Cultural Resources for Hispanic-Latino Students

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Support, Empowerment, and Connection for Hispanic-Latino Students

Taking giant steps of progress, campus diversity has burgeoned nationally over recent years with an expanded population of Hispanic-Latino students. Colleges and universities are working overtime to create and maintain an atmosphere of acknowledgment and inclusion. The aim is to allow all students to gain exposure, broadened perceptions, and global awareness while cultivating an openness towards friendly collaboration. Whether your student is seeking a forum for communication, looking to build a strong social network, or simply pursuing the companionship of other Hispanic or Latinx students, UF has a place where they can plug in and be connected.

The first stop for your student might be the Hispanic-Latino Engagement Center, located within the Multicultural and Diversity Affairs office on the second level of the Reitz Union. The center, fondly known as La Salita, provides students with an array of programs, resources, and services right in the heart of campus.

Located just north of campus, across the street from Library West, is the second sister of UF’s Hispanic-Latinx family hub, the Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures (La Casita). La Casita advocates on behalf of the UF Hispanic Latinx populations while offering support to the University of Florida and the entire Gainesville community. Through various programs, resources, and networking opportunities, La Casita helps facilitate cultural awareness, social justice, and empowerment. It’s fascinating to note that this institute was established back in 1994. It is the first institute of its kind in the southeastern United States.

Community and Leadership

If your student is lucky, they will be able to jump-start their introduction to Hispanic-Latinx life at UF by participating in Adelante. This 3-day, early arrival program focuses on building a successful transition from high school to college life. The program’s emphasis is on academic success, community building, personal and professional development, and networking with peers, faculty, staff, and alumni from across campus.

Cultivation of leadership and community is the thread running through all the opportunities offered by UF’s HLA. Peer Coordinators and Peer Leaders are integrated into the Adelante program, providing continued growth as an invested member of UF’s strong Hispanic-Latinx community. The Podemos program pairs ongoing advocacy with mentorship, providing paths forward for both mentor and mentee. Podemos also features highly practical seminars and workshops as an interactive aspect of their two-semester initiative.

HaveUHeard that you can also become an Ambassador? Members of the Ambassador program staff La Casita and La Salita, where they create, plan, and execute all of the events for the facilities. There are Social Justice teams who work to promote, advocate, and further equal rights and opportunities for the Hispanic-Latino community on campus and in Gainesville. Members of the Cultural Education team share their rich history and diverse culture by creating inclusive programs for fellow students. And community outreach continues by connecting Hispanic-Latino students with the surrounding Gainesville community by facilitating partnerships and collaborations with local organizations.

Hispanic-Latino Campus Life

The Hispanic Student Association (HSA) is the premier Hispanic-Latinx student-serving organization at UF. In addition, HSA has multiple sub-organizations. These organizations supplement programming and enhance the opportunities for all students to find a connection and get involved on campus.

HSA also pursues separate programs for the general Hispanic community:

Did you know UF has a Brazilian Music Institute?

Whether your student is musically talented or is an appreciative listener, UF’s School of Music features Brazilian Music as a facet of their Musicology and Ethnomusicology program. Along with public performances throughout the semester, their Brazilian Music Institute was founded and organized by Dr. Welson Tremura, UF Professor of Music and Latin American Studies, to serve as a training ground for Brazilian music.

Greek Organizations

UF also has sororities and fraternities under the umbrella of their Multicultural and Diversity Affairs organization that have a focus on the Hispanic-Latino connection.


The UF Association of Hispanic Alumni offers three memorial scholarships with specific connections to the Hispanic-Latino community.

  • Dr. Rafael and Mrs. J. Fe Padron de Angulo Scholarship
  • The Colonel Glenn A. Farris Scholarship
  • Ms. Amalie Alvarez-Lehman Memorial Scholarship

As you can see, UF offers an abundance of culturally and historically relevant programming and initiatives for its Hispanic-Latino community. Not only is the Gator Nation everywhere, so is it ever welcoming.

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