Birthdays, Pick Me Up, Exams… Sweet!

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Who Needs an Excuse for Something Sweet?

Sweet, we love getting a treat! Is your student heading off to school for the Fall semester, or are you celebrating a special occasion, or do they need a pick me up from time to time as they transition to virtual learning? What’s better than a sweet treat that you can have delivered directly to them to curb that sugar craving and leave them with a smile on their face?

Check out some of our favorite sweet dessert spots that you can surprise your student with throughout their semester away from home.

haveuheard birthday

Photo by Dirty Cookie Instagram

The Dirty Cookie – Have you seen the famous cookie shots? If not, think of a cookie, but shaped in the form of a shot glass. You can fill it with milk, coffee, ice cream, or alcohol (21+), and you can pick a cookie shot in several different flavors! Is there a better way to celebrate your birthday, the end of an exam, or just making it through another week of quarantine? The answer is, OF COURSE NOT! Use code HUH15 for 15% off your purchase and enjoy it!

haveuheard sweet

Photo by Milk Bar Instagram

Milk Bar Store – Don’t be fooled by the company name – Milk Bar offers some of the best cakes we’ve ever tasted! Think a Funfetti boxed cake that your student likely baked from time to time, but SO much better! They also have cookies, truffles, and pies – and anything you choose is going to have you eating the whole thing, it’s THAT good!

haveuheard sweet

Photo by Bake Me a Wish Instagram

Bake Me a Wish: If you’re looking for a full catalog of desserts to choose from, this is where you should start! Bake Me a Wish has cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, and more – all for a reasonable price! Plus you can personalize your selection with any message you wish (see what we did there)?

haveuheard sweet

Photo by Baked by Melissa Instagram

Baked by Melissa: If you’ve ever been to New York, you know the name Baked by Melissa. These are tiny cupcakes that come in assorted flavors including cookie dough, red velvet, brownie, and more! You can get a box of 25 or up to 100 and send it directly to your student for any occasion! These are available for purchase through their website or on Amazon. Trust us, these are always a hit and they taste delicious!

haveuheard sweet
Photo by Wicked Good Cupcakes Instagram

Wicked Good Cupcakes: If we’re going by the name, you know these are going to be wicked good! These desserts come in a festive box filled with cupcakes in a small jar, plus birthday décor and candles if they’re celebrating a birthday. You can pick different sized boxes based on your budget. Plus these last for at least 10 days without being refrigerated or your student can freeze them for up to 6 months (even though we know they’ll be devoured as soon as they open the box).

haveuheard sweet

Photo by Cookies by Design Instagram

Cookies by Design Most of us have, at one point in our lives, have eaten one of these hand-decorated cookies. If you’ve been on the receiving end of one of their baskets, then you know what we are talking about. So whether it is a birthday, exams, or just a thinking-of-you occasion, say it with cookies – Enjoy a wide variety of gifts & treats for every occasion from Cookies by Design!

haveuheard sweet

Photo by Edible Arrangements Instagram

Edible Arrangements If you are thinking something more along the lines of fresh fruit (because who doesn’t like sweets said no one ever), then Edible Arrangements is the way to go. From their traditional fruit bouquets to their fruit platters, the best gifts are Edible.® They even have strawberries dipped in cake batter and rolled in mini sequin sprinkles, miniature cakes made with fresh pineapple and dipped in white chocolate or you can create your own box.

Another idea is to arrange for a personalized message from their favorite celebrity whether it is an actor, athlete, musician, reality tv star, or creator. You can arrange for them to get a personalized message from their favorite person. Depending on the person, prices vary. Check out cameo.com or download their app.

For local options, check out our university’s happy birthday blog. Just make sure you plan in advance as it seems deliveries are taking much longer now.

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