If you are looking for the nicest places to eat in Dublin, this food guide is for you. Usually I prefer to eat tasty, comfort and rather healthy food on the budget. Therefore there are no chain eateries or traditional take outs here, which for some reason are very popular in Dublin and elsewhere. Either no fancy or super expensive restaurants not suitable for budget travelers.

I hope my Dublin Food Guide will be helpful to visitors who are looking to eat good and local, but do not want to spend a fortune. The list is written in alphabetical order and will be updated every time I find a new place worth sharing with you!


My Personal Dublin Food Guide (Updated June 2022)

Baabaa (new)
If you find yourself in Chapelizod, come down to this small but charming café. They offer a nice choice of warm sandwiches and several other interesting lunch options, tasty desserts, a really good coffee and some tea. In baabaa you can also buy some fresh fruits and vegetables (and afterwards even visit a nice local pub next door!).

Bang Bang
Small independent and politically engaged café that will surprise you! They serve sandwiches, salads, cakes, granola, porridge and much more, including many vegetarian and vegan options. All made from local products. Friendly staff and atmosphere make Bang Bang an unique place and one of my favourite cafes in Dublin.

One of my favourite pizza place in Dublin! I don’t love every single of them, but I could kill for pizza #4 and #8 from the menu – they’re simply the best! Their own BoCo beer is interesting, but there’s much more drinks and cocktails as they also have a bar. Interiors are pretty atmospheric. Unfortunately pizza is quite expensive and in my opinion sometimes music is too loud.

BONOBO is a local pub where you can get a delicious pizza. I’m actually proud to try their first pizza ever, really! Vegan Velanzana with extra cheese is my favourite. All pizzas are made by Dublin Pizza Company and you can buy them cheaper in their locations in St. Stephen’s Green and Aungier Street, but I like BONOBO more due to their spacious garden and quite big selection of beers.

BITES by Kwanghi
In his attractive new location Chef Kwanghi serves aromatic dim sums, baos, signature bowls, dumplings and more… The food is light, fresh and delicious, which makes this place a perfect choice for a break while having a walk in Dublin docklands.

Bread41 quickly earned its reputation for one of the best Irish bakeries in Dublin. You can come here in the morning for bread, savoury or sweet pastry (including popular croffins) and some other breakfast options. Or visit in the afternoon on selected days and try their fresh and delicious pizza (wild organic courgette is recommended).

Brother Hubbard
Brother Hubbard is a Middle Eastern & European café and restaurant with a twist. It used to be my favourite eatery in Dublin. Unfortunately after the pandemic meals became fancier, yet much smaller and more expensive. Still, it’s a nice place if not for a lunch or dinner, then definitely for something sweet with a tea or coffee.

I cannot call myself a burger fan, as it is not something that I eat very often. Sometimes I make an exception and come here to get a tasty burger for a reasonable price. They have a few locations in Dublin (including Temple Bar and Grafton St.), serve only four types of burgers and three types of fries and all of them are yummy.

Cheap, simple and tasty buffet-style restaurant serving probably the best vegetarian food around Dublin. Must-visit place for people who do not eat meat.

Not only a great Maroccan food, but also a beautifully designed restaurant. Perfect for a romantic evening! I recommend exceptional Tagines, but they also have plenty of rich vegetarian dishes. Little expensive, though.

Filo Café
If the idea of visiting a Greek Café in Ireland does not buy you, then their cakes and sweets will! They are not only truly delicious, but also beautifully presented. Not the cheapest one, but those delicate and gorgeous cakes are definitely worth every penny! Their savoury pastries are also nice, coffee is pretty good, staff is always very friendly. And if you are coming from Greece yourself, maybe you would be interested in Greek restaurant next door, which has the same owner.

Il Valentino Bakery & Café
One of the best cafés in Dublin due to their great choice of artisan food, tasty cakes and pastry (but unfortunately average coffee). While I found the breakfast pretty nice, their lunch is absolutely amazing and the only problem is what to order? Oh, and you can sit outside with a view to Grand Canal Square!

Namaste India
This is the only typical “take out” on my list, but I could not resist. The food is usually very nice but what I like about this place is a fact that once you visit them, you can see all these people cooking and moving smoothly in extremely tight kitchen. All these bubbling dishes around, the steams and smells… That makes you immediately starving!

Neon Asian Street Food
One of the coolest restaurants in Dublin, which I visit on a regular basis. Because fresh, aromatic, spicy, healthy Asian dishes for a reasonable price is all you need, right? Huge shared table in the middle of this place is a terrific idea. For the dessert you will need to help yourself with an ice-cream machine, but before that you’d struggle to decide whether you want to take Yellow, Red, Green or Duck Curry!

This brewing company is located quite far from the city center, which makes it a perfect hidden gem for die-hard fans of craft beers, especially IPA and ales. But the reason why I put it on my list is gorgeous pizza and an interesting garden! They also have pretty nice interiors, sell some merchandise and even offer guided tours! If it sounds like a fun it must be fun!

Rotana City (new)
This restaurant may look not too appealing from outside, but inside it’s quite opposite. Entering you’ll immediately find yourself in the different world! There’s a wide range of Lebanese cuisine to choose from and all dishes are as beautiful as flavoursome, with freshly baked Lebanese bread available. Unmissable experience for a reasonable price! This is a second Rotana restaurant, first one was opened in Portobello in Dublin few years ago.

Sano Pizza
I’m not a big fan of their interior design, but you can get most of their pizzas for up to €11 (some of them below a tenner) which makes it the cheapest proper pizza place in Dublin! Central location next to Dublin Castle is another advantage.

Say Fish
This gourmet-style Fish & Chips kiosk is moving around variety of locations in Dublin and at weekends may be found near pier in Dún Laoghaire. Check their website for details. The fish is delicious, chips are amazing and it costs less than a tenner. Surprisingly, one of the best Fish & Chips ever tried!

If you visit Dun Laoghaire, but do not want to try ice-cream from Teddy’s (described below) then Scrumdiddly’s is the alternative. They say they have about 7000 combinations in their three shops across Ireland, but my favourite is definitely “Warm Berries”. Although there are so many others to try…

One of my best discoveries, perhaps because it is not very easy to find and not visible from the street. Nevertheless it is such a great and charming Middle Eastern & Mediterranean restaurant with a nice garden, an amazing atmosphere and most importantly – big, fresh, healthy, colourful and surprising dishes. Seriously, do not miss!

Sweet Caroline’s
One of not too many real traditional ice-cream shops in Ireland. Plenty to choose from and it is honestly hard to find more creamy ice-cream around. All of that makes it a must visit place for dessert, especially after a long walk in the Portmarnock beach nearby.

Teddy’s Ice Cream
No doubt this is Dubliner’s favourite ice-cream destination, famous for years. My favourite is “Ferrero And Strawberries And Ice Cream” but be careful, as they’re generous with chocolate which makes it a calorie bomb! The main take-out location is recommended, however if you want to avoid the queues and want just the plain scone, you may want to go to one of their trucks around Dun Laoghaire.

The Bernard Shaw
This iconic hipster pub was originally located in Aungier St. The vibe is not the same after moving to a strange-looking building in Drumcondra, but they still serve amazing ginger beer with ice and lime prepared in a shaker like nowhere else. Yum! Last but not least – they have a pizza van and eat yard with plenty of different options from many independent food vendors. You can stay on its premises or pick up your order, then walk to the Royal Canal nearby for a scenic spot to eat!

The Church
In Ireland in general gastro pubs serve decent food for decent money. But this pub/restaurant has also great cocktails, huge garden and a convenient location in the city center. Oh, and have I mentioned that it was opened in the actual church back to its days, which make it an attraction itself?

The Fumbally
The 100% hipster café, where you can eat a colourful, gourmet breakfast or lunch, drink a coffee or juice, buy some bread, vegetables and even their own ferments. Simple but genuine and delicious. Vegetarian friendly.

The Pig & Heifer (new)
This small and atmospheric New York style deli in Pearse Street is a hidden gem of Dublin (they have a second location in Amiens Street that I’ve never tried). Once you enter the small shop you have to be delighted and a moment later the hunger comes. There’re plenty of sandwiches, bagels and wraps in menu to choose from, but the thing to try is the original pastrami on black rye. Oh, and surprisingly they have a fair number of vegetarian and vegan options, too. Ask the stuff for recommendations, as they’re very kind, friendly and happy to have a chat with everyone.

The Ramen Bar
If you fancy ramen, this is a place to go. Not the cheapest restaurant, little bit noisy, but they serve definitely the best ramen I have ever had. Good location and nice interiors are the other pros.

Umi Falafel
The best place if you want to eat healthy, tasty and really cheap meals. It gets very busy during lunchtime, but you can always take it away and eat on the way. Palestinian falafel sandwich is my favourite, but their salads and lemonades are as well worth trying. Also, it is one of the top options for vegetarians in Dublin. They have three different locations, but visit them on Dame Street for the best vibe and nicest interiors.

INSIDER TIP: Ireland is not a country for vegetarians! It is been changing in Dublin in recent years and now there are several really good veggie places (some of them on my list), but if you do not do your research and go to a random restaurant it is unlikely that you will leave happy. Outside the Irish capital, especially in the most rural areas, it is much worse for vegetarians. If you are a vegan and you will travel outside Dublin, you better do not forget to take your own food from home!
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