Flu Season Ahead 

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The Flu ends with “U”

Nothing makes succeeding at school even harder than when your student gets sick. Forget coronavirus which we know is a possibility. Before this pandemic, the biggest concern was the Flu Season. According to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, vaccination rates on US college campuses fall well short of the target recommendation. Many colleges offer the flu shot for free with the Florida universities waging a competition last year in the first 4 U’s Fight the Flu- btw UCF won. Of course, the recommended time to get the shot is September-October and the how and where may change due to COVID-19, but places students can go to get a shot are outlined for each university. You may want to make sure your student gets their flu shot this year to add an extra layer of precaution.

Wherever students go for a vaccine they should stay around about 15 minutes afterward to be sure they do not have any adverse reactions. If students do get the flu, they should know that they can get a doctor’s note so they don’t feel compelled to drag themselves out of bed and trudge to classes. Professors not only appreciate the heads up but also are grateful that students don’t come and share their germs to the whole class. The flu is highly contagious and taking precautions is the best way to prevent it. Every school has different policies on this, but generally, students are covered with that doctor’s note.

We share info about where to get a shot in our blog Flu Season Ahead.

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