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University Central Florida

University of Central Florida  4000 Central Florida Blvd. Orlando, Florida 32816 | 407.823.2000 UCF is an emerging preeminent research university in Florida and one of the largest universities in the U.S. One of the best colleges when it comes to quality, access, impact, and value. In fact, Forbes has named UCF one of the nation’s most affordable colleges, while both The Princeton Review and Kiplinger’s rank us a best-value university. Congratulations! If you are on this page, you probably have a UCF student! Read on to find out the inside scoop! Pass on these great tips, tell your friends and like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Find out more about how to use HaveUHeard as a great resource. Sign up for other great tips at haveuheard.com.

Graduation Tips for the Seriously Graduating!

Seriously, Graduating Already? Remember how when our kids were little we couldn’t envision them leaving us and going off to college? Now, if you are like me, you can’t believe how quickly the time went. It continues to rush by and before you know it, college graduation will be here. I am not trying to scare you; I just want to give you ample time to make those hotel reservations. Similar to football weekends, graduation weekend hotels are at a premium if you want to stay close to campus. People book them a year out. No joke. I literally booked my rooms a solid year before my son graduated. Being in Orlando though, we definitely have an advantage if you don’t mind staying a tad bit further from campus. (Don’t know where to stay, check out our blog on hotels.) Be sure to check the policy with whichever hotel you choose, but […]

Tax Time

It seems like it always almost time for Uncle Sam. April 15th is right around the corner. As you are preparing your return or having a CPA prepare your return, do not forget to take advantage of the Education Tax Credits available which can help offset the cost of your student’s education. Two Credits Available There are two tax credits available to take, The American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit. The AOTC (American Opportunity Tax Credit) was made permanent by the Protecting Americans from the Tax Hikes Act signed in 2015. The AOTC allows credit to be claimed for four post-secondary education years instead of two. The AOTC/Lifetime Learning credits are based on the payment of “qualified tuition and related expenses.” These are the expenses for tuition and academic fees that are required for enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational institution. Qualified tuition and related expenses do not include […]

They’ve Been Accepted, A New Knight!

Here’s what you do now, new Knight! Your son or daughter is going to be a Knight!! Congratulations!! It is great to be a Knight for so many reasons. You can now take that sigh of relief that a decision has been made and then take a look at our list of what to do next. First, this may sound silly, but check your admissions letter for accuracy regarding their name, entrance term, address, and major. If any changes need to be made it needs to happen in writing or online at myUCF. Next, you are going to want to get that $200 deposit and form in by May 1 for summer and fall semesters and December 1 for the spring semester. Without the deposit, they won’t be able to register for the mandatory orientation, etc… This can also be done through myUCF. Register for a Knights email account. They will need one; […]

The Next Four Years

Do you know what a true Knight does with their keys during a football game? Do you know what a true Knight does with his/her keys during a football game?* If you have a student ready to spend the next four years at UCF and plan to visit, you best get a good collection of keys in order. You can feel the school spirit by just getting near campus. Orlando is both, in character and appearance, generally known as one of the country’s most fun cities. Centrally located (consequently UCF’s appropriate name) in the heart of Florida, Orlando is home to more than a dozen theme parks. Chief among its claims to fame is Walt Disney World, comprised of parks like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, as well as water parks. Another major destination, Universal Orlando, offers Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Remember, being […]

Study – The Best Places to Study around UCF Campus

Finding a good place to study is very important for students. However, they all need a few other options for good places to study. Fortunately, there are quite a few places to study on and off the UCF campus. My son closes his bedroom door in his apartment and puts on headphones to study.  My daughter likes to study in the laundry room, perhaps it is the idea of getting two things done at once or the whir of the machines that block out distractions. On-campus, the most obvious would be one of the four libraries. Be sure to check the hours as they tend to extend hours as it gets closer to finals and may be closed during the pandemic. These are the usual hours for each: John C. Hitt Library – 7:30 am to 1 am – The 5th floor is the silent floor, but keep in mind that due to […]

Football Seats UCF

A Guide to Spectrum Stadium for Football Seats Everyone should get to at least one Knight football game. Or, perhaps you want to get season tickets. In the past few years, Knight games have proven to be pretty exciting. One of the keys to making it great, however; is knowing where to sit. For instance, the blazing sun can make a big difference in the fun factor of a game. Here are some thoughts about the best seats for football games. UCF has an option to purchase Black and Gold Cabana seats in gate 13B. This section is available only for purchase and has a lot to offer including private bathrooms, TV monitors, food and drinks (including beer and wine) for purchase. It also comes with premium parking which can come in handy during the game days! This area is a lounge that will definitely keep you shady while you enjoy watching […]

ProctorHub, Test Taking Online

Online Test Taking for Today’s Students **While UCF is online, all course content will be delivered in Webcourses@UCF. To take quizzes and exams online, the university will still be using ProctorHub and Respondus LockDown Browser to proctor testing. Otherwise… I have taken taking exams throughout my stay at the University of Central Florida in allocated classrooms across our vast campus due to large volumes of students taking the same exam at the same time. For example, in a typical Physics class, there are at least 300 students and it would be impractical to attempt to test that many students in one room without chaos or the threat of major cheating. Thus, several smaller classrooms must be reserved to spread out all 300 students to take the exam. However, this can also be a long and tedious process, and classrooms are not always available. To avoid this situation, many teachers opt to use a […]

Register to Vote UCF

How To Have Your Vote Count While At College With the elections slowly creeping upon us, it is important to make sure that students register to vote in this upcoming election. You are able to register online as long as you provide either your driver’s license number or the last four digits of your social security number. You can check your voter registration status by downloading a sample ballot at the Orange County Supervisor of Elections website. If you are already registered to vote, but your address no longer matches, then you can fill in an absentee ballot or change your address to register in Orange County. If you are not registered to vote in Florida, you must fill out a new registration form online at RegisterToVoteFlorida.gov, by mail or in person. If you prefer to fill out the form in person, there are more places than you think to grab one. […]

Brunch is Breakfast plus Lunch plus Fun

“Brunch is breakfast without an alarm.” — Unknown Most college kids sleep late. It’s a well-known fact. So, going out for breakfast on weekends, in particular, may not be an option. Brunch, however, is generally a good option on weekends and there are quite a few choices not far from UCF’s campus. We even listed a few in Winter Park, because the town is quaint and worth the 20-25 minute drive. However, if you can get your student out of bed early and breakfast is what you want; check out our blog Wakey, Wakey Eggs & Bakey. Brunch… 310 Restaurants– There are three, but the Lakeside location, next to Lake Eola, is our favorite for brunch. The new “American Cusine” is delicious. Avenue Gastrobar – Downtown. Reasonably priced. Vegetarian options. Fun menu choices. Bonefish Grill – Lake Underhill is known for its nice dinner menu, but what a lot of people don’t […]

Finding a Roommate for the first time

First time living with someone you’re not related to, your first roommate! Living in a dorm during my freshman year was probably one of the best decisions I made while attending UCF. Like most freshmen, I didn’t have a car so being off campus would have made it ten times harder to get to campus. I was able to roll out of bed and walk to class, without having to worry about parking AND I was also able to get some exercise in! Finding the right roommate was the next step. I was lucky enough to live in the Nike apartment dorm during my Summer B term and in Neptune during my Fall/Spring term. In Nike, I had my own room, kitchen, and living room so I felt like I had plenty of space for my things and it was an easy transition from home. In Neptune, I didn’t have my own […]

The Benefits of Joining the UCF Alumni Association

Alumni Networking, Perks, and More… Before you know it, you are walking across the stage at graduation, and with that last step, you are officially a Knight alumnus. The question is, what does it mean to be an alumnus? Certainly, you will wear your Knight pride for years to come, but there is more. Right from the start, you will find that Knights want to help each other. Encourage your students to join the Alumni Association for a variety of reasons, but first to network with other alumni when looking for jobs. HaveUHeard that all UCF alumni have free access for up to three months after graduation to the many services offered by UCF Career Services and Experiential Learning? Should your students move to another city, they may find alumni activities there as well. It is also a great way to meet people and find a realtor or a roommate. Check social […]

Spring Break

Popular Ways To Spend Your Break. You haven’t seen them since January and are looking forward to some time with them home again over Spring Break. UCF’s 2020 Spring Break is Monday, March 9th through Saturday, March 14th. I recognize the scenario. They, our students, may have other plans though. Just thought I would give you the heads up. It is not uncommon for students to go away with their friends for Spring Break. It’s what they saved all summer for, right? Remember cramming 10 college kids into the Holiday Inn in Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break when you were their age? Perhaps that is what is frightening you. Probably the most popular Spring Break trip these days is a cruise…with 422 of their closest friends (think group rates). My son has been on two. Based on his stories, I pity the family that was also on that cruise ship thinking they […]

The ABC’s of 529 Savings Plans UCF

What 529 Pays When you decide to have kids, your first thought is not how am I going to pay for college, but it might be your second. I made a decision when they were about 5 to buy a Prepaid Florida Tuition Plan which is one type of plan, locking in a Florida college. The 529 Savings Plans, or what is also known as a Qualified Tuition Plan (QTP), is a saving was fairly new and I chose not to invest in a 529 savings plan. I wish I had not overlooked this type of tuition plan or had asked their grandparents to invest in a 529 Savings plan, as opposed to gifting them money for birthdays and holidays. Since 1996, 529 plans are a way of saving for college for your student. If you had such a qualified tuition plan or a relative set one up for you, then you […]

Wake Up, It’s Game Day!

Get ready for the big game with these attire tips! The best feeling for any college student, particularly if you’re a Knight, is waking up knowing it’s game day! There is so much preparation that goes into game days: where to tailgate, who to squad up with, and what to wear. Showing up to tailgates and games is more than just rocking your school colors, it is showing your spirit and how much you love your school. It almost feels like a school-wide competition: who can get the most spirited? With this list, you’ll be sure to place in first! It is important that whenever you are shopping for game day attire, you strictly look for your school colors. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb wearing the one color that doesn’t match with everyone else. As Game Day gets closer, UCF will announce what colors students are expected to wear. For […]

They Care at UCF

We know you care too! Once you commit to the University of Central Florida you officially become a family member for life. UCF does care and has many different programs that are offered to help students in any way possible. From financial aid to counseling services, UCF truly tries, in every way, to make a student’s college experience both memorable and seamless. It is one of the many reasons students love UCF so much – because UCF Cares. Once your college student is moved in, they are ready to embark on a new independent life. As a parent, even if you are not a helicopter parent, it may be difficult to drive off. For me personally, while I miss my daughter immensely, I am also confident that I have given her the tools to succeed. They are going to experiment perhaps staying out late or eating unhealthy foods, drinking, and so forth. […]

What U Should Do Before Heading to UCF

Before You Leave Before you leave to take your kid to college, there are a few items you will want to take care of that are extremely important. Most college students are 18, although a few are younger, which means they are considered to be legal adults. With that comes a whole lot of independence from their parents, regardless of who is footing the bill for their education. So there is paperwork to settle before you leave for campus! Unless they give you permission or their login information, you will be unable to have access to their health records, grades, pretty much anything that has HPPA laws behind it. Talk to your student about signing over permission for the college to speak with you. Make certain they understand that without that signed permission, everything, and we mean everything, pertaining to the college from medical records to financial aid, cannot be discussed with […]

Want To Send A Package?

Make Sure It Gets There There are some basics to send a package. There are many reasons that a student receives a package. Whether it is just their usual Amazon delivery or a care package for midterms or because your student is under the weather, there are a few things that will make package delivery simpler. For students in dorms, the dorm mail office should be included on the address to receive a package. The dorms all have a mail center and packages go directly to their mail center. Someone at the office signs for UPS and postal services; then students are notified when they have a package. Students can also send out mail from the mail centers but will need postage. Students can even receive food/flowers and will be contacted via the office, but packages must be picked up and will not be delivered to students’ rooms or suites. We actually […]

Lunch Bunch

Mid-Day Munchies – what’s for lunch? The best part of lunch is the break it gives you in the middle of the day! But it’s even better when you’re enjoying the meal as well. Like any college town or city, there are literally hundreds of dining options in Orlando from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. The more time my daughter spends there, the more places to eat we have discovered. Food is a big draw for us, can you tell? Your lunch choices will often depend upon whether you are touring with a prospective student or making a visit to your established Knight, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait at some of the more popular lunch spots – even with a reservation – during a […]

Wakey, Wakey Eggs & Bakey

Our favorite meal of the day! Wakey-wakey! Like any college town or city where many residents carry a yearly fun pass,  there are literally hundreds of dining options from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. The more time my daughter spends up there, the more places to eat we have discovered. You will find your burgers, pizza, Mexican, Chinese, barbecue, sushi, salads, Mediterranean; a restaurant for every palate, and every price point. So wakey-wakey get ready for breakfast! Depending on whether you are touring with a prospective student or visiting your student in Orlando, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal, the options are plentiful. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait, even with a reservation, on a game weekend or graduation, at some of the more popular selections. Please note some are in […]

Grad School Housing is More Grown Up!

Because Grad School Needs are Different For students heading to Grad School, finding an apartment if they go to a different university entails completely different criteria. My niece and our interns all recently switched universities from where they went for undergrad. Grad School housing comes with its own unique challenges. With expensive tuition and long study sessions, the last thing they must worry about is finding an apartment near the University of  Central Florida to call home. UCF does not officially offer housing on campus for graduate students, but Pegasus Landing and Pegasus Pointe apartments are right across the street from the main UCF campus, and they usually offer and hold one building for graduate students. You can call them at (407) 384-6800. Although these complexes are UCF affiliated, they do not qualify as bona fide domiciles; therefore, students cannot claim Florida residency for tuition purposes. The following apartment complexes are also […]

Let’s Do Lunch Because we can!

Best lunch places we know! Lunch is the fun break in the middle of the day! Like any college town and/or city where many residents carry a yearly fun pass,  there are literally hundreds of dining options from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. The more time my daughter spends up there, the more places to eat we have discovered. You will find your burgers, pizza, Mexican, Chinese, barbecue, sushi, salads, Mediterranean; a restaurant for every palate and every price point. Of course, if you are in a hurry, Steak and Shake is now open in the Student Union! Depending on whether you are touring with a prospective student or visiting your student in Orlando, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal, the options are plentiful. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait, even […]

Dinner, Early or Late! Let’s eat!

The secret to getting a good dinner. Like any college town and/or city where many residents carry a yearly fun pass,  there are literally hundreds of dining options from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. The more time my daughter spends up there, the more places to eat we have discovered. You will find your burgers, pizza, Mexican, Chinese, barbecue, sushi, salads, Mediterranean; a restaurant for every palate and every price point for a great dinner. Depending on whether you are touring with a prospective student or visiting your student in Orlando, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal, the options are plentiful. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait, even with a reservation, on a game weekend or graduation, at some of the more popular selections. Please note some are in Orlando and […]

Planning to Sublease an Apartment at UCF?

The Supply is Greater Than the Demand. Here’s How to Sublease HaveUHeard about how to sublease? Students generally sign a lease for twelve months when they move into an off-campus apartment. (it is actually a 10-month lease that apartments are prorated, so it gets paid over 12 months). Unlike most dorms (but not all, because the Towers require a year’s lease), students are responsible for the entire year, even if they do not intend to stay for the summer. However, most apartment complexes will allow students to sublet their apartments. You will, however, have to jump through a few hoops to make it happen. To find a sublessor for the summer, it is best to start looking at the semester before (in the fall). Post on Facebook pages and begin asking around in December.  Here are some of the more popular Facebook pages that UCF students use to find potential sublessors: UCF […]

Knights Spring Debut

They’re Back At It, Debut time! After the last football season’s remarkable performance, our UCF Knights are itching to get back out on the field to play more football. They will debut on April 13th, 2019 at 6 pm as Josh Heupel, the Knight’s football coach, lead the way at Spectrum Stadium at the 2019 UCF Spring Game. Knights football is one of the spectacular highlights of any student or alum’s fall, or spring season! Kickoff is at 2:30 pm at the Spectrum Stadium! Memory Mall and Lake Claire tailgating will be closed by 1:30 for fans to head to the stadium. The Better Man Event featuring Mckenzie Milton is from 6-9 pm on Saturday at the Additional Financial Arena. Tickets are $20 for students. General admission tickets are free. Spring Game prices for premium areas are as follows: Tower Club – $20, Stadium Club – $10, Carl Black & Gold Cabana […]

Banks and Credit Unions at UCF

Many Places to Grab Money, Banks Galore Leaving for college comes with so many new things, but banks and handling their own money can be one of the scariest. We have all kinds of suggestions regarding Working While in College, Teaching Them to Budget; even the Best Credit Cards for College Students, but this blog is all about banking. I personally find it best to have an account for my daughter at the same bank I bank at as it makes it easy to slide money over whenever I need to. Therefore, I was grateful when we discovered many Bank of Americas close to campus; the nearest branch at the campus’ back entrance. If they ever need cash this is helpful, although few students seem to use cash these days. Venmo and Zelle are just more convenient. Banking and how our students can access money is something you will undoubtedly want to figure out before […]

Make the Call

If you think you should, you should do it. A distraught friend recently called me wondering why they hadn’t yet heard from UCF although they sent in her son’s new SAT scores and first-semester senior grades. “How long do we have to wait?” she pleaded. I told her to have her son call. Of course, this is for students that have previously been denied admission and or have negotiated a sort of conditional admission. Sometimes, if you can show UCF that your grades have improved senior year and/or that you brought up that ACT/SAT, they may be willing to make a deal. Taking some classes Valencia Community College may be part of the deal, but if your student’s heart is set on being a Knight it may be worth the effort…and the call. There is actually a program called DirectConnect by which Valencia graduates are guaranteed admission and a smooth transition to […]

Career Showcase- A Student Perspective

It’s normal to change your mind. When I first applied to UCF, I didn’t even have a question of what my major would be. I confidently clicked Psychology on my application. From the moment I got accepted, I was so excited to be going to a school with such a great Psychology program. Even during UCF’s Orientation, when they divide the students into groups based on their majors, I was so certain I was in the right place as we were discussing all of the different course options. However, about a year into my college career, I realized that I wasn’t as certain I chose the right path. I think it is so important for college students to realize it is normal to change their minds about their careers. On average, about 80% of students change their major while in college; some even change their major up to three times. Most 18-year-olds […]

UCF Downtown Campus

What You Need to Know About Downtown My major is actually one of the main majors that are moving downtown. I believe I will be taking my last Human Communications course at the main campus. I had the opportunity to tour it this past semester and while it is not 100% completed; it is beautiful. There are three main industries moving downtown as of Fall 2019. They are all in digital entertainment and communication, public service, health-care technology, and administration. Here is a full list of all of the undergraduate and graduate programs moving downtown. There are a few construction projects taking place: Dr. Phillips Academic Commons: classrooms, library, tutor spaces, moot court, and academic offices. UCF Center for Emerging Media: has academic programs like Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, The Center for Research and Education in Arts, Technology, and Entertainment (CREATE), and flying horse editions. Parking Garage: Four stories with license plate recognition and […]

Pets in School?

Take Your Pets (Dog Or Cat) to College! Every time I head up to UCF to see my daughter, she asks that I bring our dog. Let’s face it; the pup is everyone’s favorite family member. How do you manage pets at school? Personally, I would rather travel with a dog than have our daughter adopt one of her own that may eventually become mine too, so I often oblige. (You may want to see our blog on Hotels so you know which ones are pet-friendly.) The good news is that is becoming rather common for people to travel with their pets. Be sure, when making reservations, you tell them you are traveling with a pet. Some have fees. You can book directly through the different hotel brands listed below or book through a website like Expedia or Hotels.com or Reservations.com. Pet-Friendly For those who are traveling with pets, the hotels that are […]

UCF’s Top Majors

More Than the Mouse…Majors Orlando is not only the hometown of Mickey and Minnie Mouse; it also is the home of a Preeminent Research University, UCF. Its main campus is 13 miles from downtown Orlando, but it also has an accredited College of Medicine, Rosen College of Hospitality Management, a big, beautiful campus in, as well as UCF Connect locations throughout Central Florida. One of the largest universities in the nation, UCF offers 99 bachelor’s, 89 master’s, 31 research doctorates, 3 professional doctorates, and 3 specialist degree programs, choosing the right majors can be daunting. The most popular majors at University of Central Florida include: Psychology BS Health Sciences BS (Pre-Clinical) Integrated Business BSBA Hospitality Management BS Criminal Justice BS Finance BSBA Interdisciplinary Studies BS Biomedical Sciences BS Sport and Exercise Science BS Elementary Education BS Nursing BSN Health Services Administration BS Mechanical Engineering BSME Computer Science BS Political Science BA These, however, are just the […]

Off Campus Living

Economical to Extravagant Living It happens before you know it. They are really living it. Literally. In about October or November of your student’s freshman year, they most likely will tell you that they want to move off-campus the next year. And that they will start looking at apartments in October. This is not a joke. I know you have just about adjusted to having them leave and getting them settled in the dorm, but the good ones go fast, so when it is time to sign a lease, they want to know where and with whom they want to live. On average leases are signed as early as February for some places and sold out by the end of March. There are many apartment complexes that cater to students; some within walking distance of campus. Some even have free shuttles to campus with multiple stops on their properties. Generally, the further […]

Favorite Apartment Rentals, tips and tricks

Living Off-Campus, the real rentals. Here are our best tips for rentals at UCF. With each of my kids, I have three; not one stayed in the dorms beyond their freshman year. My youngest considered staying in the Towers next year because she loves the location so much. However, with the new lottery system for dorms, she didn’t want to risk not getting the dorm she wanted next year and recently signed a lease to live off-campus. The rentals are plentiful, but the later in the school year they look, the higher the rent will be. Most apartment complexes increase their rates after New Year’s because they know students and parents start looking then. Generally, they will send out renewals in the fall, and if you are staying, sign right away before the prices increase. Below are some of the more popular rentals and apartment complexes students live near UCF. Some provide […]

Football Time – Where to Watch the Knights

College football… We can’t wait for it! To start anticipating that our football team will end up nationally ranked and headed to a bowl game. Even after graduation, alumni go to football watch parties where they can hang with other alum. Hanging with other Knight fans is way more fun and it could lead to a job, a rekindled friendship, or just a feeling of being back at school. We’ve got the places to head to for football game madness. Note: Homecoming is on October 24th, 2020. UCF recommends these places for watch parties. Florida UCF Football Watch Locations Jacksonville – Buffalo Wild Wings, 10300 Southside Ave., Suite 2430A, Jacksonville, FL 32256 Lake County (Clermont) – Gator’s Dockside, 1200 Oakley Seaver Dr., Clermont, FL 34711 Lake County (Melbourne) – Mellow Mushroom, 18221 US-441, Mt Dora, FL 32757 Miami- Buffalo Wild Wings, 5701 Sunset Drive, Suite B-13A, South Miami, FL 33143 Miami – […]

Disney Aspire a great way to afford school!

Working For the Mouse Pays Off! Disney Aspire! Just when you thought that going to college in Orlando, the home of Mickey and Minnie, couldn’t get any better, Disney has teamed up with the University of Central Florida to offer free tuition to its cast members. Called Disney Aspire, it offers 100% free tuition. Disney wants to make it easier for their team to pursue their dreams. At present, approximately 40% of Disney’s 85,000 full-time and part-time hourly employees with 90 days of service have signed up for Disney Aspire and more than 6,000 are actively taking classes. Disney Aspire will cover not only student tuition upfront, but will also reimburse any application fees and textbook materials so students do not need to worry about paying for school. Disney employees must meet in-state residency requirements and can choose from 34 of the undergraduate and master’s degree programs – 10 of which are […]

Is an A Really an A?

Is an A really an A, or does plus or minus Count? Is that A really and A? Give or take a plus or minus? The University of Central Florida is ranked as a college of excellence among other national universities. This level of excellence is a balance of many things including rigorous academic courses and competitive entrance exam scores. Technically speaking, it is a UCF policy that all professors use the plus/minus grading scale so most classes follow this rule. UCF strives to uphold a strong academic standard and, because of that, the GPA scale can either work for or against you. So you really need to count each plus or minus for the best grades! Here is the official GPA break-down: Passing Grade, Grade Points A 4.0 A- 3.75 B+ 3.25 B 3.0 B- 2.75 C+ 2.25 C 2.0 C- 1.75 D+ 1.25 D 1.0 D- .75 This GPA scaling […]

Who You Going To Call?

Call Here for Answers The important contact info you need to have. Over the years there have been only a few times that I, as a parent, have felt the need to call the campus to resolve an issue. Generally, I try to get my kids to handle it themselves. However, knowing where to call for whatever the issue can be daunting. For instance, when said student accrued a certain amount of parking tickets and was having a difficult time paying them online, she called the UCF Parking office to figure it out. I often wished there was a blog like this one to take the guesswork out of Who Ya Gonna Call….or which website has the answers. Another example: When a friend had reason to believe her son may have been being hazed by his fraternity during rush, she got in touch with The Office for Greek Life. Fortunately, that managed to settle […]

Having A Car at College

Can You Get By Without a Car? If you have ever talked to a UCF student, you would know that the #1 complaint involves parking on campus. Whether your student is living on or off-campus, the debate still continues: can they really get by without a car? UCF has a few shuttle services that make it easier for your Knight to get by without a car. Whether they are heading to class or the grocery store, UCF has you covered. If your Knight is looking to fly back home, the Orlando International Airport (MCO) is roughly 30 minutes away from campus. UCF offers a shuttle service called Knight Flight where they are able to shuttle all the way to the airport during the holidays. That’s not all that UCF shuttles offer. You can find more information about UCF’s shuttle systems in our blog, Get on the Bus. Shuttles are very helpful for […]

Taking the Campus Tour at the UCF Campus

A Tour Can Help You Make Your College Decision It is the season for a campus tour. Many of you have already visited a multitude of schools, but now that the verdicts are in; decisions have to be made. Therefore, this tour should look different as it should point out the pertinent things that will help your students make their final decision as to which school to attend. Of course, my daughter loves being a Knight, but your students may have specific things that will help them weigh out the pros and cons of each college. Go with a list of questions, but not the kind of questions that you can just google an answer to. Don’t be shy about asking your tour guide, financial advisor, a specific department, or even students hanging out near the fountain or in Knightros. They can be your greatest resources. For instance; how important is Greek […]

Controversial Speakers

Free Expression, Controversial? UCF is a melting pot with a variety of people from different backgrounds and beliefs. No matter who you are, UCF makes sure that you feel comfortable expressing who you are. While this is great for most students, this certainly strikes up the issue of controversial speakers. UCF applies something called the Campus Free Expression Act. This act is a law for public universities and colleges in Florida that allows these universities to allow visitors to freely speak in outside areas around campus. UCF has been a campus that has always promoted free speech by every person: an employee, a student, invited and uninvited speakers, controversial or not. As long as these visitors do not materially disrupt any scheduled or reserved activities on campus. This means they are not allowed to ruin another person’s expressive rights. The fact that this act prohibits visitors from materially disrupting other activities adds […]

Computer and Phone Repair, Yes they can fix it.

OMG. It’s Broken. The day my daughter’s phone broke, and she thought the world would come to an end, was nothing compared to when her computer stopped working. I have to admit, I could live without a phone temporarily, although our kids’ phones have become their life-lines; but when a computer malfunctions and all the work you did previously can’t be accessed, or worse, may have been lost; it may feel like the world is coming to an end. The good news is that it isn’t. There are plenty of (more competent than I) repair services available right near campus for those moments. I do, however, highly recommend a backup system for computers. I presently use Mozy for myself and my student’s computers. It simply backs up our computer daily (or as often as you deem necessary) so if they ever run into a jam there is no need to panic; all […]

Need Advice? Get Advice.

How to Get an Advisor Appointment Most colleges, like UCF, luckily have walk-in hours to get an advising appointment. This is fantastic, especially if you ever need a quick answer. However, I would say about 90-95% of the time you’ll be with a student helper; not the actual advisor. Most of the time, these students are well educated regarding what you need to know, but sometimes it will make you feel better talking to an actual advisor. To talk to an actual advisor, you have to call the office to make an appointment. During busy times of the semester, it is sometimes harder to get an appointment because all students are stressed and need to speak to the advisor. The longest I had to wait for an appointment was around a week.  It isn’t a bad idea to anticipate needing an appointment before registering for the next semester; waiting until the week […]

Dorm, Home Sweet Dorm

Just Like Home You may be surprised at how one can transition a mass-produced, industrial-looking dorm room into a warm and inviting room/suite. And there is plenty of help out there to spur ideas and help you organize. Organization is a primary concern, because after all if your kids are anything like mine, they will take enough stuff from home to settle them in as though there are no laundry facilities or stores in the vicinity. It took us two totally packed cars to get our daughter’s stuff up to school. The more well-known retailers will carry just about everything you need for a dorm room – we like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Walmart. Pinterest alone has enough ideas to make your head spin.  Of course, decorating for a girl’s room is drastically different from a boy, but both will need a little extra organization. Either way, check the size […]

Spring Sports

So Many Sports, So Little Time After a phenomenal football season for the Knights, fans are getting really excited about UCF Athletics. While Football may be the most well-known college sport played, there are really so many other teams that can get overlooked. Football season is in the fall, so the Spring semester is their time to shine! However, you don’t want to miss the spring football game that is slated for 2:30 pm on April 4th, 2020. Tickets for the 2020 UCF spring football game will be available at UCFKnights.com. Season-ticket holders will have tickets loaded in their UCF Account Manager and will have a week to claim them once they appear. Non-premium seats are free and will be able to be claimed via UCFKnights.com at a later date. Premium seats can be purchased for $5 in the Carl Black and Gold Cabana or $10 in the Stadium Club. Some of the popular […]

FAFSA, all you need to know!

What is – FAFSA? First Applicants Find Substantial Assets, of course! FAFSA is the national Free Application for Federal Student Aid but, based on how aid is distributed, it may as well stand for First Applications Find Substantial Assets. Because aid is distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, every student that hopes to receive aid for college must fill out this form to even be considered. Every college has its own deadline. For high school seniors who do not know what school they are attending, you can submit an application for schools you are planning on attending and then update your application down the road. If your financial situation has changed since filing a tax return, do not hold off starting the application process. You can discuss the change in finances with the financial affairs office once you know your student’s school. UCF’s school code is 003954. UCF’s priority deadlines are December […]


UCF Sports If I think back to touring UCF when it was down to decision time as to which college, one of the first things I realized was that I better learn a little something about sports. Don’t get me wrong; even when you don’t know what’s really going on the court/field; the enthusiasm and excitement can’t be beaten.  The important part is to know when to karate chop, cheer and jingle your keys (I’ll explain shortly). You also might benefit from a few other bits of information, like where to buy tickets or where to sit during a game. (Hint: The key is learning where to sit in the stadium based on time of game and shade.) Student Tickets Did U know…UCF students get in FREE to all Knight athletic events, including football? Football, basketball, and baseball are the most popular, but tickets are available to view golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming […]

Fix It!

Repair Shops – Fix it right! Car, scooter, or bike, oh my! What if it breaks down, and you need a fix-it shop? At UCF, you will find all in large numbers. Talk to any student about which is the most useful fix-it place at UCF and you’re likely to get an equal number of answers. No matter the transportation your student is using, they may, at some point, need to repair it at a fix-it shop. There is nothing worse than having your main mode of transportation break down. You might want to remind them that there is a great bus system right on campus, but prepare for the eye roll response. Below you will find a list of repair shops. Bike Shops UCF Bike N Gold 12715 Pegasus Dr, 407- 823-6484, Open until 5 PM Bikes can also be reserved here as part of the Bike Share program. Bike Shop Cycle […]

Retail Therapy

A Little Retail Therapy There is plenty of shopping in Orlando – may be too much – and although your student is up there for school, there is always something that he or she will need, particularly at the start of the first semester. Whether you go to an actual retail store or order online, you will be buying stuff. It’s a good idea to order some things online or at your home store and have them waiting for you at a store in Orlando. This can be done at Target, Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond, and can be extremely time-saving as well as freeing up space in your vehicle or if your student is flying into town, making shipping far easier and less expensive. There are many other major box stores near UCF as well, including Best Buy, Dollar Tree, Sears, TJ Maxx, and a few department stores. And since […]


A Nice Place to Stay Keeping in mind that Orlando is not only a college town but also the fun capital, there is a vast selection of hotel options. There are all different things to take into consideration when booking. Some may want a suite type of room, free breakfast, or to be able to walk to campus, or perhaps, a trendier hotel with a Starbucks in the lobby. Some look for hotels that allow them to bring their pets. And others, but not many, don’t mind traveling a little bit and want to be more downtown, near Disney or even stay in the Winter Park, a quaint little town not far from UCF. Hilton Hotels My family is big on accruing hotel points so we always try to stay in a Hilton brand hotel. All these hotels have suites. Be sure to ask for the UCF rate. Doubletree by Hilton Orlando […]

First Time Student Loan Borrower?

You’ll Need to Do This for a Loan. What is the Entrance Counseling? In July of 2016, the U.S. Department of Education made it a requirement that, in order to have student loans disbursed, all students must complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling. This counseling includes information needed to successfully repay the federal student loans they will be receiving to help pay for college costs. If you have not previously received a Direct Loan or Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL), the federal government requires you to complete entrance counseling to ensure that you understand the responsibilities and obligations you are assuming. You must complete entrance counseling before you can receive the proceeds of your first Direct Loan. If you are completing entrance counseling to borrow a loan as an undergraduate student, then the entrance counseling will fulfill counseling requirements for Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans. If you are completing entrance counseling […]

Auxiliary Fees for Online Classes

HaveUHeard of These Auxiliary Fees for Online Classes? There is no denying that college tuition, in and of itself, is a huge expense; however, on top of the cost, HaveUHeard that some classes have extra auxiliary fees that may or may not be covered by some scholarships or prepaid programs? Costs of online courses are usually equal to tuition plus a distance learning fee. Distance learning fees are authorized by the Florida statute. Fees vary by program, depending on specific costs of curriculum development, technology tools, and course mentors. Each program’s fees are examined annually and adjusted up or down accordingly, on a cost-recovery basis. Online courses will say when they register for that subject: “The cost of this course is equal to tuition and fees for the Academic Year 2018-2019 as determined by Student Business Services, plus a per credit hour distance learning fee (amounts vary).” At UCF, there are several […]

How Will Students Stay Safe, Sane and Happy this Fall

Where is a Safe Spot at College? Safe, Sane, and happy, is that possible? As colleges are doing their best to come up with ideas as to how to keep our students safe and healthy as they reopen campuses, we can only hope that our students will adhere to those rules when they leave their classrooms. Let’s face it; it is not easy to enforce social distancing among a population that has a tendency to want to gather. Isn’t one of the best parts of college, socializing?  We realize we can’t replace a good frat party or tailgate, but there are alternatives to fun near campus and since outdoor fun appears to be the safest alternative these days, we have come up with open-air ideas. Given that we are living under such unprecedented circumstances, we always recommend double-checking on hours, etc. before heading out. Parks Jay Blanchard Park – on Dean Road […]

Graduation Photography for UCF Seniors

Memorialize Graduation Day with Photography The last four years (or so) probably flew by and commencement is around the corner. There is no doubt that graduation is a big deal and one you will definitely want to memorialize. It should be celebrated and remembered! Graduation photos are a big deal too; far bigger than the simple cap and gown pic I remember taking….well, a few years back. Students today often hire photographers to guide them around campus and get all sorts of pictures of them in their black and gold to commemorate the event. Some students will go to the usual spots for their photos. Others may choose to have some of their senior pictures captured someplace that is specifically special to them. Some want a few of their photos to be with their friends or sorority sisters or brothers too. One of my favorites is of my daughter and her two […]


All Round Good Times. It seems almost silly to write about things to do when visiting your student at UCF simply based on the fact that our kids are literally going to school in the family fun headquarters of the country. Yet, not every weekend needs to be about Disney when you visit. To begin with, if it is football season, get ready to cheer on those Knights. Actually, there is often a sport worth watching on campus somewhere. Check out our blog on UCF Sports to find out more about the Knight traditions and where to sit in the stadium, etc. Entertainment is more than football… Undoubtedly a good meal is going to be in the plan, but beyond that, there is plenty to do not far from campus. You can catch a movie at the Regal Cinema Movie Theater where there are literally 20 theaters and an IMAX. And if […]

Flu Season Ahead

The Flu ends with “U” It’s that season again – and I don’t mean hurricanes. Flu season is generally from October through May; peaking in December. Given that the flu is easily spread by coughing, sneezing, and close contact, and what gets closer than dorm life and classrooms, your student may want to consider getting vaccinated. UCF makes it incredibly easy and free too. Flu shots are free to students! The UCF health center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays. Students can walk in for a flu shot or make an appointment by contacting the center at 407-823-2701 or StudentHealth. Bring a valid student ID. They can also check out the dates, times, and various locations around campus that UCF has a Mobile Flu-Clinic. The vaccines given on campus do not contain any live influenza virus and take about 2 weeks for […]

Fun Electives Classes to Take

When You Need Electives Did you plan for some electives? At orientation before freshman year, had started, advisors asked that students declare a major. My daughter left there practically in tears, feeling as though the pressure was on and her course needed to be set. There was a course catalog, per se, in front of her, but she felt limited to just the pages within her major. We encouraged her to explore. Take all different sorts of electives, because you just never know what may spark an interest and possibly change an intended path for something even more grand and exciting. Sometimes students’ schedules are just so jam-packed that an easy and fun elective is the perfect way to round out a schedule. Electives can serve many purposes: fulfill an individual’s major requirement, supplement more rigorous courses to complete a minor, fill a schedule, or simply to have fun. For those who […]

Money, Money, Money, Show Me The Money!

When will they get their financial aid, alias “money”? The time has come to pay for your college costs and panic sets in, where is the money?  I remember receiving my tuition statement for my son when he attended UCF and yet his student account showed no Prepaid Florida (which I was fortunate enough to have 4-year college and 1-year dorm)  In addition, his bank account did not reflect his Bright Futures Scholarship money. So when does this money get disbursed? Can you get a deferral for books, living accommodations, and student fees? For your student’s specific account details you should log into their account at myUCF portal and create their New Knights Email Account. Set up an email account. Here are some specifics: Florida Prepaid For any enrolled student who has an active Florida Prepaid College Plan, the University of Central Florida automatically extends the tuition and fee due date after […]

Food for Thought

No Student Hungry Much like the national campaign No Kid Hungry®, there are many students at colleges throughout the United States that are barely getting by, some putting their nourishment behind paying for college and all of the expenses that go along with college; tuition, books, rent, utilities, to name a few. The USDA average monthly cost of food for a college-age student for a moderate-cost plan, following the recommended Food plans, is $223.55. According to Education Data, in 2018: Nearly 25% of high school students considered middle class indicated they were not planning to attend college because of the expense In 2018, an average of 45% of students experienced frequent food insecurity Over 50% of students from 2-year institutions and 44% of 4-year students worried about running out of food Nearly 50% of students could not afford balanced meals Many students who are struggling just to keep up with the cost […]

Making the Most of Summer B

This is when summer gets fun! ** Due to the unusual and unprecedented Spring (2020) situation and circumstances, Summer B 2020 classes will also be online. However; changes continue to evolve daily. Please start all your planning by first checking for updates directly from UCF.  We also recommend learning about How to Excel With Online and Virtual Classes before they start. Summer B for freshman is probably one of the most exciting times. It is most likely the first time living with thousands of other students your age and able to make decisions like when you wake up, when where and what to eat (read our blog on restaurants), and how late you stay out. It can be a little overwhelming at first and I think it’s normal for every person to be a little nervous at first. I know my roommates and I were. The campus is huge and it’s hard […]

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Knights Athletic Events, Are You Ready? Note: Everything is a little different this year; even football. To better understand everything Knight’s football, check out their A-Z Guide. After the Knight’s 2017 undefeated football season and 2018’s 12-1, placing them in 4th of 130, UCF fans have been stoked for each upcoming season. So much so, that for the first time in Spectrum Stadium history, season tickets for 2020 are officially sold out! Fans who are interested in UCF Football season tickets can register to be contacted if any seats become available next season, to join the 2020 waitlist. Current season ticket holders do not need to register for the waitlist. Seat add-on and seat relocation requests will be fulfilled prior to seating anyone on the 2020 season ticket waitlist. That said, HaveUHeard UCF students get in FREE to all Knight athletic events? Sign up now to get your FREE UCF Football tickets […]

Nature vs Nurture, there is more than the “Mouse”

As they say, after Disney… Once you’ve completed your obligatory Disney trip, your most recent trips to Orlando have probably been about seeing the school, orientation, and move in (which means shopping too). By now you know that UCF is really a beautiful school. To boot, there is no denying that Orlando also gets some pretty awesome weather year-round (well, minus the ridiculous summer heat, but that is a great time to check out a water park or local lake). The winters are cooler than I expected; having lived in S. Florida for so long I had no idea it got that chilly at night, but they are still spectacular. Good weather makes us want to be outside and drink it in. Great news; there is plenty to do in and around Orlando (other than the typical commercialized Disneyesque sort of stuff) that will keep you enjoying nature and the outdoors. It […]

Budget 101

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees At orientation we were inundated with information about all sorts of things; from FAFSA forms to meal plans. No one ever really elaborated on the best way to handle finances or learn to budget when it comes to how much to give your new student. Perhaps this is because it will vary based on need, ability, preparedness to handle the responsibility, what an allowance should cover, and so on. I first realized that we needed a budget plan when our daughter announced, during our fifteen minutes together during orientation, that she was excited to learn that there are places near campus that provide student discounts on manicures. Budget 101. I wanted to sign her up right away but realized that it wasn’t just her that needed this class, but we, as her parents, needed to have a better handle on how much we would be doling out, […]

Moving In The Easiest Way

Let’s Move! Once your student has been given their move-in date and dorm/residence assignment, the process of handling what can be a stressful, labor-intensive and often expensive moving process begin. Traditionally, female students tend to take a full-on decorating approach complete with wall décor, signs, picture frames, string lights, desk accessories, and many other decorative items. Male students do not quite go that full in and often just want a comfortable bed, maybe a poster or two and perhaps a rug. It is quite humorous after each drop-off, whether it is for summer or fall, to see my friends postings on Facebook and Instagram, (because that is the social media that parents are most comfortable with), and see the obvious difference between a completed dorm room. This may be one of those moving sticker price shock moments. According to the National Retail Federation, back to college spending averaged $1300 in 2018. This […]

Safest Places to Visit Your Student This Semester

We Still love to Visit Our Knights Let’s face it, these are odd and crazy times! Things look very different at UCF this semester but one thing is still for sure; we all still love to visit our Knights and they love visits from us. There are plenty of different food options that offer outside and patio seating, are operating at 50% capacity indoors, and others provide pick up or delivery to adhere to and cater to potential COVID-19 related concerns. Dining Bar Louie Bubba Gump Cafe TuTu Tango Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Chipotle Cocina 214 Cooper’s Hawk Lazy Moon Little Greek Mamak Asian Street Food Marlow’s Tavern Swine & Sons The Briar Patch The Porch Outdoor Activities There are also many outdoor activities to participate in to make memories in a safe and socially distanced manner. Watch the UCF game at a local bar (Island Wing Co, Bar Louie, Castaways) all of […]

Being Thrifty

When You Need to Stay on Budget Before coming to college, I knew I wanted an updated wardrobe. Being trendy and cute is important. So is being thrifty. A lot of my clothing in high school was old school shirts, and now it was time to upgrade those to new UCF gear. I also knew I would need day-to-day clothing, interview clothing, and new clothing for the Florida weather. However, I also knew that getting a whole new wardrobe costs a lot of money and is not completely realistic. Shopping at places like the campus bookstore, Target, and retail stores add up very fast. I needed to find a way to be economical and also find clothes and apartment decor to fit my budget. Fortunately, I have become thrifty and discovered thrift stores. Thrifting isn’t just a hot trend right now. It’s an amazing way to stay in style while saving money. […]

Storage for your Stuff at UCF

Where Will They Put All Their Stuff? Is storage the answer? That time between semesters when they want to bring everything home for a few weeks or summer and you are wondering a) how you will get it all there and b) where you are going to store it all. I remember my daughter’s freshman year, I went up to get her and when we finished packing the car with barely enough room for our bodies and the car feeling as though it was skimming the pavement, I wondered if her belongings seemed to multiply over the past 10 months. Then when we began unloading everything into the garage, sorting out what could stay in our hot garage for the summer and what needed to find space in the house, I became a bit flustered. Well, not panicky, but I did begin to dream of those people that come to your home […]

Where to Pre-Game at UCF

Tailgating Season Has Begun! Football season is upon us and other than making sure you will be properly attired in black and gold and have your keys ready to jingle (this a Knight tradition), you will need to know where to go to pre-game. Pre-gaming, according to Urban Dictionary, generally means drinking before going to an event where drinks that you will purchase are more expensive. I believe the term crazy fun was included in the description as well. Pre-gaming at UCF mostly occurs by Lake Claire where fraternity houses set up tents with their big wooden letters out front and Memory Mall, the giant grass lawn (no cars allowed) between the Student Union and the Arena where you will find mostly donors and the official SGA setup. This is also where the Marching Knights and live bands perform and there will be lots of food and drink. Students who participate in […]

Valencia First

…Then Transfer to UCF Some students may not be ready for a big university, but want the excitement that goes along with it. For this reason, many students choose to start their college career or even just take some of their classes at the local, much smaller, Valencia College that is located about 30 minutes from UCF. Their classes are definitely smaller than those at UCF and tuition is less. UCF Connect offers collaborative programs and services like DirectConnect to help students get their A.A. or A.S degree and transition from college to the university. If students enroll in DirectConnect, Valencia actually teams up with UCF to help make your transition to UCF easier. Students who participate in DirectConnect will receive: Joint advising from UCF and Valencia to help ensure a smooth transition. The ability to take UCF courses at the main campus or on West or Osceola campuses. Access to UCF staff […]

More Veggies Please

Vegan/Vegetarian Dining Slowly, but surely, more and more young people are going vegan or vegetarian. I can’t blame them. Sometimes the choices on or around campus just aren’t that healthy. So more veggies, please! My daughter was a vegetarian for about two years until she could no longer resist a big, juicy burger. Now she is vegetarian most of the time with an occasional burger or piece of fish. Whichever way works for your student; the good news there are plenty of restaurants around UCF that cater to our vegan Knights. Here is where to find your veggies, my friends! Favorites: Market on South – is a deli-cafe with planted-based meals and sweets with a great Bohemian vibe. Hummus House Pita & Salads – right behind IHOP at University. Veggie Garden  – on E. Colonial. Yes, it is Vietnamese but it definitely caters to vegans. Dixie Dharma – Southern-inspired vegan meals & […]

Bright Futures, Get Your Shades Ready!

The Future Is So Bright You’ll Need Shades! SEE END OF BLOG FOR CHANGES EFFECTIVE WITH THE 2020-2021 ACADEMIC SCHOOL YEAR Bright Futures has been a great source of financial aid for many Florida Students and is now shining even brighter. Summer 2018 was the first-year Florida Academic Scholars received 100% tuition and summer 2019, 75% of tuition is available for Florida Medallion Scholars. The $300 college-related expense stipend is still only available for fall and spring semesters. The requirements for summer are as follows Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours across all summer sessions. Students with less than 6 credit hours required for graduation, may receive FAS and FMS by submitting a memo on letterhead from an academic advisor indicating less than 6 hours are required for graduation. Graduate-level hours may be approved by the student’s academic advisor.  Students taking graduate-level courses must submit a memo from […]

Safety Matters

Their Safety is Really All that Matters I’m not a helicopter parent. Really, I’m not. (Ok, some may disagree.) Regardless, once we have moved our students in and they are ready to embark on a new independent life, we still want to know they are safe at all times. Once the tears have stopped (ours, of course), it becomes easier each time you realize their growing autonomy (this is what we are supposed to want for our children) and happiness. Knowing they are safe is a forever thing. Therefore, it may be helpful to know that UCF has a few very supportive resources available for their safety. The UCF Police Department provides a Student Escort Patrol, which is a free service. Student employees of the police department use special carts or walk with students to their destination. The service runs seven days a week when classes are in session. It does not, […]

Take the LEAD

Apply for LEAD Academy. Looking for a leadership opportunity while at UCF? You may want to consider applying to be part of the LEAD Scholars Academy. UCF’s LEAD Scholars Academy is a two-year academic leadership development program. The program emphasizes academics, community service, and leadership. Scholars commit to many hours of community service each year. Acceptance into the program is pretty competitive; we are talking an average SAT score of 1342 or ACT score of 28, a high school GPA of 4.2 and have done a fair amount of leadership activities and community service along the way. Students interested should apply as early as possible. Applications also include a resume, essay, and a project. If selected students will need to commit to the program and pay a one-time Student’s Association (LSA) fee of $125. They must also attend one of the LEAD Scholar sessions offered during Orientation. If you are selected early […]

Parking at UCF

For my next magic trick, I will conjure up a parking space! You sent them to college with a car and they are grateful. However, although it will make a weekly Publix run easier, no one really thought about the fact that parking at UCF can be pretty inconvenient and tends to be a problem every year. There are not enough spots for as many students who drive to campus. Unless you need your car (coming from an apartment complex), we highly suggest using the free UCF shuttles that go to almost every surrounding UCF affiliated apartment complex. In addition, many apartment complexes provide a shuttle to campus. My daughter claims it is easier and closer to her classes than trying to park, so she rarely brings her car to campus. Where do they expect students to park?  Well, students can only park in D lots. However, after 5:30 pm and until […]

Sorority Recruitment: What to Expect & What to Wear

Here Are Tips & Tricks on What to Wear Adding another chapter to your life is a big deal. If you decide to go through sorority recruitment at UCF, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. We wrote this blog with you in mind! we have all of the tips and tricks on what to wear and what to expect during recruitment week to make sure that you are ready for the week ahead of you. UCF allows students to move into their dorms in advance as long as you call and schedule your move-in date. If you live in an off-campus apartment, check with the complex to make sure that they allow you to move in early. This week can be tough, but you won’t be alone. Recruitment counselors, called Rho Gammas, are there to guide you throughout your Panhellenic journey. These counselors are a part of chapters of their own, but keep […]

College Majors to Pursue at UCF

Perhaps It’s Time to Consider Majors that are Sustainable in Tough Times Students usually choose their majors over time. I have always been a fan of taking a variety of classes until you find the ones that you enjoy most and choosing a major around that. Every school, including UCF, has its more popular majors as well. However; in these unprecedented times, students might want to take recent events into consideration when choosing a major. As with any major event, such as a recession, war, or, in this case, a pandemic, there is a shift in what type of degree a student may want to consider pursuing. Certainly, the job market will look different in the future. Contemplating what jobs were sustainable throughout the pandemic may also help in the decision-making process. For instance, public health, which can include hospital management, infectious disease, and clinical research among other things, was already a […]

Student Accessibility Services at UCF

Accessibility for all at UCF! When my oldest began college, which can feel tremendous by way of size alone compared to high school, she was relieved to know that some of the accessibility accommodations for her ADHD would follow her. The idea of sitting amongst hundreds of pencil tapping students was somewhat intimidating. Of course, she still had to show necessity through diagnosis and jump through a few hoops to make it all come together, but it was well worth it. It is important to note that for SAS they will require students to provide proof of certain learning disabilities (i.e. dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, etc.). Proof could be from a therapist and test results as well. UCF is large and frankly, can be rather overwhelming, but Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is there to create an inclusive educational environment for all students. Recently the offices of Student Accessibility Services and Inclusive Education Services […]

Working While Attending College

Make Some Moola While at School. Some students have to work to pay for college, some consider their school work their only job and fortunately don’t have to find work outside their studies, and others choose to work while at school to supplement their spending. Whatever the reason, it is rarely a bad idea when a student gets a job, whether it is to pay tuition or housing, plan for their spring break trip (see our spring break blog for more information on that), backpack throughout Europe after graduation or simply to augment their wardrobe; working while in school is not new. Students can check on CraigsList, Indeed, SimplyHired, SnagaJob, Monster, ULoop, and WayUp for possible part-time job opportunities. Each is updated regularly. Working it, check out what students are doing at UCF to make money. Bartending – Apparently, this is a really coveted position, probably because the money is so good, […]

Beauty & The Beast

Look Your Beauty Best! Beauty upkeep is important to your well-being. When planning for college, we rarely think about the fact that our kids may still have to visit hair salons and barbershops or get the occasional manicure and so on. Let’s face it; they want to maintain their magnificence (and sometimes even hygiene). We certainly can’t expect them to go from August until Thanksgiving without an eyebrow wax now, can we? So, I’ve asked around and my own daughter and her friends have tried many of these. Barbershops Floyd’s 99 Barbershop (12101 University in the Plaza) is moderately priced. Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men (on University) Sport Clips (3402 Technological Ave.) A UCF student ID will get you $3 off your cut. Stadium Barber Room – (right off University, 12050 Collegiate Way) Stop Barber Shop (11917 E. Colonial Drive) If you swing by any Tuesday or Wednesday with your UCF ID, […]

Sick at School, Mom Can Help!

Mom….. Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, as of Monday, March 23, 2020, Student Health Services’ Downtown office will provide telehealth services only. Please call 407-823-2701 for an appointment. It’s bound to happen.  At some point, while our kids are at college, the phone will ring and suddenly our mature, independent college student will sound like a preschooler again. There is little worse than when they tell you how sick they feel and you are far away. Hopefully, and most likely, their illness will be a result of their new-found independence that includes lack of sleep and exercise, stress, not-so-healthy food, hygiene habits that don’t embrace enough hand-washing, and can be cured quickly and easily. I sent my kids to school with a little box that I literally labeled, “Things you may need that Mom can’t squeeze through the phone.” Inside the box, I put all sorts of things from a […]

Grocery Stores

Let’s Eat Whether your student lives on campus or off, they will need groceries. Orlando has plenty of places to shop right near UCF in this regard. For those new to Florida, let me first introduce you to Publix. Publix is a Florida-based supermarket with every department found in most grocery stores including produce, deli, meats, canned goods, seafood, frozen foods, flowers, bread, soda, and stationery, candy, dairy and so forth. There are two Publix supermarkets close to campus. If you can’t make it to Publix, Instacart does offer delivery. The other major chain supermarkets you will find nearby include Walmart Neighborhood Grocery, and Aldi, which was new to me.  Aldi is a retail chain selling a range of grocery items, including produce, meat & dairy, and some organic foods at discount prices. When shopping at Aldi, bring a quarter to use a shopping cart and your own grocery bags. And if […]

Get on the Bus

A Guide to UCF’s Bus System The bus could be your answer… If you’ve ever been to UCF’s campus, you know that driving and parking can be a hassle. Getting to and from campus can be stressful – worrying about arriving to class on time with morning and evening traffic is tough. For those students who live off-campus without a vehicle or do not want to purchase a decal, the UCF shuttle system is the next best option. Students with a valid student ID receive fare-free access to the off-campus shuttles. As long as you manage your time as to when your next class is and the times of the shuttle, you can conveniently get a free ride to UCF campus without dealing with the struggle of the parking garages and limited spots on campus. For off-campus students, taking advantage of this shuttle system saves you the cost of a UCF decal […]

Sorting Out College Life – A Guide to Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Alterations

The least favorite chore! I tried to teach my kids to do laundry before they each left for college. Really. I did. Yet, somehow when they went away to school they each managed to do laundry so rarely that, at last count, one of my daughters owned approximately 54 pairs of underwear so she could prolong doing the wash as long as possible. My son either paid other more ambitious students to do his laundry occasionally or waited until he came home and then brought so much, there was little room for anything else in the car. And finally, child number 3, and I have spent many happy hours Facetiming from her laundry room on campus so I can walk her through the process a few more times (ie: cold water? hot water? delicate? dryer vs hang to dry?). Eventually, they get it or find a place where they can drop it […]

Supervise an Easy Budget for Your College Student

This is a budget lesson that will serve you in the future! Some students actually keep to a budget. Well, sort of. I admit, it was hard telling my daughter, as I watched her weekly allowance dwindle, that she better be a bit more cautious or stock up on peanut butter for her next few meals until her next allowance came. I knew though that the gift of teaching her to budget her money would be far more useful than the pain I was feeling saying no or even when she had to stay back when her friends headed out for sushi. At orientation we were inundated with information about all sorts of things; from FAFSA forms to meal plans. No one ever really elaborated on the best way to handle finances when it came to how much to give your new student. Perhaps this is because it will vary based on […]

21 and Oh So Fun

Becoming an official adult. How fun. My daughter will turn 21 in October of her junior year at UCF as do many students during their junior year. How fun! This birthday is often coined as pretty significant, but mostly, for college students, because they can now legally get into places that they could not get into before. Some schools have traditions that students participate in (and we don’t get the opportunity to say no anymore, but we can still throw in a few “be careful and make good choices” beforehand). Want to send a very cool Pop Up Card to mark the occasion? We love these. On “Sign Night,” a bucket list of things to do is created by the friends of the birthday person. People use a marker to sign their signature to one’s body for each shot done together. Often a bottle of champagne is popped open for the crowd […]

An Insider’s Guide to Living on Campus at UCF 

The inside scoop for real! You can certainly read about the dorms and where to live on campus on the UCF Housing and Residence Life pages, but we asked my daughter and our interns for the inside scoop…which is probably what you really want to know before you choose where to live when you become a Knight. Here’s what they had to say… After spending my freshman summer in Academic Village, and my fall and spring in Towers, I’ve grown to know a lot about campus housing and have friends residing in just about all the different living communities.  Academic Village is awesome to live in. You have close access to the pool and the gym, but parking can, at times, be a task. Academic Village houses the majority of freshman students (Nike, Hercules, and Neptune), but it can be a bit of a hike to campus classes and during the hotter […]

Diversity and Inclusion for LGBTQ College Students

LGBTQ Campus Support and Resources College can be challenging for all students which is why finding ways to make connections with others who identify similarly can make a big difference. The American College Health Association estimates that at least 10% of college students identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, asexual, pansexual, or questioning.¹ Although LGBTQ PRIDE is becoming more prevalent, the LGBTQ community often face additional pressures or concerns. When you think of Orlando and the LGBTQ community, you cannot help but to think of PULSE nightclub formerly one of the biggest nightclubs in Orlando and known to be a gay bar and dance club and home to one of the deadliest mass shootings. It is now going to be a memorial and museum. UCF and its surrounding community offer resources and information to both help LGBTQ students navigate the college environment and make connections in a group setting. A student advisory […]

The Best Apps For Students

UCF and College Studying Apps Remember when you were in college and everything was easily accessible via an app on your phone? No? Well, me either. Our kids, however, do live in this world and there are literally apps that provide things like food delivery, tutoring services, how to create a budget or the perfect bibliography. Below is a list of the ones I thought most useful. Forgive me if it is a little too long, but truly there is something for everything and it was hard to narrow down. The Studying Apps UCFMobile:  gives students access to UCF resources, including campus maps, Web courses, Knights Mail, the library, dining, shuttle service, and more. You can now handle Knights Cash and add small gift cards to Knights Cash. This is not to be confused with UCFStudentTix.com, which is where students will get tickets to games. LiveSafe, because the first thing on my […]

Eating Healthy – Healthy Students

Eating, it really does help concentration! It can be hard to be eating ‘healthy’ when at college. Meal plans, rushing to and from classes and activities, budgets, the amount of burger, pizza and fast-food restaurants surrounding UCF, and, of course, late-night food runs definitely compromise our student’s plan to not gain the Freshman 15 and stay in shape. (Please note I did not mention the calories that come with a few drinks, but the reality is they often work into the equation.) Don’t get discouraged yet though. Today’s college students are demanding higher quality foods varied in taste and economically priced. There are several apps that many students can download for the latest promotions and deals at some of their favorite places. These include Hooked and Pocket Points. Below are some of UCF students’ favorites and a few ideas that may help your students stay on track and healthy. Wellness & Health […]

Health Insurance for Students at UCF

Insurance Plans and Requirements Students at many colleges today must have a health insurance plan that meets their university’s minimum requirement.  The University of Central Florida only makes this a requirement if your student is an international student or a medical or nursing student. While this does make life easier in that it can eliminate some paperwork, it is still wise that your student has some sort of health insurance. UCF does have an available Student Health Plan, underwritten by United Healthcare Insurance Company and serviced by Gallagher Student Health should you want to purchase a plan for your student. The 2019-2020 rates are not out until July 2019 however they will be similar to the 2018-2019 rates. Regardless, as part of your student’s tuition fees, there is a mandatory health fee. In 2018-2019 the  fee was $10.84 per credit hour(it is included in your tuition statement that you  pay and probably not […]

Advice to my Freshman Self

Advice Every Freshman Should Know College life seems like a dream. It’s the first time living away from home and not by parents’ rules. College classes aren’t daily, like high school and, bonus: you don’t have to wake up before dawn if you don’t want to. So many great things come from being in college, but there are also some big pointers that you should be aware of now that you are a Knight. Let another Knight give you some advice! One of the biggest differences between being in high school and college is that you have to buy your textbooks and scantrons. Where to buy or rent books is up to you, but maybe this will help you decide. Scantrons can be purchased at the bookstore and in vending machines in classroom buildings. But you can save yourself money by picking up a scantron at the Student Union. They give out […]

The First Few Weeks

We completed the drop. We unloaded the car in the treacherous Florida heat and we set up their rooms. The bed was made, everything had been put away and it only took two trips to Target for things we didn’t realize we would need. We said our see-ya-laters and shed the appropriate amount of tears. It was when I got into the car without our new college freshman, all the advice we meant to give them about those first few weeks lay dormant somewhere between the big lump in my throat and my empty heart. Forgive me if I sound dramatic, but the truth is there is a great deal to be said at that time. Whether or not they take to heart is another story. Perhaps starting the conversation a few weeks before drop-off is a better idea. Getting Started Those first few weeks of college are a crucial time for […]

Volunteering Turns Your Compassion into Action

There are many reasons for volunteering. Volunteering lets you give back to the community, to make a difference in the world, to gain experience and to change a person’s life. During your four years in college, it is incredibly important to give back to the community for many reasons. Depending on what major you are and what kind of grad school you plan on attending, it could increase your chances of getting in. When you start applying to graduate schools, you want to stand out. Why should the graduate program pick you over another person? Graduate schools look for more than just the book smart student. They look for well-rounded students who want to make a difference. Being altruistic is such an important quality to have. Another great quality graduate schools look at is being able to balance your time. If you are able to take rigorous classes, be involved in extracurriculars, […]

Dropping A Class

Grade Forgiveness to Drop a Class I’m not sure which class it was; business calculus or accounting, but the horror stories were coming true. When my son called and asked if we would pay for private tutoring, we knew something was up. He studied and studied. He was up for so many hours at some points his contact lenses had given him an infection. Then the call came when he literally asked us what he should do. Should he drop the class or not. No matter how hard he tried he was struggling. I retorted with my infamous line that I only break out when I believe my kids have given it their all, “C’s get degrees.” This would not suffice this time. The pressure he had put on himself was making him sick; worried that his scholarship may be at stake, or that his beautiful cum could be ruined or that […]

Roommates and Residential Life

How to manage a shared living space. For many students entering college, this may be their first time away from home for an extended period of time. While dorm living can be an enriching and wonderful part of the college experience, it can also be a source of great stress and discomfort if the roommates are not a good match. Granted, the fit does not have to be perfect; as a matter of fact, my kids all did well with random roommates as opposed to handpicked ones. We had previously set a precedent that they couldn’t live with friends from home for the first year because we wanted them to meet new people; all part of the college experience. Students do, however, need to be able to comfortably and safely co-exist in their shared living space. Teach your student before leaving home what it means to be a good roommate. Students can […]

Eating on a Budget is More Than Just Ramen

This is a budget lesson that will serve you in the future! Some students actually keep to a budget. I know this is true because I have had three of my own and they all struggled at the beginning, but eventually got it (for the most part). I admit, it was hard telling my daughter, as I watched her weekly allowance dwindle, that she better be a bit more cautious or stock up on peanut butter for her next few meals until her next allowance came. I knew though that the gift of teaching her to budget her money would be far more useful than the pain I was feeling saying no or even when she had to stay back when her friends headed out for sushi. The good news is that there are plenty of places around UCF’s campus that make sticking to a budget possible. There are also a few […]

Good as Gold Knight

Putting Together Great Knight Outfits I love going to UCF football games- there is nothing like game day. HaveUHeard how UCF got its colors? In 1970, a student election chose the “knight” as the mascot. Until 1993, the teams were known as the Golden Knights. In 1994, Knightro was chosen as the mascot, a black knight with gold armor. It’s all about the Black & Gold on game days but I am also about fashion. I want to be comfortable, especially on those Florida humid days when you are packed in a stadium, it’s more than 90° out, and the humidity is stifling. For each game, UCF will determine what color you should wear… sometimes it’s white, sometimes it’s black. They will announce the color prior to each game. Want to know the actual primary colors- UCF gives you the graphic versions. We think the best in authentic college clothing, accessories, and […]

Places of Worship, Keep it Traditional

Continuing Traditions of Worship If you’re wondering about keeping up the tradition of worship, here are some thoughts. Shortly after my daughter started college, the first of the most important Jewish holidays were coming up (think the equivalent of Good Friday and Easter Sunday).  We had always gone to services together and had huge family dinners with the entire extended family. Since the holiday fell on a weekday, it did not make sense for her to come home. So, she did what many other Jewish students did; she went to services at the Hillel Student Center. For all students, being able to continue to worship, pray and adhere to their religious beliefs is extremely important for several reasons. Having a place to worship on or near campus allows them to meet other students and have a Rabbi, Minister, Bishop or Priest to turn to should they need spiritual guidance. At or around UCF, […]

Parents Weekend UCF Style

The Big Weekend I had been accustomed to booking for Parents Weekend the second it was announced, based on my older children who went to other colleges. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that price gauging and availability are not as big an issue at the hotels near UCF. As of today, Parent’s Weekend is postponed. Normally, the earlier you book your hotel, the better your choices will be. However, if your chosen hotel is booked, you may want to keep trying as sometimes rooms open up. Many hotels will give a discount if you tell them you are coming for UCF Parents Weekend too. Most of the local hotels are pretty flexible on cancellations (48 hours being the norm), but be sure to check all this out when booking. Our blog on hotels may help. Show your Knight spirit with great suggestions, including adorable clear game day bags (yes, there is a […]

Meal Plans for Hungry Students

To Buy or Not to Buy – Meal Plans Some of us will miss those family dinners. Others will find some relief. Either way, we all want to know that our kids are eating…and hopefully eating right. College, or at least when I went, didn’t have a whole lot of good options, particularly if you lived on campus; as most freshmen do. That is not the case anymore. This is not to say that those dreaded freshmen fifteen may not happen; there may still be late-night deliveries and food runs. There is a vast array of food choices on campus; some choices wiser than others, but a great deal right at the students’ fingertips. Whether they hit the salad bar or stick to burgers, pizzas, and fries (oh my), I can’t say. Experience says that their newfound independence tends to sway them in directions you may not have selected for them, but […]

Balance Recreation & Wellness Center at UCF

Because Balance is Important Going to college isn’t just about studying; no matter what parents think. Finding your balance while at school is incredibly important too. Fortunately, the RWC (Recreation and Wellness Center) at UCF offers plenty in this regard. Get to know your campus and all it has right from the start so you don’t miss out.  And, to boot, I recently read that students that use the RWC at least 11 times a year or more do better in school. That, in itself, is a great incentive to have a little recreation and fun in between study sessions. The RWC has state-of-the-art facilities that include a custom rock climbing wall, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, a disc golf course, indoor track, basketball and racquetball courts, numerous sports fields, leisure, and an outdoor lap pool, among many other things. They offer all sorts of events that are a great way to […]

Bucket List for UCF

If you have committed to becoming a Knight…fill this bucket. There are a few things that you might want to check out over your next for years at UCF. Consider them part of your Knighting-ing; sort of like your own personal dubbing. Some are just plain fun and others sort of obvious. Either way, your time at UCF shouldn’t just be about studying. There is so much more to UCF and Orlando. Check out our “bucket list.” The Reflection Pond – eventually you are going to want to make a splash in the recently renovated pond. Don’t wait for Spirit Splash and definitely not as far off as graduation. There will plenty of other things to celebrate along the way, but don’t tell them we sent you. Def on the bucket. Addition Financial Arena – Don’t wait for graduation to first go to the arena. There are always things happening there from […]

Preparing for Grad School Exams

Exams, the fun never stops! Exams are right around the corner. I know it feels like you just finished studying for the ACT/SAT’s and left for college, but before you know it, graduation will be looming and many students will be preparing for a graduate school. And that means preparing for your grad school exams. Getting familiar with the vast amount of programs out there would probably be a good first step. If you are considering graduate school at UCF, check to see if they have an open house. Consider visiting other college graduate programs as well. This will give you the opportunity to meet professors and ask questions about specific programs. Start talking to an advisor early to be sure you have all the correct prerequisites, shadowing, or research hours you will need. Occasionally, too, there are also visits from various graduate schools about their programs. that are worth attending if […]

Graduation Restaurant Reservations

Make them sooner than later! UCF holds graduation ceremonies three times per year with May being the largest ceremony, broken down by each college. Spring Graduation dates are April 30 – May 2 at the Addition Financial Arena. Hopefully, you have read our blog, Graduation at UCF, and made your hotel reservations. But if you are coming up with your entire family, you may want to make your restaurant reservations as many of the restaurants get extremely busy. To help you out, we are including in the listings the restaurants that take reservations and if they require a deposit to hold the reservation (some do). For other restaurant recommendations, see our blog on restaurants. We will continue to add to this list regularly as we find more information but our suggestion is to make your plans early. 310 Lakeside – Downtown. Make a reservation as far in advance as you like. You can make […]

Mother – Daughter Time

Spending Time Whether you are coming up for a mother-daughter sorority weekend or just to spend time with your daughter, you will find plenty to do together. Shopping in Orlando is easy to find. There is a plethora of shopping right near UCF, including plenty of big box stores (check out our blog, A Little Retail Therapy, for that sort of shopping information), but the kind of shopping that may come after the call that cries, “I have nothing to wear,” exists too.  These also may be the stores you may want to visit should you get lucky enough to partake in a Mother-Daughter weekend. Downtown Disney and Disney Springs have a lot of shops too and can offer a lot of fun. The Waterford Shops has many stores including Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, and Francesca’s.  There are literally three outlet malls about 30 to 45 minutes from campus. Downtown Divas is […]

Move. In. Day. at U.C.F.

U.C.F. M.I.D. UCF’s move-in day is …well…a lot of work. Be prepared for many trips to the car and possibly one or two to the store for the inevitable forgotten/overlooked item (ours was not enough Command hooks last year).  The heat does not help, but a hand truck and Ikea bags do. I will not get into the emotional goodbyes at the end of the day, but I will say that large sunglasses to cover my watery, red eyes were my savior. M.I.D. Friday – Sunday, August 23-25, 2019, 9 am to 4 pm The big day usually begins with a pool party and barbeque mid-afternoon. It’s a great way for students to begin to meet and make new friends. Early M.I. is an option for students participating in programs such as Sorority Recruitment (RUSH), Marching Band, LEAD Scholars Retreat, Theatre Auditions, Knight Camp, Orientation, training or work. To participate, you must fill […]


….It’s a Good Thing UCF,  Student Academic Resource Center, wants students to know that whether you’re needing help with study skills or find a specific subject to be challenging, don’t wait to reach out for support. In addition to SARC Online, you can also get ACE coaching, Supplemental Instruction, and tutoring fully online! Students who attend UCF, are no different than many other highly sought after colleges, they will be faced with challenging classes, taught by respected and renowned professors. Using tutoring assistance to keep up with studies is an excellent idea. They are no longer in high school where a student can often coast by; succeeding at UCF requires taking classes seriously. At the same time, there are many opportunities to get involved and enjoy these four years including football games, Greek life, and outdoor activities. A student needs to be able to balance all of this, which can prove daunting […]

Campus Resources for Students of Color

Campus Guide to Resources for African American Students Campus diversity amongst students has grown considerably over the years and UCF vies to maintain an inclusive atmosphere; allowing all students to gain exposure, perceptions, global awareness, and a willingness to collaborate peacefully and freely. Whether serving as a forum for communication, helping minority students build strong social networks, or simply in pursuit of a welcoming space amongst other students of color; UCF undoubtedly has a place where you will find your connections. Firstly, the Black Student Union proposes to serve as the official voice for the black community at UCF. Their main goals are to create appropriate programming, promote communication, and collaborate with other organizations. Meetings are generally held twice a month in the Student Union, Room 224. The Black Faculty and Staff Association is an organization to promote cultural sensitivity and enrichment through programming, networking, and guidance. Part of their programs includes the Legacy […]

Weekend with Dad

The Best Things to Do With Your Dad on the Weekend My first father-daughter weekend was freshman year when my dad and I didn’t really know what to do for the weekend and we ended up hanging in my apartment all weekend. When he came up the following year, we had more of a game plan. You may want to check out Nature vs Nurture if you are wondering what to do. It is very popular to take your dad to tailgate, except my dad isn’t the type of guy who wanted to go. Instead, we went downtown to the World of Beer to watch the game. Being in Orlando, a central hub of entertainment, there are so many options of things you can do. So far, my favorite thing I have done with my dad is going to NASA and actually seeing a launch. NASA posts on their websites all of […]

Just Desserts! In a good way…

Our favorite meal, the best desserts! Eat dessert first or getting your just desserts. Either way, desserts are often our favorite meal! Sometimes, we think the best part of the dinner is desserts; here are some of our favorites! Desserts, Here We Go… Better Than Sex – It is downtown and yes, the name is a little risque downtown, but the desserts are incredible! BJ’s WholeSale Store – On Tuesdays, BJ’s has a $3 pizookie deal that is just plain yummy. It’s a little further away but worth the drive (or a free pizookie with first mobile pay purchase). This is my daughter’s favorite. Chewy Boba Company – Smoothies, milk teas, frappes, slushies, desserts…really, just go. Or send your student particularly after a long study session. Craft & Common – Our intern’s new favorite coffee shop in Orlando. It has coffees, teas, alcoholic beverages, and some sandwiches. Donut Central and Fuelpresso– handcrafted coffee […]

UCF Coronavirus Update

Update on Latest Plans Seems like finding the right update in this unusual time is tricky. I don’t think I have ever used the word unprecedented as much as I have since this pandemic began. Actually, I don’t believe I ever used the word pandemic much either. However; it is real and regardless of what these unprecedented times have brought to you and your family, the fall semester will begin before we know it and it is important that we stay up to date on the latest plans and procedures at UCF. At present, UCF will remain online throughout the rest of the summer while administrators are communicating with government officials about necessary safety measures and health protocols for the return to campus. Updates change, well, frankly, like the wind, but here are some important parts. On-campus COVID-19 and antibody testing are available through a partnership with Aventus Biolabs in UCF Parking […]

Moving Out

Time to be Moving On Moving out can be almost as hectic as moving into the dorms and apartments. It did not make sense for us to drag the entire dorm supplies home for the summer, only to send them back up in the fall. Some parents don’t mind making that round trip, packing up their car(s), and bringing it all home to store for the summer. We opted to have our kids rent an air-conditioned storage facility that they shared with friends. (Sharing a unit is recommended to keep the cost down and air-conditioning is key because Orlando in the summer months can be brutal.) You may be lucky in that your student may have a friend that will let them store their belongings in their apartment, but that is unusual. My kids were able to move their belongings into storage themselves by packing boxes in between studying for finals (think […]

Orient Yourself – Orientation Tips

Overwhelm Potential If two nights and two days can make your head spin, these might be the two. Orientation, is not a bad thing, of course; it is just the amount of information you and your student will take in at that time that can get a bit overwhelming. I believe the first orientation I spent taking pages of notes, marking things I wanted to talk with my daughter about later and highlighting things I wanted to keep close in case situations came up that may make those notes useful (ie: tutoring, healthcare, safety on campus…. honestly they touch on everything you can imagine and many things you haven’t yet.) Later I learned that parents took pictures of the slides – much easier. Besides, you will get to keep the packets they hand out. My other kids went to other state schools, so I expected orientation to be the same. There were […]

Lost and Found, more than a box of junk

Oh No…it happened! It’s Lost! Have you ever lost your phone or wallet, you get that sudden sinking feeling? My daughter spent the summer studying abroad. She was warned about pickpockets by friends. And, she has made it through almost two months without incident… until last week.  That is when I got the hysterical call that she was pickpocketed in broad daylight and now without her driver’s license, her debit card, credit card, transportation card, and about €50. Thankfully her passport was not in her backpack. We did not cancel her debit card but tracked the activity. That allowed her to Venmo friends who paid for her subway, meals, and anything else she needed. Losing It My other college student lost more Student ID’s, keys, driver’s licenses than any person I know (or at least I thought). Conduct a search on the student UCF page, and you will see daily posts for […]

Namast’ ay at UCF: A Guide to Yoga Classes

Om Shanti! For years I tried to get my daughter to enjoy yoga with me, but she had multiple excuses. I knew it would be good for her mentally and physically, but like many other things, she had to realize this on her own. I am happy to say she now takes advantage of a fair amount of yoga offered at and around UCF. One of her favorites is doing her own poses on a paddleboard out on Lake Claire on campus. She also attends classes right on campus. If your student is resistant, as mine was, you may want to remind them that the practice is over 5000 years old. There has to be something to that. In addition, it has been proven to alleviate stress; and what college student doesn’t have some stress? Research indicates that within seven weeks of regular practice, students enjoyed significantly reduced stress levels and as […]

Birthright Israel

Young Jewish Adults Trip to Israel. What is Birthright Israel? Birthright Israel is the gift of a free, 10-day trip to Israel designed for young adults of Jewish heritage, aged 18–32. I admit that when my oldest daughter first signed up I was concerned about potential unrest in Israel. I found out though that every group travels with Israeli soldiers. The kids felt very safe the whole trip and this is what I constantly hear from others. On Birthright Israel with Shorashim and UCF, you spend all 10 days with Israelis and get to see Israel through the eyes of the locals. From exploring Israel through unbelievable hikes and touring incredible cities and major sites, to spending the night under the stars in the Negev, and developing an amazing bond with a great group of college students and Israelis, you will be a part of the adventure of a lifetime that you will […]

Are Your Student’s Valuables Safe, Protected?

But Is It Safe? Right up there with the call from my college daughter that she lost her phone, keys, student ID, (fill in the blank), is the call you get when they tell you someone took their cell phone, watch, or whatever valuable item your child has had taken. Keeping their stuff safe is just as important as keeping them safe. And it has been through their tears and yelling about an item of theirs’ being taken, that I find myself, once again, asking if they had locked their door. You see, my daughters have lived in dorms, apartments, sorority houses, and off-campus houses and consistently, I have personally witnessed them forgetting to lock their room doors (not the front door, although they have done that on occasion). Usually, when I make a mere mention of that fact, I get a sassy response along the lines of “I’m just running down […]

Where the Wind Blows – Storms and Preparation

South Florida Knows…Storms Having grown up in South Florida, I have gone through more than 40 Hurricane seasons, storms galore! I prepared for my first potential hit with Hurricane David in 1979. Thankfully, he turned away from the coast sometime in the middle of the night. Now as a high school student and a novice when it came to what damage a hurricane could cause, I remember thinking “boy this is a lot of work.”  (I am sure my 17-year-old self, worded it more dramatically with several expletives). We had the old-fashioned hurricane panels that had to be screwed in and it took about five hours to put all of the shutters up. The fact that it also caused me to have to cancel a party I was having was even more upsetting. Today, with many hurricane preparations under my belt and many, many decades living in a Hurricane prone area, I […]

Rushing Her Way – What is Rush?

The Rush Note: Fall 2020 – A lot of sororities are still doing open bidding for those girls who didn’t go through/dropped recruitment. Open bidding means they usually attend a dinner and meet girls and then decide if they would like to join the chapter or not. For parents of incoming freshmen, you have probably started to hear whispers about the sorority rush. The way rush is handled for sororities is somewhat different than fraternities, but I am glad to give you the parent perspective on both (check out our blog on UCF’s fraternities). Either way, you will not find too many who love the process.  But like it or not, Greek life does have its advantages, especially at a large college; and kids are probably not going to forgo the rumors about rush if it means not joining. So buckle up; the ride can get a bit bumpy. UCF’s Fall sorority […]

After The Hurricane

Post-Hurricane Irma Prior to Hurricane Dorian, our blog talked a lot about Hurricane Irma which definitely left Floridians on their toes. Hurricane Irma will be remembered not only for its strength but for its impact on the entire state of Florida causing damage and destruction on both the east and west coast. Having lived in South Florida for over 25 years and hearing meteorologists throw out words such as catastrophic, I naturally felt anxious and concerned as I watched their facial expressions and heard it in their voices as they described the latest tracks. Hurricane Dorian was no different in that regard. I am happy to say that this time my daughter remained calm throughout all the indecision and change of plans as the hurricane made twists and turns and UCF altered plans accordingly. Some of my daughter’s friends began to leave and head home, but some stayed too.  When the news […]

Rushing His Way and How To Win It.

Frat. Rush. Rushing. Do you what Rushing is? For parents of incoming freshmen, you have probably started to hear about the fraternity rush. The way rush is handled for fraternities is radically different than sororities, but I am glad to give you the parent perspective on both (check out our blog on sororities ). Either way, you will not find too many who love the process.  But like it or not, Greek life does have its advantages, especially at a large college; and kids are probably not going to forgo the rumors about rush if it means not joining. So buckle up; the ride can get a bit bumpy. Formal 2019 Spring Recruitment begins on January 14. Sign up here and get more info on the dates and chapters participating! Pledging a frat is fairly similar at most schools, but the first thing I learned about pledging a fraternity at UCF is […]

Staying Fit

Freshman 15 – No Way! The Fit Way! Note: While much of the usual fitness options may not be available due to these unprecedented times, there still are some great things available to students. For instance, Boot Camp is offered in Garage B most Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7 am. What a great way to start the day! Otherwise, it is best to check that schedules haven’t changed or places haven’t closed before heading out. We all know by now the advantages of staying fit, exercise, stress relief, healthy heart, maintaining weight (or losing if those freshman 15 do start to creep up), and so on. The question is will our students stay fit and work out when they get to school. The truth is many do. I love seeing students jogging around campus; an inexpensive way to exercise. I also loved that my daughter called to tell me that she […]

Managing the Gap during breaks

Where Will They Live- Managing the Gap How will you manage the dreaded gap? Although it feels like you just moved your students into their dorms, you now have to move them out. The worst part, aside from the grueling heat, is that some may be returning in just a few weeks to move back in somewhere. And, if they have to be back early in August, whether it be another dorm, sorority or fraternity house or an apartment, having to schlep their stuff back home to return in just a few weeks seems a little silly. I know how many carloads it took to get our daughter moved in and, frankly, I am not prepared to rent a U-Haul to get her home and back again. So, my first piece of advice is to recommend that they start bringing things home over Spring Break or if you visit, take home a […]

Sorority Girl

So They’ve Joined a Sorority Congratulations if your daughter has found a place to call home. Being in a sorority opens the door to so many wonderful experiences. My older daughter made some of her closest friends in her sorority. Every sorority is a little different as it relates to living and eating meals at the house – if they have a meal plan. They also have specifications in regard to academics, philanthropies, and social requirements. Your daughter will be expected to attend chapter meetings, eat their meals at the house (if they provide meals, which would also be included in the fees), and participate in their sorority’s events. Sororities are paired up with fraternities for socials. Some sororities require you to dress up for dinner or chapter meetings; others do not care if you come straight from the gym. Some may require you to live in the house with your pledge […]

What Not To Bring To College!

Nope, Don’t Need It Actually what I wanted to share here was that given that this is my third child to head off to college, I have learned that there are a few things you really don’t need to purchase and bring. If you haven’t started shopping for your incoming freshman yet, whether for things for their dorm or clothes; well, then, I am here to tell you that if you reside in South Florida, you probably shouldn’t bother. You see, my daughter has cleaned out just about every store and depleted me of my savored stack of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. Ok, so I am kidding… sort of. With so many great deals out there on  Overstock, Wayfair, Dormify, and Amazon in addition to the traditional big box stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s,  Walmart and Target, if you plan in advance, you may be able to save some money too and not end up running around […]

Getting There – All the Transportation Options

The First Time That first time you drop your student off at a college you will probably want to go with them and get them settled. Many of you will drive there. Some may fly to town. There are many transportation options when it comes to getting to Orlando. The key is that as time goes on, you most probably won’t be delivering and picking your student up very often. Here are some ways to get to them or get them back to you. First, we are so lucky, because we have an (international) airport just 30 minutes from UCF. This makes flights plentiful and it is often easy to find fair prices on flights. Orlando airport serves as a hub for Silver Airways and a focus city for Frontier Airlines, Jet Blue Airways, and Southwest Airlines. It is also frequented by Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines, […]

Knight-Thon, Dance all night! Do good!

Dance The Night Away Do you dance? When my kids were in high school, they each did some sort of volunteer work; all noble and worthy. Then they got to college and their involvement in philanthropy expanded tremendously and brought them each an amazing source of altruism and a whole lot of fun. Some of it was through Greek life, but at UCF the largest student-run philanthropy is Knight-Thon; the University of Central Florida’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon and it is for everyone. Knight-Thon is a 20-hour dance marathon and year-long fundraising effort directly benefiting the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. There are many opportunities for students to get involved starting when they first step foot on campus and not just as a dancer. Some sororities encourage involvement, but once students see the impact they make on the children and families’ lives, they will be counting down the days until next year. […]

It’s All About the Delivery and Getting it to Your Door

There’s a knock at the door… Taking time away from studying can be the difference between dinner or a bag of chips and a soda.  Sometimes it pays to turn to delivery services. Here are some of the ones we found and what they deliver and how they work. Delivery Services: Amazon – Seriously, what can’t you get from Amazon. By signing up for Amazon Prime as a student, the first 6 months are free and then there is a discounted membership fee for the next 4 years until graduation. Prime membership includes free 2-day delivery, among many other perks. Amazon also has a location on campus right next to the Addition Financial Arena that ships even faster than going to a home address. You can send things back via this location too. Bite Squad – There is a chat option if you would like to review your order or ask why […]

Study Abroad UCF and See The Word.

The World is your Classroom so Study Abroad! The world is your classroom. I am a big believer in this adage. Apparently many students agree as Study Abroad programs have become increasingly popular. When researching this topic I was amused to read not only a plethora of information about the various things to look for in a program but also some amusing blogs written by students about how to convince one’s parents to allow them to study abroad. Well, this parent is sold. My oldest daughter studied in London for a summer and it was fantastic. She loved everything about it (except for the mouse that set up camp in her flat, but we have decided that was all part of the learning experience is that she never before had to deal with such a circumstance) and we took advantage of the situation and went to visit and used one of her […]

Trouble in Paradise

Trouble, sometimes it happens. I began our conversations about walking alone at night, binge drinking, hazing, and drugs, among other things many months my kids left for college. I felt confident, as most of us do, yet, some of us may still get the phone call we dread. It happens. Your student got into trouble; now what? Remain calm, because most likely your child is freaking out and frankly, someone has to be the voice of reason. Yes, they may have done something very stupid and immature, but let’s remember they are new to this freedom and still navigating their way around adulthood. UCF’s Student Legal Services offers legal advice, services and court representation in select areas of law that students encounter most often and for which it would be difficult to obtain other legal representation at affordable prices. All consultations are by appointment only. Here is where your student can go […]

Honor Roll

Did you get a letter? It is that time of year when students receive notifications that they have made a collegiate scholar society. The cream-colored linen envelope arrives with its gold embossed logo of said scholar society organization makes me smile just thinking about it. As a parent, you do a mental cartwheel as you see the invitation; as you should. Then take a breath and read the fine print carefully. There are many Honor Societies and it is important to be aware of what stands behind each of the various invitations to join. Educate yourself as to what they provide in exchange for this membership. Honestly, there are many organizations on campus that your student can get involved with that will be far more beneficial to their resume and postgraduate application than membership in a society that either profit from the fees they collect. Read their annual report to see how […]

Technology Services

UCF Technology Services Students should create a Knights email account which you may use once you are fully admitted. Students also receive 50GB of storage through their Knights email. For instructions. The UCF IT Knowlege Base is built on actual issues and questions we receive, as we receive them. We are working daily to improve the amount of technology on this site. For incoming students, they will receive directions for setting up the UCF network. Keep in mind, you may only connect one device. Read those instructions here. Just make certain you have a 100mb Ethernet cable. The list of items you will need to connect to ResNet. Read it in advance so your student has no downtime. HaveUHeard that Microsoft Office 365 technology is free for all enrolled UCF Students?  You’ll undoubtedly need to use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint throughout your four years, so this is a steal. However, be aware […]

Cultural Resources for Hispanic-Latino Students

Support, Empowerment, and Connection for Hispanic-Latino Students Campus diversity amongst students has grown considerably over the years and colleges vie to maintain an inclusive atmosphere; allowing all students to gain exposure, perceptions, global awareness, and a willingness to collaborate peacefully and freely. Whether serving as a forum for communication, helping students build strong social networks, or simply in pursuit of a welcoming space amongst other Hispanic or Latino students; UCF undoubtedly has a place where you will find your connections. UCF is proudly federally recognized as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI); the Hispanic enrollment at UCF exceeding 25 percent. Aware of this rise in enrollment, UCF strives to be sure their campus promotes an inclusive HSI culture. They list their values as authenticity, equity, unity, ingenuity. There are various organizations for Hispanic and Latino students at UCF that are sponsored by professional societies, while others focus on diversity, mentoring, networking, college achievement, and […]

Choosing or Changing Your Major

You Can Always Change Your Mind (Major). Considering the University of Central Florida offers 101 bachelor degrees; how is one to choose? Most students begin college with some idea of what they want to study, but it is not uncommon for them to change majors. My own children; I have 3, each changed majors at least once….so far. My son found that he enjoyed the economics classes far more than some of the finance classes and switched from finance to an economics junior year. Many of my friends have told me that their kids decided against a career in medicine after a few chemistry classes which, in turn, meant a major change as well. I used to envy those students who knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives and stuck with it, but then I learned to appreciate the opportunity to explore and possibly find something new that maybe […]

Get Involved

Get Involved With an undergraduate enrollment of nearly 60,000; the second-largest university in the United States, set in Florida’s home to more than a dozen theme parks, the University of Central Florida spans 1,415 acres. It seems huge, doesn’t it? Yet there are many ways to make this giant university feel smaller. Some students will choose to rush a sorority or fraternity, but others will not find Greek life their cup of tea. No worries; there are many other possible ways to get involved on campus. Some of you may believe that your student’s first job is school, and I couldn’t agree more. That said; being involved in some way is rather important too. Firstly, joining a club will help your students build a community. Since they’re leaving their family and sometimes their friends behind, getting involved helps them to discover new friends with similar interests. It only takes a few friends […]

Books, Books, Books

Reality Begins Now that our sons and daughters are settled at college the reality begins (not ours, which happened for me the second I got into the car and drove away). Their reality means being students again and the real reason they have been sent off to college surfaces. Therefore they will undoubtedly need books. HaveUHeard about UCF’s Affordable Instructional Materials Initiative (AIM) designed to ensure that every student at the University of  Central Florida has access to quality, reasonably priced course materials, AIM works to raise awareness of textbook affordability issues on campus and provide support and guidance for members of the UCF community who seek to make their courses more affordable. Make certain your student checks the resources out first before purchasing books. Books today come in many different forms and likewise can be purchased in a variety of ways – including rentals. Deciding which is the most a) cost-efficient […]

So you want to be a Knight? Here’s How!

Be a Knight! I don’t blame you; the excitement can’t be beaten. To be a Knight, belonging to a superior University and enjoying all the experiences and benefits that it offers, it is fantastic. Right down to the beautiful modern campus, fabulous location, and multitude of possible majors; the University of Central Florida is filled with opportunity. The question is how do you get in? The truth is that for every 100 students that apply to UCF, less than half are admitted. The statistics are in averages: 4.16 – academic GPA 28 – ACT composite 1306  – SAT total The Burnett Honors College enrolled 524 students – Average SAT: 1457, ACT: 32.1, and an average high school GPAs of 4.46 (weighted) The number of incoming National Merit Scholars ranked UCF among the top 25 colleges and universities. The statistics are pretty clear cut in regard to what UCF, the largest university by […]

Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Learn and Work in the Industry Hospitality Capital of the World. HaveUheard that Orlando is officially the most visited city in the nation? I bet that is not a surprise, but what is a surprise is that the Rosen College of Hospitality Management, is part of the University of Central Florida. It is located just minutes from some of the most popular restaurants, resorts, and convention centers. Rosen College provides its students with the opportunity to learn and work in the industry’s leading market. With its state-of-the-art, Mediterranean resort-style building containing 18 high-tech classrooms, an executive education center, a 200-seat training dining room, and a bar. It also has a beer and wine laboratory, two test kitchens, a 400-seat auditorium, three computer labs, a library, a bookstore, and a fitness center. Rosen College is located approximately 30 miles from the University of Central Florida’s main campus; conveniently set in the heart of […]

Searching for Scholarships to Help Pay the Way!

Congratulations on Your Child Being Accepted! Now that that’s settled, the idea of actually paying for college looms.  Hopefully, you have prepared in some way but fear not. Finding scholarships can help with the cost of college. If you live in Florida and have purchased a Florida Prepaid plan, then that will start working for you immediately.  Bright Futures Scholarships have also been a goal while in high school, and if earned, they will apply once your student has started. Every year, I hear stories about thousands of dollars in scholarship money that are never applied for.  It does take a lot of work and time to research scholarships, apply for them, and to validate the authenticity of them.  But, that work can pay off at a reduced cost to you. Some are quite competitive, some last for four years, and some are downright silly, but pay for something.  Some scholarships require […]

The Stress of College

Here are Ways to Beat Stress at School Stress. It happens to all of us, including our kids. As though a full schedule and trying to maintain a social life isn’t enough to cause a little anxiety, now our students have completed mid-terms and before you know it will be preparing for finals. Fortunately, UCF is on top of it, offering various programs, workshops, training, and suggestions; most of which are free to our Knights. **While classes have been forced to go online, most of the usual opportunities for counseling and stress reduction may not be available. However; UCF is prepared with other counseling options. You may also want to check out ways to Excell in Online Classes to avoid some of that stress. UCF presents a variety of Wellness Workshops that are free to registered students using their NID and NID password.  One 45 minutes to an hour workshop is called […]

Finding A Job During Senior Year

Start Your Job Search Soon if You Are a Senior! ***UCF wants students to know that Career Services says students shouldn’t slow down on thinking about internships and jobs even with the recent COVID-19 situation! Log in to your Handshake account using your NID credentials to schedule a phone appointment for topics such as resume reviews, cover letter reviews, LinkedIn critiques, job search strategies, general career readiness, and more. UCF has also developed a Career Toolkit during COVID-19- Students are also welcome to look at this link for further information about internships and jobs. And Handshake made a list of 500 companies still hiring. Graduation is only a few months off and depending on the type of job they are applying for your senior should probably start their job search. Industries like investment banking, consulting, and accounting are well known as early recruiters and often rely on summer internships between junior and […]

Transferring to UCF

Transferring to Become a Knight! Some students leave for college unsure of what to find and realize when they get there that it is not the place for them. Transferring may be the answer. Perhaps too they never actually went away, but had been living at home for college and are now ready to go away. UCF makes the transfer process fairly simply via a program called “Transfer to be a Knight,” which literally provides students considering a transfer all the information they will need to plan accordingly. According to US News & World Report, more students choose to transfer to UCF than any other school. We can’t blame them. Students can apply up to one year prior to the term they wish to enroll in. If financial aid and housing are something your student will be in need of, it is recommended that they apply as early as possible. UCF computes […]

Care Packages for UCF Students

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a package delivered? We know you really care, you care a lot about your student and want them to be happy. Whether it is for a birthday, a little something to ease the stress of midterms or finals, a pick me up when they are feeling sick, holiday treats, or congratulations on a job well done; there are many options that will surely bring a smile to your student’s face. Sometimes it is nice to go with the local shops; most all deliver. Then again, there are some excellent national choices too. We have given you plenty to choose from– all of which our kids, interns, or we like. All you have to do now is decide what to send. There is variety there too. For instance; if you are looking for sweets (and who isn’t?) for a birthday, pick me up, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, religious holidays, or […]

Finding an Internship and Getting Experience

Get the experience you need with an Internship. ***UCF wants students to know that Career Services says students shouldn’t slow down on thinking about internships even with the recent COVID-19 situation! Log in to your Handshake account using your NID credentials to schedule a phone appointment for topics such as resume reviews, cover letter reviews, LinkedIn critiques, job search strategies, general career readiness, and more. Many students, unfortunately, have had their summer internships canceled. Handshake has some ideas for those in this situation. What better way to learn about a prospective field or career than to do an internship? What better way is there to get some experience that will beef up a resume for that real job someday? Obviously, I am a big believer in internships. It allows students to learn, but it also helps them decide if that is actually a career for them. Internships help them figure out, while […]

Dress for Success

Time to Step it Up As they get closer to graduation, one of the greatest changes our students are about to experience is abandoning their shorts, t-shirts and yoga pants, as they begin to dress for success in their new roles, or as my older daughter stated, for adulting. Dressing for success can be daunting in different ways, but the one that stands out most may very well be its cost. Starting with the career and internship fairs students are attending, students need to look professional. For the young men, this may mean a suit and tie and for the young women, while they have more options, it may mean a suit, pantsuit, skirt, and blouse, or dress. That’s not to mention shoes. For students who may not have the means to go and purchase a new outfit, UCF has The Knight’s Pantry, a lending service where students can rent blazers for […]

I’m Not Your Maid

Maid Cleaning Services I never thought I would be saying this, but sometimes it is a good idea to hire a maid, a cleaning service for students. Hear me out… With flu season and virus’ going around; wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know those nasty germs have been eradicated and may lessen the chances of your child catching what their roommate has? Of course, this is my strongest reason, but having seen my son’s apartment after a few months of living with 3 other young men, I have others. Some students simply don’t have the time and search for a maid or affordable cleaning help. Here are few cleaning services some of our Knights have tried. Big Bang Cleaning Services Citi Cleaning Services College Girl Cleaning Service – available Sunday through Monday, 8 am – 9 pm, pet-friendly and fully bonded and insured, cleaning supplies are provided for every […]

Radio and TV Stations, yeah they are still around

Media Details including TV For students coming from larger cities who are accustomed to nationally syndicated stations, rest assured, there are plenty of radio stations in Orlando that will meet your listening tastes. I must admit that every student I spoke with said they didn’t have cable or listen to regular radio, because of Netflix, Spotify (which gives a student discount), Apple TV and so on. Students generally listen to streaming music and with free Wi-Fi on campus; a great alternative to radio. Yet, for those of us that want the basics, here are a few choices. Radio There are 76 radio stations within the range of the UCF/Orlando area. Click here to see the list. Of course, this includes the station that is broadcast directly from UCF’s studios right on campus that plays jazz music or other non-commercial programming.  WUCF-FM 89.9 Our inter works for a radio broadcasting company that owns […]

Away for the High Holidays

Celebrate High Holidays with a New Community Generally, our kids get to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for those who celebrate the upcoming Jewish High Holidays, it may be your first one without your students at your holiday table. While it may feel strange having that empty seat, it can feel better to know that they are celebrating the high holidays with a new community of their peers. There are options for Jewish students at UCF. You may want to let them know they exist and then hope that they will choose to participate. Time Off Not all colleges give days off for every holiday and it doesn’t look like UCF is any different. Students can certainly inform their professors, in advance, of their absence for the holiday, but chances are class will go on and they will be responsible for any work. Officially, students have 2 absences that they […]

Homecoming, the best game of the season.

Knight Spirit!! This year, Homecoming 2020 looks a little different, particularly since it is postponed until Spring 2021. Scheduled for Oct. 18-24, Homecoming Week will look different this fall, with some of the week’s signature events such as Concert Knight, Comedy Knight, and Spirit Splash are postponed. UCF will, however, host a variety of exciting virtual events like the Shining Knights Alumni Awards Ceremony, the U Can Finish Virtual race and the annual ChargeOn Panel. There will be a Friday night fireworks show, Movie Knight, and a Football Game Day Watch Party, which will be held as scheduled with new health and safety measures in place. In collaboration with UCF Athletics and UCF Alumni, they are also planning additional opportunities. Check the UCF Homecoming FB page for more on that. The Knights’ Homecoming football game against Tulane is currently scheduled for Oct. 24 at the Bounce House, with capacity limits and added safety […]

Best Coffee Shops at UCF

Coffee, Cup of Joe, a Cuppa, Java Caffeine is king for most college students and, while generally the most economically savvy way of getting it is making it at home, most students choose to obtain their “bean juice” via more expensive and more social ways. I, for one, am a huge coffee lover and typically have a cup in the morning from my trusty Keurig, as well as a shop cup later in the afternoon. Since most shops are peaceful and quiet, they are my top choice of study spots in Orlando. They are also common places for dates, meetups, and hangouts due to the ease of conversation that seems to flow while drinking a dark roast or a cappuccino. It seems there’s a shop on every corner in Orlando which is great because you’re bound to find at least one that matches your vibe or scene. Whether you have a hard […]

Trick or Treat

Halloween, the most fun time! Trick or Treat – That Was Then… I would race home from school so my mom could put together some sort of costume for me then rush to meet my friends to go trick-or-treating. Somehow, by the time I had my own kids, Halloween included much more; carving pumpkins, putting up decorations, more formal costumes, and, of course, trick-or-treating throughout our neighborhood, but not without a parent escort. This is Now… Halloween traditions in college are, well, a far cry from the pumpkin carving, candy apple making gatherings we had in our driveway before the kids started their trick-or-treating. Many places, including frats, will have parties – all week. Halloween week, I’m not going to lie, gives a whole new meaning to the BOO in Booze. Keep in mind this is Orlando and there is a lot of Halloween-themed partying going on in general. It may not be […]