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Cleaning Maid Services Needed?

I never thought I would be saying this, but sometimes it is actually a good idea to hire a cleaning service for your student’s apartment or dorm. Hear me out…I think most kids are perfectly capable of keeping a cleanroom. Growing up, my daughters knew I was not their maid and they certainly learned how to clean their rooms, and more. But, recently, I had a friend whose daughter was extremely sick with the flu. The mom began a search to have the entire apartment cleaned and disinfected. Wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know any lingering nastiness and germs have been eradicated? I think we all would do everything possible to lessen the chance of our child catching what their roommate had or vice versa.

Keeping my Gator healthy is my primary reason for actually contemplating maid service. Of course, there have also been the times that I have seen my daughter’s apartment after a few months of non-stop, college-stress living, and my list of reasons has expanded. Too many times, students simply don’t have the time to trade sleep for a sponge and are searching for affordable cleaning help.

Gator Tested and Recommended

Here are a few cleaning services some of our Gators have tried with success:

  • Student Maid — Residential cleaning services start at $75/hour for a two-person cleaning team, with a one-hour minimum. There is a trip fee associated with each service. They also offer a move-out cleaning service with rates from $90. Just give them your property manager’s move-out checklist and they promise to follow it to a T. 352-672-0038
  • KD’s Cleaning Service – Their pricing is based on size and square footage, but dorms usually start about $80, and 1/1 apartments start around $100; a 4/4 would start about $180.  They mainly offer move-in and move-out services, but also offer one time deep cleanings and per-room services which are quoted based on the services needed. UF students and faculty receive a $10 discount with ID. Kelli, 352-213-0954.
  • Joyce Gainey Cleaning Services – Joyce was highly recommended by several parents we know, so I personally spoke with her about the services she offers for UF students. Prices vary and are priced by the room or room and bathroom. Joyce offers services for dorm rooms and apartments. 352-359-6656
  • Rainesville Cleaning & Decluttering Services — Celeste (of Rainesville Services) also comes highly recommended by parents. Her phone number is 352-215-8954.
  • LaZdorm – As dorm rooms are fairly small, I’ll admit that it’s hard for me to imagine not being able to keep such a small space clean. But this company was recommended for both dorms and off-campus apartments. Call or text 352-872-5656.
  • A Personal Elf — Offering various services including one-time cleaning, maintenance cleaning, move-in, and move-out cleanings.  Call 352-271-1111, Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 5pm.
  • Gainesville Shine Always — Offering one time, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning; insured and bonded. Call 352-225-8439.
  • Splee Cleaning Services– Occasionally will offer a 10% discount with student ID, so ask if one is available when you call for an estimate. 352-225-5900

More Maid Options

You can also check out Thumbtack’s website or app for reviews. Locals post about their business, expertise, and services offered. There is a page specifically for house cleaning in the Gainesville area. You will need to know the zip code of the area you are searching for. Finally, there are some students that like to clean (Nope, not my daughters!) and will do so to make some extra money. Some will do laundry for a fee, too. Students can check out social media for posts or post an ISO themselves.

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