First Semester Expectations for your Student

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Once You Drop Them Off for First Semester

As their first semester gets underway, you may have some new questions or concerns. We, at HaveUHeard, are real parents of real college kids and we know we certainly did. For instance, why do they seem like they are struggling academically when they got such good grades in high school? Where can they go to get some tutoring? How can they deal with stress at college? So, for all the things that Orientation did not answer, we hope we can help.

The saying about only being as happy as your most unhappy child still stands, even when they are at college. Our students, however, may be dealing with a whole new kind of stress. Every school is prepared. Find out what their college has to offer and be sure they are aware too as Stress Happens to All of Them.

This might be a good time to think about sending a care package; particularly if their first birthday away from home is on the horizon. Or they are sick. Or prepping for exams is getting stressful. Check out any of these topics for your school. College is definitely not high school and learning to manage the differences academically can be a challenge. Every school has quite a few options in regard to tutoring and study groups.

Semester Tips

We have even gone so far as to scope out some of the best places to study on and around campus.


They have had a fair amount of time to get to know their roommates and hopefully found a lifelong friend. However, this isn’t always the case. Learning to navigate sharing this space is something many students may not be familiar with – we share some suggestions and if they cannot resolve any problems, resources for helping them resolve roommate problems.


It is our hope that your biggest concern right now is What to Wear to your first football game, Where to Pregame, or Where to Sit for that game. HaveUHeard shares all this information. Check with your individual school for any of these topics….and more.

We have all sorts of information for you and your student from where to do laundry, get a haircut or manicure, to where to get repairs on their phone, computer, car, or bicycle. You may also want to read about what Katy Oliveira, Founder and CEO of Collegehood, LLC has to say in What to Expect From the Transition to College.

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