Being Thrifty is Really Nifty!


Need to Stay on a Budget? Be Thrifty!

Are you thrifty? Many college students, as well as parents, are always looking for ways to save money. From shopping for a trendy or professional outfit for a career fair, school function or just to go out to decorating an apartment, thrifting is a hot trend. It is a great way to be economical and stay within a budget. Fortunately, there are many options available for students. Those that have discovered thrifting have found that there are some great bargains and hidden treasures on gently used clothing, furniture, collectibles, and household goods. Buying second-hand allows students on any budget to get everything they could possibly need for class, their living space, and professional events.

The secret is that inventory changes often so the more you go, the more you may find. Another positive aspect is that most thrift stores are affiliated with non-profits so you really are helping to support some great causes. We’ve listed the most popular thrift stores at each university so it’s easy for college students to find.

I know many people who love a good thrift or consignment store. They are great at finding great bargains — what are their tips?

  • Be patient – going through the racks can be time-consuming
  • Be open-minded – you may not find exactly what you are looking for but you may find something that will surprise you.
  • Do your homework- get to know what type of items each thrift store carries. Do they specialize in designer goods or items that are more congruent with your likes?

HaveUHeard that “according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the volume of textiles Americans send to landfills as waste is skyrocketing?” Thrifting is most definitely a great and sustainable approach to protecting our environment and wallets. And, once you are done with the item, thrift it back and share your find with someone else. What about donating to Thrift Stores? We know it is hard to let go of some of our childhood mementos. Smart Parent Advice shares their advice on How to Donate Stuffed Animals.

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