaborate peacefully and freely. Because of this, there are tons of different organizations that honor and cater to the needs of different minority groups. UGA is extraordinarily diverse, having tons of different types of minds coming together to create a campus with respectful ideas and viewpoints that create a diverse place. Students are supported through varying resources at each school. While there are quite a few national associations, often colleges have localized branches that provide a more personalized experience. While each groups’ overall goal may differ somewhat, the overall goal of all the on-campus organizations is to encourage a welcoming space for black students to make connections. UGA has an entire branch known […]