Creating A Tranquil Patio Space

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Patio Space

My Relaxing Retreat

Living in South Florida has its benefits. It means you can enjoy patio weather nearly every day. My patio is a second-floor, small screened-in space. I love being outside. Coming from a house with a huge backyard, it was quite different. I was determined to create a tranquil patio space.  My goal was to create a space that I can use for destressing, at-home workouts, meditations, reading, hanging with friends, and enjoying a meal. Fast forward a year, and it’s almost complete.

How to start

Looking to create your own outdoor patio space? It is a very simple task once you have a vision in place. My idea in particular was somewhat of a boho and laid-back theme. The patio is about 240 square feet. Since I need a multi-use space, I divided it into three separate areas… a sitting area, a dining area, and a workout area.

I started with hanging string lights around the perimeter of the patio which allows day and night enjoyment. This is especially great for having a few people over on the weekends or for a glass of wine after work as you’re outside and all social distanced.

Sitting Area

When you are working with a small enclosed area, you have to try to This allows the colors to blend together and completes a boho dining area. For additional seating, I have a Britanna patio loveseat with natural color pillows and two wicker chairs. The natural tones of the furniture complement the neighborhood foliage that is visible from the patio. The use of nesting tables allows more dining space or workspace if a change in scenery is what you need.

patio space

To tie it all together, I added a colorful rug and pillows.

Dining Area

For my dining area, I added a small bistro table with two wicker chairs along with a small woven rug.  When there are more than two of us eating outside, we either pull the chairs over from the sitting area or I use the table to hold the food and we eat on the loveseat. It is one of my favorite places to sit in the morning with a cup of coffee.

patio space

At-Home Workouts Reimagined

To add to this year’s theme of the at-home workout, I added a few yoga mats, hand weights, ankle weights, a kettlebell, and tension bands in the center. This allows for a big enough area for multiple people to participate, and who doesn’t love a nice workout in the sunshine?

patio space

Last, but Not Least

Go Green! I definitely suggest having plants that can hang from the wall or in a floor pot.  My patio is still a work in progress. Looking for ideas or inspo?

I have to say having an outdoor space has really been great for personal time and entertaining (with a small group of people), and would definitely recommend adding it to your list of at-home projects.

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