The Idea Behind

My friends encouraged me to start a travel blog for years. But I didn’t listen until 2020, when during some research I’ve discovered a few practical blogs that I really loved. I can do the same and have fun from it – I thought! (It however started all wrong as technical difficulties that I struggled with were not fun at all.)

Although this may be considered as a travel blog, for me it’s rather a lifestyle blog. All my travels helped me grow as a person, learn new things, discover amazing flavours and meet interesting people. I realized that traveling is the best chance to understand our world or at least give it a try…

Today responsible traveling, dealing with climate change and learning from other cultures is more important for me than ever. I’ve been enriched by so many incredible experiences, but there’s still so much to see, learn and discover. Join me for this journey – I want to share it with you!

While traveling, I cut myself off from social media and news. Instead I enjoy local vibes and take plenty of pictures*. Therefore I’m not going to be crazy about this blog in social media and do what so-called influencers do. It supposed to be about traveling and sustainable lifestyle, not digital marketing. Google still works, doesn’t it? So if you enjoy my work, then just bookmark it or sign up to newsletter and don’t miss out.

I will be writing about my past and future adventures, posting some thoughts, practical itineraries, travel tips and some fun stuff, too. Please comment with your opinions, questions or simply ideas for next articles. This keeps me going! Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries, you want to publish on this website or just chat with me.

Thanks for visiting and see you out there!



*All pictures are the exclusive property of the author except where stated otherwise.