There are several picturesque Greek islands that tourists can travel to by ferry from Athens and Hydra is one of them. Nevertheless it’s not very popular compared to others. Most of the tourists in Hydra are Greeks. Foreigners decide to go to this romantic island usually for a few hours; perhaps because of Leonard Cohen, who made it known by writing several of his most famous songs there. This is a mistake, as we have stayed for two and a half unforgettable days in Hydra and we don’t regret a single minute!

Good sides of Greek island Hydra

Hydra is located only 1.5 hours from Athens. It’s a relatively tiny island with less than two thousand inhabitants. Cars are prohibited, while few mules and horses are still in use. Small and beautiful harbour and tight cobbled streets around are neat and quiet. This island belongs to cats; Greeks really take care of them. Groups of furry and colorful cats often demand your attention and love! All of that makes Hydra a peaceful oasis. A perfect romantic destination, especially for cat lovers looking for a break in a place where time has stopped.

What to do in Hydra?

Find a nice accommodation with a terrace or some local restaurant and take your time having a yummy breakfast every morning. Go for a few long walks around the harbour as well as hilly streets above it. Get yourself lost there! Discover coastal walks on the both sides of the harbour. Have a half-day trekking to Mount Klimaki, the highest (and the only) peak on the island. Visit a monastery. Play with cats. Do not refrain from sunbathing by the sea and having a cup of coffee at the same time. Enjoy amazing sunsets. Get some local food and wine in the evenings. Time will pass quickly – during our stay in Hydra we have never got bored!

Bad sides of Greek island Hydra

Hydra is not many things. It’s not a place for kids due to lack of facilities and attractions for them. It’s not a place for party people. Finally, it’s not a place for tourists who like laying on the beach, as there’s none. For us the only real con was a fact that food was expensive and limited to only a few restaurants in January. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, the majority of them are closed
off-season. I guess it’s not an issue during the summer, however you must be prepared to pay even twice as much as in Athens.

When to go to Greece?

If you want to rest and relax at the edge of the world come there off-season. You’ll find Hydra very peaceful and charming. Besides, Greek islands are one of the warmest places in Europe in the winter. If you want to enjoy plenty of local food, high temperatures and longer days come here in the summer – you’ll still experience less tourists and crowds than on the other Greek islands.

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