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Alumni Networking, Perks, and More…

It happens in the blink of an eye. Before you know it the best four years of your life are over and you are walking across that stage getting your diploma. You didn’t think time would fly by so fast, but it did. You finished college and are graduating. You may be super excited and a little sad that your college life has essentially ended, but the truth is, you will forever be a part of your college. But what happens after you get that diploma? Go back to school? Look for work? Travel? One thing you should do after graduating is to join the Alumni Association.

Alumnus associations provide members with valuable contacts, fun events, and networking. They help keep the spirit of the school going, and the benefits are usually too good to pass up. Particularly, for recent grads, these organizations can provide mentorship all over the country and can be helpful when looking for job opportunities. Having those connections can make all the difference in a job search. Often, they also provide individuals with resume assistance, networking events, career fairs, and, you certainly can’t forget about the homecoming events.

During football season, alumni associations throughout the U.S. and abroad have Watch parties that have you feeling as if you’re back at your school. Many of the official alumni watch parties will host raffles to raise money for scholarships for future students. It’s a fun and easy way to pay it forward. And, as a member of the alumni association, you have access to many perks from insurance and car rentals to discounts at restaurants, theme parks, museums, and more.

Find out what your college has to say about its alumnus association.

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